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  1. Condensation should not be a problem because when the air flows over the evaporator coil, the moisture in the air is (for the most part) dropped from the air and is taken outside (window unit) and drained there. Condensation should not be a major problem unless it's a really hot muggy day outside. An idea you can use if you can, try to take another hose from the front or back of the computer case and take it to the return air vent on the window unit for even better cooling By the way, really good idea, I been thinking of doing it myself, just never got around to it. I have put my laptop on the supply vent in my room and cooled it off in a matter of seconds
  2. DL. : Personally, I can't stand Warcraft. Too old timey for me, I prefer futuristic games So I can imagine a lot of other people I like me
  3. I'll give it a shot and see how good it compares to my Firefox. Thanks for posting this
  4. If I had a cat that spilled coffee on my laptop, I would no longer have a cat
  5. I'd have to say Toshiba is the best. I've had many notebooks by many companies, Acer, Compaq/HP, DELL, Toshiba. And so far, my favorite is Toshiba. I currently have two of them, a Satellite A100-VA1 and a Satellite 2230CDS. The 2230CDS is about 6 years old I suppose, and its been through a lot. The PCMCIA bay has been broken (Used laptop of course, and I got it for free ). My father also uses Toshiba's at work and they are very durable, especially given the work that he does. So, that's why I prefer Toshiba. 9 months ago I would have preferred DELL
  6. Well, if you don't have a preference for XP/2003/Linux, go with 98 Lite. Can't go wrong with 8mb used. Link: http://www.litepc.com/98lite.html
  7. so what so you call a solid state drive? same stuff... its a memory drive? I'm quite irritated in the tone that you use to talk to people on this forum with. You may have a bit of experience with hardware, but that doesn't give you the right to talk down to people. I have read a lot of your posts, and each post I see by you, is very rude. And to answer your annoying response to what I said, no. It vastly depends on what it is, if its a solid state memory card (ie, CF, SD, XD, Smart Media) it is considered a memory card. If it has a USB connection on it, its memory key. If it's and external Hard drive, its a hard drive. That answer your question?
  8. I call it a memory key, just because, well, it's memory and it goes on my keychain
  9. At home I use a Toshiba Satellite A100 and at school I use a Toshiba Satellite 2230CDS, both are my own systems.
  10. Offer a small incentive to post. I really don't know how you could implement something like that, I had a few active members on a forum I had, but then it just all went downhill. Perhaps you will have better luck and maybe one day it just takes off. Well, good luck
  11. My 95 B disc has IE integrated, so theres probably many different distributions. (The Boot screen says "With Internet Explorer")
  12. I'll admit that at first, the Firefox extensions were bad for this, but they have gotten a hell of a lot better. Perhaps you should try a more up to date version of Firefox I like Firefox, but I still like to use IE7 the most out of all the browsers.
  13. It sounds like the Hard Disk drive needs a special driver to recognize. I don't know anything about, so I can't be of any help when it comes to that part of it. What I would suggest though, is trying to see if the game will run under compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2. If not, then go from there. Good luck
  14. I'm not really planning on replacing the chip, I was just wondering if theres a possibility that the chip would work in a desktop motherboard. The computer it came from is poached anyhow. Heres the computer it came from. http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Products/...=59&LanID=9
  15. Ok, I have a fairly simple question. I have a laptop with a Pentium 4 chip in it. I do suppose that it will be a mobile Pentium 4. Anyway, I found out some info about the chip, the model number (I assume) is "uFCPGA478" It's a Pentium 4 at 2.4ghz with a 512Kb L2 cache and a 400Mhz FSB. Now, what I was wondering is, what is the socket? I'm assuming its a Socket 478, which makes sense because of the model number, and the fact that it's very similar (to what I remember) to the 2.0GHz P4 I had given to a friend earlier. So, I'd just like some info because I'm planning on giving it to the same person as the other chip.
  16. If it's a custom built machine, that won't be possible.
  17. I'd imagine that a system retailer could go out and buy an OEM box set that has say, 50 cd keys with 50 discs. It might be worthwhile calling Microsoft and talking to them directly about it.
  18. From my understanding, you can get an OEM version and install it on that computer, but once its either installed or activated, it becomes bound to that computer and cannot be used on any other computer. That's my understanding of the OEM licenses. So, my answer to your question would be to go with the OEM version. You should state that when the person buys the computer however, that the XP install is meant for that computer and that computer only. Hope this helps
  19. 22 is quite normal, imho. Sometimes I have upto 80 tabs open in 4-5 windows Window 1 has all forum related tabs, window 2 related to viruses, exploits and security, window 3 email and news sites (slashdot, digg etc), and window 4 has programming and technical related (msdn, technet, etc) That's insane, your nuts I don't go to more than 1 page at a time, so I don't need the tabs at all.
  20. Looks like I'm going to have to start saving
  21. Look how many god **** tabs you have open. I'm talking 1 tab open. I don't use tabs because I don't like the idea of them. I prefer buttons in my taskbar. Besides, who in the hell browses that many god **** pages at once? Eh? Heres some proof of what I mean.
  22. Dude....what? You started off saying Opera was very professional, and then finished off by calling it crap The reason I prefer IE is because the fact that its fast. In my experience, it has always been fast and uses the least amount of ram out of the 3 browsers I have used. Opera would use 60mb on my computer, Firefox could go from about 50mb - 75mb, depending on how it felt, and IE would use around 20mb or so. That's my personal opinion, so don't try to change my opinion.
  23. Wrong topic there vertol?

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