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  1. first off let me thank Jlo555, at least he helped. unfortuneatly though, that option isn't in folder options. iv already tried the registry patch too, but that doesnt work either. ill keep looking around on google and that, but i dont know if ill get it working. secondly, Andromeda43, whats wrong with windows me? iv been using it on my laptop for school for a long time, its great. i love it. the worst thing that happened was when i installed a program that wasnt exactly perfect and i got a blue screen. then i restarted and never used the software again. its a great OS. so you just have to be careful with what you do. ME is great for internet, IM, Email, stuff like that. i dont do much other than that. other than type of documents and listen to music. and to be honest, 98 SE totally blows imo, 98 FR was better. SE had that stupid shutdown bug, all my computers did it. even after installin the update. i got my copy of windows me from a friend who didnt like it and im kinda glad he did give it to me lol, i love it. system restore is great, and the fact thats it built on the 9x core, its fast and reliable on my old armada 1700. a 233 with 64 mb of ram actually runs better than 98se. the boot time is great, the reliability and such. well i think thats enough rambling, ill just stop. i like ME and im happy. i just want to fix the all caps file names. thats the only complaint i have. i dont want to offend anyone here. i just like ME, its a personal preference. its fast and efficient for me. -brian
  2. anyone else having this problem? whenever i install ME on a machine, all the file names in the windows directory are in CAPS. its annoying having them all in caps, feels like the computer is yelling at me lol. anyhoo, be kinda cool if i could fix it . -brian
  3. lol i should practice french, but the truth is i too lazy lol.
  4. i tried that. didnt work anyone have any ideas to get rid of it? i hate those thingy's. -brian
  5. dang, i really want to get rid of them. i just want the rectangles around the buttons and radio buttons and check boxes to go. like in windows 2000, when you push a key on the keyboard they do come back, but i just dont like em on 95,98, and ME. never have. anyway, thanks for the reply though. -brian
  6. Well, I dont want to fool anyone with my topic name, but I dont really speak french. Stopped taking it last year in grade 9. Anyway, my name is Brian and I'm 16 years old. I live in canada and currently reside in my parents house where im working towards my high school diploma. I'm going for my driving test soon, hopefully ill get my parents van! whoo! lol. I always wanted that van. Anyway, I've got 3 windows computers I use on a wireless network. Starting from the best. Homebuilt PC: AMD Athlon XP 1800 + 1.53Ghz 512MB DDR Ram 80GB WD Drive, 40GB Maxtor Drive, 40GB Fujitsu external USB laptop drive ATi Radeon 9550 SiS Audio (onboard) 17" LG Studio Works Hisync Monitor Logitech Wireless keyboard Windows XP Professional SP2 Retail D-Link 520+ Wireless Card Laptop 1 Dell Inspiron 7000 Intel Pentium II 366Mhz 256MB SDRAM 40GB Fujitsu Drive ATi Rage Pro 8MB ESS Audio Drive 15" LCD Flat Panel Monitor Windows XP Professional SP2 OEM D-Link 650+ Wireless Card Laptop 2 Compaq Armada 1700 Intel Pentium II 233 64MB SDRAM 10GB IBM Drive Chips & Technologies 65555 PCI Display Adapter (2mb) ESS 1869 Audio Drive 12'' LCD Display Windows 98 SE with 98SE SP2.1 SMC2635W Wireless Card All in all, these systems may not seem like much, but I like each computer because they have features that no two have in common. The Armada 1700 has quick keys on the keyboard, the Inspiron 7000 has a huge LCD display and an external volume knob (I'v never had a laptop with one) and my desktop just is the fastest lol. I hope that im not bragging, just really showing what I have (if i was bragging , it wouldnt be over much because i know many people could top it quite fast lol) I hope that I will be a helpful person here on the forums, I intend to be here as often as I can. Helping people is what I like to do, I just can't do it all the time. Well, I'll stop talking now. Thanks for providing the forums here. I always like to be one forums. -Brian PS: If anyone would like a Gmail invite, I have a bunch of invites left, email me for one if you would like.
  7. i have windows 98 se installed. theres one thing that has always bugged me about the 9X core. im not sure if this can be disabled but id like to find out. the accessibility rectangles around everything. and the keyboard indicators in windows under menu names. they annoy me, just because 2000 and XP dont have them, or they dont come on till you push the alt key or w/e. id really like to turn them off. anyone know how? thanks! -brian

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