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  1. no problem with time-lags . i mean with selection of the file that makes grub4dos able to boot win7 8... that you no longer need to have a boot partition to create , menu.lst meaning it . for 7 or 8 you have to copy bootmngr plus boot folder in the vhd . that makes using your tool easy and without risk for newbies to destroy their windows ;']
  2. i just tried your tool kuc with windows install patched install by simplix kit and it does not work ...i also tried with sp1 from MS : http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59465.iso and it bugs as well . may be because i made the package file under w10 th , beside that ntlite sees well all updates and i always used this windows
  3. yesterday night i made a topic about it at NTlite 's forum : http://www.ntlite.com/discussions/#/discussion/80/how-to-cleanly-update-windows7-files-before-and-after-ntlite
  4. i made one other iso using a fresh downloaded ntlite , that made it :'] install and boot .... like LeakHunter , i find the GUI not very clear . the police size could be bigger that would be good ; beside that , it is not clear all time if action / checkbox will reduce size of install or the resulting install . may be you could handle the info with colors ? last point about GUI , you should try to start with the pc's drivers and if all drivers are found , then add an option to delete all drivers from ms . [you could also embed the latest ati , nvidia or intel driver for vga instead of wanting a inf files][ may be the same with the intel ME driver that exist in 1.5 or 5M and only installing by exe ]
  5. i tested the iso based on win10thx64 that has a size of 2.80 GB (3,009,019,904 bytes) using a usb stick with two pc , one with uefi and one without . i had same bug about a serial number not valid...despite i did not changed it , right after i pushed install button , so it comes before hd selection . [hard drives are here , because i can chkdsk them using a console] files NTlite log and autosave session that are at root of the iso are uploaded : http://goo.gl/XoUzbg
  6. +Kelsenellenelvian [ using google + style ;'] all the apps you talk about are available for free with torrent....mostly because they are somewhat not so cheap, but mainly because they are never updated "for free" . in case of a cdrom-writer , nero is more expensive than the hardware ....and most of the time is free with the writer...but not working with next windows... of course there are free version ... with ntlite , that s sad to use a lited version and then is not so much a tool doing some changes in install . may be some still remember the 98lite , that is packaged like ntlite http://www.litepc.com/98lite.html i rarely ear anything about it or its xplite brother . if you look at tab about donations : Latest Donations Photo intzepatorii ( $ 5.00 ) 16 September 2014 - 08:52 AM Photo coolgrom ( $ 5.00 ) 12 September 2014 - 08:21 AM Photo the xt guy ( $ 20.00 ) 01 September 2014 - 04:54 PM Photo MagicAndre1981 ( $ 10.00 ) 12 August 2014 - 04:24 PM Photo 5eraph ( $ 20.00 ) 12 August 2014 - 02:47 AM 15 euro being max... plus this place has a lot of tools and support "for free" and Top Donors 1st dencorso 2nd tain 3rd Yzöwl 4th 5eraph 5th theKramer i do not see Nuhi ;'] i wish he ll soon find the right price that maximize his revenue and then become top donor at the forum... one last question : what is the super-hidden install bonus-tool ? is it with the paid release ? how that looks ...?
  7. i clicked "Buy Now" at http://www.ntlite.com/ 42 euros , 54 dollars .... and also "update to pro" that is the same ... the price is very high , there are also a lot of others tools that are not as good as ntlite should be , but are free ... a good price for me is 10 dollars or 8 euros for a single licence ; may be for business or bureaucracy markets you could ask more money ...? i think i will wait the price drop before testing it , to prevent me being addict ;"] and sad not buying it ;']
  8. i did not used your tool yet , but i wonder if internet explorer is removable or not ? as flashplayer is only used by ie , i also wonder , if you delete it and in other case , make the install embeds a recently released update like now , i just installed version 15
  9. may be you should call it NTtilt , as it should make some Tilted windows ... then "tilted customers" like that :
  10. Windows 9 launch date: 30th of September http://www.kitguru.net/gaming/operating-systems/anton-shilov/microsoft-confirms-windows-9-launch-date-30th-of-september/
  11. no way , this ratbok steals every thing you "post" , it s worse than "The Church of Scientology"
  12. i think i used this release ;'] i found few ideas that , may be can make the software a little better . first idea is to replace the popup text : right click for iso , may be you could write it ? then in second tab : select location of boot : you could add a right click for grub4dos/vhd aka for searching file menu.lst where it is installed that would oblige you to edit the file menu.lst select install drive , there you add the vhd button instead of in options
  13. i used a lot your tool for xp , mostly for adding drivers , xp is a great software , vista that i never installed , seems to be the first os with too much inside ...w7 and 8 are having even too much inside that is why a lot of people wants to find a liter software . i wish you will make a beta with a lot of options , vista is the root of 7 and 8 , you already made vlite , plus that is more than a year that you work on this .... by the way , windows will be free for some "selected users" , they could be a lot because win 8 is already loosing customers [that are back to xp...] Windows 9 Upgrade Is Free for Some Windows 8.1 or At Just $20 : http://www.myce.com/news/windows-9-enterprise-has-no-metro-interface-upgrade-to-windows-9-free-or-20-72511/?PageSpeed=noscript let s hope all these beta will be good surprise , only 10 & 22 days to wait
  14. 17 of this month is not the best for a beta .... because no - one will care so much about it : mostly because M$ will publish its own windows 9 beta a week later...so most of the "free beta testers" will check it and not nuhi's tool that will not be able to handle this new window.... http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/390388/microsoft-to-announce-windows-9-on-30-september this new windows looks great , at least the start menu is back ;'] the os stats are also very interresting to see : xp is still at 25 % , win 7 50% , win 8 14% , vista 3% that is twice linux...[hurra linus torwald..]

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