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  1. Slip Steaming?

    Hello all, Any other slip streaming softwares besides Nlite???? Regards!
  2. Can Nlite make a standard compliant install?

    NO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Regards!
  3. @ZaForD Happy learning. Take care. Regards!
  4. Found the source of my problem, Please help me fix it

    Yes it works ok on a VPC.....when installed it has lots of bugs. Source of all this is Nlite.....too many options put together......not integrated properly......like it's burner is crap. Only good for slip streaming OS & SPs......rest may happen right by a chance. Nlite should remove the bugs its filled with or switch over to some othe slip streaming software. Just my thoughts....
  5. Sony XP MCE?

    No I did not pay an extra........
  6. 2 years holy........ No offence intended your IQ must be pretty low...... In 2 years you could have done some thing better & with results. Btw thanks for your suggestions.....they are pretty subaverage. Just my thoughts.
  7. I bothered to post caue I want to help a fellow member.....& make those smart geniuses like ya to help. I am a fast learner so will help him soon.........if I wasnt a neuro & tech like ya I would have helped right way. Btw since yr are pc pro yr machine is pretty ordinary.....try upgrading it & learn to help newbies like me & this member. Regards.....no offence intended!!
  8. Norton Problems?

    Does not remove norton etirely..........yes as far as visible files/folders reg entries are concerned yes...........but not the code embedded in XP MCE, installed from a manufacturer. You will get XP security alerts, while on line ocassionally but regilarly. In order to avoid those, only solution is format & install XP MCE from retail CDs. Symantec Removal tool .SymnRt is in effective too...... Regards!
  9. Typical Ctrl C & Ctrl V reply.....wont bother to explain. I have developed a distaste for such members. they think they are indespensible.......get a job in MS....why waste time here if ya are that smart. Regards! PS: Sorry I would or will help may be some time later.
  10. Your old SOURCE folder remains in the registry. Delete it first than, than create a new empty source folder........ that way you wont have the pic/slide show issues yr facing. Regards!
  11. Queries abt Nlite!

    Can a bootable ISO made & saved by Nlite be manipulated again........adding or removing items? Even a tracking cookie/ data miner 207.net can affect the final ISO made by Nlite.........meaning clean up your browser totally. Regards!
  12. Queries abt Nlite!

    Whats the ideal. tried & tested envoirment to use Nlite? Like a fresh install using Recovery DVD, no av sws, Regards!
  13. Norton Problems?

    I went through all this........ Uninstalled NIS 2006 using add/ remove, than deleted ALL Norton/symantec files folders & registry entries but still I do get this pop up annoying message........ Which neiher symantec or sony has a clue......... Your System is at a risk.......Norton Anti worm is not enabled" click here to see........" It remains for a few secs than disappears. Regards!
  14. Sony XP MCE?

    sorry double clicked it lol
  15. Sony XP MCE?

    Is that a pic of a scalp with Alopecia areata ?? Regards!