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  1. same as previously mentioned for me and on a daily basis spanning many, many years. constantly tinkering, tweaking, trying and testing and of course reading.
  2. looks like you removed something to do with characters. kinda like looking at chineese text if you dont have the language pack installed for it. it shows boxes n such cause it doesnt know how to render the chineese text. so here is likely some special character and vista cant show it to you so it shows that instead. so i'm just guessing that windows doesnt know how to render or decrypt special signs, designs..etc. mine does same thing btw. i think its cause of removing Charmap. but again i'm just guessing
  3. You mean like making one yourself, custom tailored according to your own personal needs? Because I think most people do... you obviously missed what i was responding too since how are you gonna make your own list if you dont know what each service does? said BV was worthless when all you do is simply use it to research what you think you need or dont need, there is no download there thats preconfigured, He mentions on the site his suggestions are based on his opinon from his experiments and gives plenty of warnings, either way you have to decide what you dont need for yourself lots of ways to look each service up, but BV shows each one in order with info on what it does. from there with that you can simply use his registry creator and make your own .reg file. so the BV site is not worthless. tweakguides has one too and its pretty much exactly the same, all of which was copied from BV. Like i said, what is better than that? guessing?
  4. i agree that the extra stuff should be there on the installation disk...but be optional upon install. a simple advanced section for advanced users before install windows that lets users opt out of installing various components. with W7, MS is somewhat listening, its said there will be more features to remove in the "turn windows features on/off" section. but pointless if it still hogs space secondary drive is one thing, but i prefer to install some games on my SSD, cause they load so much faster and hence why i prefer as much space as possible. but all i do is browse net and game, so doesnt really require much from an OS. i'm sure a 1 gig OS would do me plenty, too bad Linux doesnt game well or i'd use a lite linux version.
  5. I would have to politely disagree - using hard drive space or not using it doesn't make the device any more or less 'green'. Also, if Windows doesn't use it, meaning *you* want to use it for storage, that's only an argument for more space for your stuff (you're still going to use the space). I just fail to understand the complaints of people with 500+GB HDDs complaining that Wndows uses 4 - 8% of the drive. Why buy a 500GB (or larger) drive if you aren't going to use it? Also, the complaints about WinSXS only benefitting tech support are largely just flamebait. DLL hell affected EVERYONE using .dll files, users and developers alike (partly because the darn developers would write to a specific version, and then install that version - rather than using the one that shipped with the OS and use those features). It means users no longer have to worry about what apps they have installed when installing another app, and worry if this version is going to overwrite that version, and cause one or the other to fail (or both). It's not perfect, but with 500GB HDD standard on most new PCs (and even 160 and 320GB HDDs standard on most newer laptops), this is probably the best solution all around until something better comes along (if at all). Again, you are free to your opinion, but this is like complaining that Vista caches up to 90% of the available RAM in the box to make the system faster, rather than leaving it unused. You paid for the resource (RAM or HDD space), why not use it for something constructive rather than let it sit fallow and have some other OS problems go unsolved? I have to disagree with your complaints. i have 64 gig SSD. so what about me? but i think the arguements are those of us who dont use 90% of what Vista has. i dont use windows mail, natural language or media center. some of that stuff is nearly a gig in size alone. it just sits there, does nothing but take space if you dont ever use it. some people store videos on drives and 500 gigs isnt much for that. so yes the OS taking 4-8% can be a big deal to some. so i vlite and now instead of 13 gigs for a fresh install, its now 5 gigs, works great and does what i want....quite a difference.
  6. Personally I find BV's suggestions worthless but if it floats your boat go for it. so you must have something better then right?
  7. oh i see. i did that stuff long ago with my first sound card. lol if i didnt, i'd expect problems with previous other cards. but got latest bios and audio chip is off. power management is set to high power.
  8. more of a rant to vent than an expectation of an answer. but i sent creative support this email for some help...again, and i just dont get their response. my last email to them. and response from my [sarc] good buddy [\sarc] sin yee at support can someone translate that short vague message for me....or at least try to help me with the problem described in the first quote? cause i dont see what disabling my audio has anything to do with my problem that i precisely described or was my email just not well explained?
  9. cant we all just use Linux and get along?
  10. awesome thanks alot!! saves me alot of hassle. plus been wanting to try doing the -extreme vlite option but couldnt cause i needed updates.
  11. i wanted to know if anyone has all the latest windows updates for vistax64 SP1 so i can integrate them into my image? i know some here are integrating hotfixes so must be somewhere to get them easily?
  12. vista x64. recently got x-fi fatility pro pci-e install latest fatality drivers, works great. i can reboot all i want and still works fine however, if i click shutdown, upon reboot, i suddenly have no audio device installed. i have to manually remove the driver and reinstall it. what is happening during shutdown that doesnt happen when rebooting? i cant figure this out for nothing and is driving me nuts please help (note: i do have system restore and page file turned off. never an issue before but thought i'd mention it)
  13. You should navigate to whatever directory you want, then press Ctrl+B. It will list all files inside that directory + all files inside subdirectories all together flat in the lister. Isn't that what you wanted? Afterwards you could do whatever you want with the files, even drop them to another Explorer window(s). GL i'll try again...but when i did it inthe C: directory,it just shows whats in windows folder for some reason ..i wanted every file shown in the C: drive, so i'll play with it again. lol, 400 posts only shows, i either have alot of questions or alot of opinions and i never once asked any question regarding commands....i just click pretty icons like most computer users. proabably not a good idea to assume anything in a forum, posts from someone is a very limiting way of knowing anything about them.
  14. 1. Total Commander (Ctrl+B). 2. Same (you can configure it). GL *Edit: Smiley code broke my post. That's Ctrl+B. it seems just to show whats in windows directory, but its a start
  15. huh? that made no sense to me whatsoever

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