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  1. Yes, it is now (but not when I posted)
  2. What happened to the website, both ntlite and nlite websites are offline
  3. Now that 7zip is final, any chance we will see a update to these? Thanks!
  4. Desktop (like the command line) is not going anywhere!!!
  5. You may have to specify a icon_file and/or icon_index
  6. Now that we know the next version of Windows will be v10, you should reconsider my name for the new nLite to be nLiteSEX S (Seven) E (Eight) X (Ten)
  7. Even as it cuts 14% of its workforce, Microsoft threatens to leave for Canada if its 1,000 H-1B visas requests aren't granted. Source reddit http://www.computerworld.com/article/2687534/microsoft-frustrated-as-ever-with-h-1b-policy-considers-options.html
  8. Inject your serial with dism into each edition dism /Image:<path_to_mounted_image> /Set-ProductKey:12345-12345-12345-12345-12345Then use sources\ei.cfg to skip serial entering dialog [Channel]Retail[VL]0
  9. I think those who have 8 it will be free, the rest it will cost only $20
  10. It would help if you were not so vague... What program exactly, what file extension? How am I supposed to know what you meant by UI options?
  11. Try: Control Panel -> Default Programs If the program is not listed in "Set your default programs" try looking for the extension in "Associate a file type or protocall with a program"
  12. Lets also move away from the "Lite" necessity in the filename, maybe will lead to a better name... Get the ball rolling with nTool
  13. I think this is what you are referring to (GMail) Google scans your Gmail inbox for child porn to help catch criminals, but don’t worry about loss of privacy (yet)
  14. Top 10 reasons to trust Microsoft in the cloud
  15. You cannot use Modern interface to do what this tool does, plus in order for it to be compatible with win7 it has to be a common app
  16. I like wLite as well, next letter in the alphabet after "v" (for vLite) and after this you have "x" (for xLite) if needed for future versions 10+ I dont think you should go back to reusing nLite, I always thought of nLite as a tool for Windows 5.x
  17. nLiteSEX (Seven Eight X) Not kidding this time, but nLiteNES (Nine Eight Seven) is kinda cool, sounds like a real word and should last a few years. Until Ten comes out, then just add the X or a T nLiteNEXT sounds nice too
  18. nLite+ (nLite Plus) WimLite or WnLite or nWLite (Because it will work on Windows OS packaged in a WIM, the "w" can stando for Windows or WIM) Edit: nLiteW (again, the "w" is for WIM or Windows) wiLite (w=Windows i=Image) LiteWim, nLiteWim
  19. Is there any chance you could do an "Intermediate" (middle ground) version, one that does not have all the features of the "Pro" version except it does have all Package/Component Removals?
  20. If package removal is free then I am super stoked for that, was my only concern. For drivers I use dism, for updates I use KUC (it also utilizes dism) to scan/integrate and for software I pre-install with sysprep and capture... Package removal was the ONLY thing missing all these years and I am very happy its FINALLY BACK!!!
  21. Looks like I will be sticking to dism/kuc/sysprep for my builds, a little too expensive for me.
  22. I am interested in what type of license will it be, subscription based, tied to one computer/hdd (like aero for windows 8)

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