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  1. This is good to know, as I'm weary about re-installing Vista on my laptop Thanks for the info
  2. It's Vista Home Basic. It's an OEM version, and my laptop does suppor the AERO interface, I have loaded Ultimate on my laptop since. Proof:
  3. My guess is to prevent scaling of the forum reply boxes maybe. I'm not sure. Now I understand the picture issue more, thanks gamehead.
  4. I'm sure that it means, the total size of the image must not exceed 300 X 100 pixels which is 30000 pixels in total. I do not think that the image can exceed 4 lines of text in height though. You may want to PM a moderator about it though.
  5. prx984

    min RAM

    I heard that 256MB is the absolute minimum it would run on. But I suppose that lower could be used. Mind you, it's not going to be very useful with that little memory installed.
  6. MSN? As in the web page or MSN as in the MSN Messenger? If MSN Messenger, try redownloading the file. Since your on Vista, its Windows Live Messenger, correct?
  7. Try disabling indexing service. That tends to do it for me. Basically, it searches your hard drive and indexes files for "faster" searching. I've never seen a performance boost, and to be honest, I'd rather it spend a little time actually searching for the file.
  8. That version is also illegal, DO NOT post about it here on MSFN. @ntouch, try getting Virtual PC or VMware or Virtual Box and give it a shot in that instead of burning a new disc and trying it on your pc. I find that the best way to test a new disc.
  9. How are you checking the cpu speed? If your checking it with Windows XP's system properties, it's probably incorrect. Get CPUz and try that. My DELL Latitude PIII 650 with speedstep would only recognize itself as a 500MHz in system properties under XP, but with CPUz it said it was a 650MHz PIII.
  10. Just use the unofficial service pack. It has all the updates for 98FE/SE and then some.
  11. prx984

    Most reliable Nlite?

    I haven't had any problems with 1.2.1, I used 1.3RC2 for a while, but for some reason, every disc I made turned out to be bad. By bad I mean it would be awful slow to install and run and stuff. So I just went back to 1.2.1 and haven't had any problems since. I have a feeling, that with 1.3RC2, I was removing something I shouldn't have because no one else was having the problem that I could find in the forums. But, as I have always done, test before you burn. Use Virtual PC 2007 or VM Ware or Virtual Box. Don't just burn, you risk wasting discs that way
  12. What do you call this then? There is no Glass, there is no Flip3D.
  13. I dont know if your Compaq is like my old one, but my Compaq had a BIOS partition that had all the stuff to get into the bios. I had to push F10 to get in once the partition was made.
  14. Sorry, I dont give out my e-mail for support purposes. And I don't have MSN anyway. Sorry
  15. Makes no sense. All I can say is you may have bad drivers for something. Edit: Try not to double post.
  16. What OS are you runnin Nokia? I'm running vista, and I ran XP within it and it ran just fine.
  17. Laptops are a much different story than desktops. I dont know if the Compaq's have it, but in the power settings on my Toshiba, I can specify the maximum CPU and minimum CPU speed on battery and A/C. It might be an idea to check in there to see what you can do.
  18. I just purchased Home Premium for my laptop, it should be getting here fairly soon. I'll post what I think of AERO Glass and some screens for you guys later if you want
  19. I'm in the beta for 2007 and it seems to work just fine on my Celeron Laptop.
  20. I've been recently looking for a way to do this, but to be honest, from what I have seen, I'd rather use the AERO Standard look that comes in Home Basic. It doesn't look that bad to be honest. I'd still be interested in knowing if this is possible though
  21. There may be solution other than trying a new USB card in your computer. My dad bought a USB2.0 card for his desktop, and only some things would recognize. IE) non USB2.0 devices loaded fine, but stuff optimized for USB2.0 would not load at all. He would get the same error, USB Device not recognized. It may also just be as simple as it's incompatible with your computer. Universal serial bus isn't so universal IMOE (in my own experience ).
  22. Hi Kiki, I will download these when I get home from school at lunch today, but it appears as though those games are from Vista's earlier builds. If this is true, then I already have these I'm trying to get the ones from the RTM Vista (Build 6000). The earlier builds have some problems and features not fully implemented. If you know where I can get build 6000 for Windows XP (I have already tried to copy over the ones from my Vista laptop and tried to patch them, but they do not launch). My main concern is getting Solitaire working.
  23. I have the Vista Games for Windows XP, but I would like to know if anyone has the Vista RTM games for Windows XP. If you know of the whereaboutso these mystical games, please let me know
  24. yah. At least its working now. I'd really rather run XP though
  25. Just checked this on my new Vista laptop, and indeed, it says System Protection, but like Biohead says, the tab it takes you to is System Protection. Oh well

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