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  1. Im back to MSFN...

  2. After official launch of Visual Studio 2010 in Las Vegas, Microsoft has highlighted incompatibilities of Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone CTP (Windows Phone Developer Tools) with Visual Studio 2010 RTM. If you install the retail (RTM) release of Visual Studio 2010 on the same machine on which you already have the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP, you will be unable to build your Windows Phone projects. Further, while the Windows Phone project type will continue to appear in the File/New dialog, you will not be able to build Windows Phone 7 applications. The current CTP is based on Visual Studio 2010 RC; reason being that updates made to Visual Studio RTM since RC release, are causing some incompatibilities. Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone (WPDT) has different Development Life Cycle than regular Visual Studio release and exclusively targeted to Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has also assured the an update will be made available in coming weeks to resolve the incompatibilities. Meanwhile, if you want to avoid this issue and want to use Visual Studio 2010 RTM then you can either install Visual Studio 2010 to a VPC image or on another machine, because installing WPDT CTP to a VPC image is not supported.
  3. I have made come back to MSFN since a long time... and seeing lots of changes. After exploring lots of thing... 7Customizer has got my attention. Thanks for this awesome tool. I will definitely try it.
  4. no problem withn W7 RC but it'll expire on March 2010 and you'll have re-install RTM bits later.
  5. Windows 7 > Windows Vista > Windows XP and so on
  6. Merge or integrate Windows 7 x86 and x64 editions (DVDs) in a single DVD
  7. I prefer VMWare Workstation but Virtual Windows PC also a good option free of cost.
  8. I just installed O2010 x64 and wrote a brief review. first-look-microsoft-office-2010-technical-preview-a-brief-review
  9. neo

    My Sig

    Hard luck.... thats why I had to reduce the size.
  10. There is one process for Windows Gadgets and the other is a child process for 3rd party gadgets...
  11. Beside it... I have checked on Windows Vista. Service Pack 2 can'be installed on exiting Windows Vista RTM(build 6000). It requires at least SP1.
  12. The default DEP setting is OptIn Run this command under elevated CMD bcdedit.exe /set nx OptIn
  13. Hav you installed .Net Framework 2.0 runtime...If yes then try repair... I faced the same...but after repair installation .NET Fx v2...it was solved.
  14. We (itsmyWindows.com) are delighted to make known about our special Christmas giveaway. "Wondershare” is providing us 3 FREE licenses of PPT2Flash Professional (worth $199.95 each) to giveaway to 3 lucky it’s my Windows readers. To be the victor of these licenses, you just need to do few things as: You must be subscribed to it’s my Windows Newsletter- If you aren’t subscribed, then subscribe now and it’s free. Write down a significant comment in this topic. While leaving your comment, use the same email ID which has been used to subscribed for it’s my Windows newsletter otherwise you won’t be eligible for this giveaway. The winners will be announced on 31st December 2008. ALL THE BEST !!! For more information and review of the product: itsmyWindows.com

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