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  1. Hey, just a tiny thing (i am thinking from time to time) and cant code it myself, a "Default Browser (Link Protection)" Why? Some programs just have url´s that open on click, or automatic, starting the Default Browser, and open a Website (as example the latest "snappy driver installer", just opens a website with default browser, when maximize the windows... - For me this is kind of hjacking, - i like to be asked, if i wanna open it (cause maybe i am logged in on my bank, or whatever, and just because i do something else, i don´t want that another "crappy" site is loaded, and track my cookies, or whatever...) So: I need a tiny Prog.exe (as Defaultbrowser) that links to mybrowser.exe, and if a url try´s to open the defaultbrowser, it needs to show me that url, and ask me, if i like to open it... (maybe with "choice: iexplore.exe, explorer.exe, mshta.exe, firefox.exe, chrome.exe, opera.exe...) I think this would be easy programmable, maybe with Auto-It, i just don´t know how to catch the url flag... (i just dont have the nerve, to move my mind into autoit, or coding...) Would be nice if someone would sacrifice some time to code it, many people would benefit... Optional: - URL DECODE - redirection checkup - check with virustotal - add to hosts file...
  2. Windows XP should only be used by people who know, what they are doing or using an offline pc! - If you are the old man, your picture shows to us, i would recommend using Windows 7, Linux, by an Mac, or (if your life will be long enough) wait for reactos... If you still wanna use XP use custom images only! (nlite or similar, to remove unsecure elements....) , and you really need kerio firefall 2.x (company changed after), Sandboxie, Zertificate Updater, and maybe import the "writeprotect-function" from Server 2003 version... - Maybe you find on old forum (not here) disscussion (in waybackmachine) from a user called "vamp", who worked with SP0 version, and updated only existing dll´s in the image manually... (after removing things with nlite) To stay here, just typing my today w10 problem: - Ublock for edge, needed to be set back to standard rules (beause, the elementpicker didn´t worked) (thy only store app i use) - after that, i did´nt start - uninstall - try to reinstall, but store got an so called "PUR Authenification Error" - store reset -> no success Solution (i dont wanna reinstall, cause i did a clean install of 1809 last weak, and allready restored it one time, cause some updates broke it, now i am supressing them with my firewall rules... Solution: - installing another browser and removed outbund rules for edge and store (until next reinstall, or find a workaround) p.S. a Question: Did someone know how to forbid chrome (and other software) from adding unwanted firewall rules ?
  3. Just 2 Adds: FIX HyperV BSOD on Version 1809 (when using AndroidEmu, Sandboxie, VM & similar) CMD with Adminrights: (Restart after) bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off (Adding an Option to the Advanced Energy Schemes, to prevent, 1809 falling to Sleep after 2 mins (you need to set the added options manually to 0, as long as i didn´t write a script for it, cause the entrys are protected, by that MS_dumb_rightsmanagement_System… Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\PowerSettings\238C9FA8-0AAD-41ED-83F4-97BE242C8F20\7bc4a2f9-d8fc-4469-b07b-33eb785aaca0] "Attributes"=dword:00000002 (
  4. Hi (pls move this thread, if it belongs somewhere else…) Do you get bored of all the pishingmails that endup in your email ? Do you think, just deleting them, will help stop them ? No! ;) So, but what can normal users do ? - Most of this mails wanna link you (with a cryptic link) to their site (DO NOT CLICK!) As example, look at this pishing Mail, i got today: When you hover the mouse over it, you can see, this cryptic link (my Mail Provider, adds his redirection automaticly…) But what now ? First: You Need a URL ENCODE/DECODE Service, i use: Meyerweb (https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder) If you copy your bad link with (rightmouseclick & Copy) and enter it at your encoderservice & press encode! Now, you go to a url scanner site, i use https://www.virustotal.com and enter that link, in their url scanner (if the pishingsite is unknown for them (everything is green), click on the devil Smiley to mark it bad! - Under Advanced Information, you can see the redirections, and where it links to… (you can use the ip, but i work with the link) (Decode this link again, and you know, where this link was trying to redirect you! - With this link, you search a WhoIsIP Service in your browser (sometimes you need to try more than one), and the who is IP Service, tells you, where this site is hosted! In this case it is cloudflare… Now you search the web, for the official hoster site, and write them (in this case, they have a abuse mail abuse+law@cloudflare.com), and send them your pishing mail... Fin p.s. (i maybe will work, at this post later (some spell correction), but for now, ist ok for me like this, i just wanna give others the Option to fight back a littlebit ;) - Feel free to comment, or share your tips, or
  5. just type diskmgmt.msc use the console or: search control panel with cortana - its still everything there... (you could search it with g**gle very easy the explorer for sure, is still the explorer... - maybe you need to watch some youtube tutorials...
  6. What do you mean, with: "image my windows" - A clone? A Backup? & how this could be help you? - With every big update, MS installs a complete new image; - and even the DVD install itself, is just copying an image to your hdd, and than config drivers and user account settings, nothing more. - Since MS, rolls out whole images with their updates, - most people had stopped to personalize them. Cloning, backups, mirrors seems not to be the best way anymore... Anyway, windows brings some tools inbuild, like backup, sysprep, dism - maybe you search for all the things you can do with dism (just dont try to remove/change the image, win10 get really easy broken, with a tiny mistake... (or doublebroken, cause every Build is full of errors and dysfunction...) r4d3
  7. Hi, as i have written bevore in some Threads, i/me (and others) have a big problem with the Powersaving Options since Win7 - on Xp it was perfect! Target: My PC should render something, over night/weekend, but should go to standyby, after the job is done! Problem: 1) If i choose the Maximum Speed Setting in Poweroptions, the PC does its Job, finish the Render, but its still running in the morning/after the weekend... (at its full Core Speed...) ;( 2) If i choose the Maximum Power Saving Options, Windows break the Render (the 100% Usage on all Cores will be ignored) and it falls into sleep - GRRRR! 3) CPU Throtteling in Idle is only avaiable on the 2 Power Saving Schemes (there is no reason, why a CPU should run with Full-GHZ in Idle, so i am stick to that Schemes!) Possible Solutions: (they should be CPU-Usage friendly) A) I am thinking about using a Sheduled Task, that prevent the Sleepmode as long as the CPU/ or my "render.exe" runs at 100%, until it is in idle! B) Removing the User-Interactive-Mode (mouse moving/keyboard) and restore the CPU-Usage model via reg... - Possible ? C) Maybe ad the render.exe to the list of services, Starttype Manual, that prevent shutdown ? But: I have absolutly no idea how to do it, and i dont wanna install Windows XP (the only solution i got so far...) - if someone know a different solution, would be glad, to hear it! (Fixed Timers/Extra Progs, that Prevent Shutdown, for a fixed amount of time, doesnt help, cause a prognosted rendertime like 4h could be easy take 7h in real, the IDLE State/CPU Usage must be used as a signal, but i don´t know, how... thx, for your help r4d3
  8. lucky you, i spend days, to find the best dosbox config/load solution, here it is... Shortcut-Example %comspec% /C Start dosbox -noconsole -conf SBPro2.conf -c "mount c '%CD%\PLAY'" -c "C:" -c "cd DSA1-3" -c "cd DSA2" -c "imgmount D '%CD%\Play\DSA1-3\DSA2\Schweif.cue' -t iso -fs iso" -c "SCHWEIF.EXE" -c "Exit" %comspec% /C Start = Starts the app without cmd window in Background (dosbox+conf are in the same place as the shortcut) - noconsole = no console - conf = your DOXBOX.conf - c "mount c YOUR PATH (i used %CD% variable meant current dir - than i switch to the mounted C - go to the folder - and mount an CD Image, the game needs - run the game, and Exit the dos when the game close… greetings r4d3 p.s. bye the way best config is: (this is not a whole config file, you Need to edit [backup first] yours...
  9. Hey Folks, i got crazy last days, cause there was absolut no way, to connect my Bluetooth headphones in a Quality Stereo mode, on my Laptop... - doesnt matter which driver i chosed, it just didn´t work as expected… - i searched Google, and there are allready some tips out there, but they didn´t help… - cause i couldn´t choose the Stereo mode in Sound Options, and so on... 8000 Hz with mono only... Here you can see the problem: HOW TO FIX: DISABLE: Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service (BTAGService), than restart Info: If you need the mic, than this is no solution… - but i am glad, that i found a fix after spending 2 days installing drivers, etc... Maybe: you need to remove, and pair the bt device after Restart...
  10. Thx, but i dont know, how much Syntaxflags they changed, and how much they plan to localize... (and how often they change the way, doing it...) - As example, in XP the "Program Files" folder was called: "Programme", and its real path was "C:\Programme". So, Foldernames, Shortcuts, Menu´s got a real translation and Explorer had shown their real path. Commands, Flags, BUILTIN/*usernames was global! That is, how it still should be, in my opinion - cause the other way is script breaking ! Now: - The explorer only shows "C;\Programme", but the real path is: "C:\Program Files" done by a NTFS Junctionpint (or similar). - The names of Icons in Starmenu just displaying other names via Desktop.ini. - Some of the stuff is translated by Registry - Some is translated by mui files - Usernames are localized by a real translation (Script Breaking) - They started to change common command flags (Script Breaking, and not sure if only YES/NO Flags are affected)... I maybe would not care about, if there was a big german community, that localize every useful script from evrywhere for me, but: There is no such community.
  11. NO, THEY DID IT AGAIN ! - NOW THEY TRANSLATED COMMAND FLAGS !!! I will update my Script in a while (cause its broken now), but that the TakeOwn Command Flag /D Y (YES) on my German OS is now: /D J (Ja) is crappy s*** ! - What can i expect next ? Do You plan to translate it all ? So that a CD (Change Directory) Command will be changed to WO (Wechsle Ordner) ???
  12. update script, and the whole first post...
  13. Hmm, and did you try my batch to fix it ? As i wrote, i made many many tests, with the result that, you only can change the starttype of 21 Services and 1 driver, all other changes breaks the Store, Update, or other functions... - what maybe could helped with that i to remove depending states of the services with sc and the depend flag (i did not try removing all dependencies from all services yet) - please write feedback here if you have success with that...
  14. You can try, making a shortcut to: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c "net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited" give it adminrights, and place it in Autorun Folder... %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  15. Sorry, there is one Error in "my Fix.bat"... - Dnscache must stay at Auto - cause it is needed by WindowsStore... (error 0x80072ee7) for some Apps like ADBlock for Edge
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