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  1. just done another, this time only taking out: Accessibility Games Welcome Centre Wordpad Music + Video Samples Sample Pictures Shell sounds Sound Rec. Disk Quota Parental Controls Beep Tablet PC Got to almost the end and then failed, saying windows could not install some features... It's 7 x64, btw.
  2. So, I'm trying to work out a configuration for Windows 7. I've viewed the various threads on here, and put a provisional list together. I tried to install, but after the first reboot it hung just saying "Installing Windows" - no hard disk activity etc... Left for 30mins. Here's what I took out: Accessibility Games Mobility Centre Welcome Centre Wordpad Media Centre Music + Video Samples Sample Pictures Screensavers Shell Event Sounds Sideshow Sound Disc Bitlocker Disk Quota Parental Controls Security Centre UNIX Subsystem Tablet PC Components Windows Defender Easy Transfer. Any ideas?
  3. Been on the phone with M$ - THey don't know and don't care. Searched everywhere on tinterweb and just can't find a solution to this.
  4. Could it be a service that has been disabled? Really running out of ideas here...any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Have now tried: 1. Deleting normal.dot, which fixes it untill you try and load it again 2. Registry edit, same as above ^^ 3. Reinstalling - No Luck 4. Detect & Repair - No Luck Any more ideas?
  6. Already tried. Still no luck.
  7. I have a pc with xp installed running word 2002. Everything working fine untill this morning, when word 2002 won't open. Just hangs at the startup screen. Tried deleting normal.dot, tried again and it worked fine. Tried opening it again...hangs.... So it will open fine, aslong as i delete normal.dot before i open it...not exactly practical. When it hangs, word does open, eventually (1-2hours later). While it is "thinking" it is using no cpu power and about 6mb ram. Anyone know a solution for this? Thanks
  8. Roxio always hoses things (I hate it)... anyways, here is your fix. Save the following code to 'RemoveFilters.reg' Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}] "LowerFilters"=- "UpperFilters"=- Run the 'RemoveFilters.reg' file on the system, go to Device Manager and Uninstall the burner and then select to have it scan for hardware again. Reboot the system and it should be fixed now. (may have to reinstall Roxio after the filters are removed) Sorry - It didn't work! The only way I can get windows to see it is a recordable drive is to set it to type "2" in the registry - which enables me to put stuff in there ready for burning - but it won't recognise blank CDs, and therefore won't burn!
  9. Ok, there doesn't appear to be a recording tab Already tried ripping the music (I'm not that stupid!) but the same thing happened. I reinstalled the dvd r/w drivers and now wmp11 recognises & plays them even though they still claim to b 1kb each. Still won't burn through - and there is no recording tab on burner properties.
  10. Ok - don't know what the issue is now...just put an audio cd in and when u open it in windows explorer there is one file for each track but they're only 1kb each and have the extension "CDA_Auto_File" - The cd is a music cd bought from a shop. Any ideas?
  11. Hi, one of my clients can no longer burn a CD (r or rw) through windows explorer. It comes up with "e:/ IS NOT ACCESSIBLE : INCORRECT FUNCTION However, burning through roxio / nero works fine. Anyone know whats going on here? I checked the imapi service is started etc... The disks I'm using are unused HP CDrs - But have tried Verbatim CD R/Ws too...so I don't think it is disk specific. Thanks
  12. I have been running the PC for the last 40 mins with Norton disabled and its has been running as sweet as. Trouble is, Norton Antivirus won't actually load unless all the services of Norton are running before hand...which then makes it all play up again. I think I'm going to have no option but to enlighten him to free / better alternatives!
  13. Unfortunately, If I showed him what was going on he would reply by saying "So do I need a new bit in the case?" - Not the brightest (computer-wise) of chaps. Been working on it for the last couple of hours, it is indeed very frustrating. Any other ideas?
  14. Thanks for the reply I have already checked the Event Manager...and unfortunately there is nothing in there which relates to this problem. I'm a bit wary of reinstalling Norton, as last time I did it, it involved a very long winded telephone conversation regarding re-activation. I guess there's no other way to do it though?

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