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  1. My laptop does the same thing on a stock install. I'm so tired of it, that I'm actually considering loading XP back on it.
  2. As weird as it may be, the PC is still generally a tool really. To get things done. Sure, a lot of games are written for them, but the main purpose of a PC still is, and always will be, a tool. To get complex things done. Don't get me wrong, a PC is still a great way to pass time. And they do it really well, I've come to the realization that a PC can be the biggest waste of time I can spend all kinds of time trying to fix something, and in the end, learn nothing from it
  3. vlite.net and nliteos.com are down from last I heard. Nuhi changed servers, so expect delays.
  4. What do you mean by "reload" ... reinstalling the operating system? Precisely what I mean. Have you done this before?
  5. I have a Toshiba A100 laptop with a Vista DVD recovery set, its preactivated when installed. Is there a way I can use the discs to make a pre-activated install for my laptop rather than using these DVDs? It's Vista Home Basic.
  6. Google --> http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=di...earch&meta= They change things in different versions of Windows, but this is worth a shot. --> http://www.ofzenandcomputing.com/zanswers/380
  7. Darn, I'd really like to make my own install DVD because of all the stuff they integrate into the installation. It really does irritate me (and I'm sure others) when a stock boot of Windows takes 10 minutes on a brand new computer.
  8. Is there anyway to do this with a set of recovery DVD's from an OEM? I'm referring to the post over here --> http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=63258 I'd like to basically make a pre-activated install DVD like the retail, but using my own CD-key and stuff. If it's not possible, just say so and I'll be happy Thanks in advance
  9. Simply amazing Tihiy, great work Will be using this on my 2000 laptop
  10. Also, try doing a clean install with your XP Media Center Edition disc. Sometimes something gets screwed up in the upgrade process (never have been a fan of doing an upgrade).
  11. My desktop did this sometimes when I plugged a USB device in. Maybe your powersupply is starting to go. I changed my powersupply and it fixed it.
  12. wow thats a lot of stuff. What are you doing in Firefox? Mine usually runs at like 30 - 45MB. Try doing a cold boot of XP and then do a hibernation and see if there is a difference. And one more question, ever since you installed this new video card, have you reloaded your computer? I find when adding fairly major new hardware, the system doesn't run the same. Thus, I always do a reload when adding new hardware. I never have any problems doing that.
  13. lmao, thats awesome. One problem with that though, no battery
  14. Check and see how much is running in the background. Maybe theres something hogging all your ram.
  15. Try using a static IP instead. If that works, then theres gotta be a setting somewhere. edit: nevermind, I re-read your first post and realized
  16. Just a thought. Is the WEP code correct?
  17. Call me the biggest hipocrit, but... I like Vista now I understand that people don't want to upgrade from XP and that, but... Keep in mind, Microsoft is extending support for Windows XP to 2014. 7 years from now, people running XP will be in the same boat as the 98SE users of today. If in 7 years you still don't need to upgrade, then great. Don't upgrade, but, by then, a big change most likely will occur and you'll need to upgrade. And frankly, 400 bucks for a new computer (with monitor and all that stuff) isn't such a bad price. Just go and pay the $400 and get yourself a decent computer that has Vista or w/e os they have out by then. If you can't afford to buy a new computer, then either change your priorities, or stop whining. It took me 7 years before I could buy a new laptop. I wanted to get one with XP on it, but I had to get one with Vista on it. And it hasn't been such a bad decision IMO.
  18. I was running Vista Home Basic in that screenshot. In Home Premium and higher, go into system properties and click the text link in the top left corner, "System Protection" then click the advanced tab, then click the first settings button near the top. There should be an option to "enable glass/transparency" or something. Turn that off, and thats pretty much what I'm running, except I don't have all the fancy animations. When a new window pops up and stuff. Nor the flip3d.
  19. Well, first off, if the Athlon is a palamino (most XP's are) your not going to be able to overclock much. Maybe 1ghz at most. My Athlon XP 1800+ will not over clock past 1.8ghz (1.53ghz is clock speed). As for the ECS board, the chipset is SiS, and all I can tell you is the sound is a SiS 7012 Audio card Drivers are available on SiS's website if you can get the board going. Good luck.
  20. Try selecting a new one in the User Accounts page. I removed User Account Pictures in nLite once and it did the same thing to me. Selecting a new picture (my own) fixed it as the originals were all gone.
  21. Thats odd. You may want to contact Microsoft about it.
  22. I've got an nLite cd for a PIII 650 laptop, and it takes roughly 20 minutes to do an install. That includes Firefox, WLM, Nero, IE7, and a few updates from MS that I needed. My new laptop takes 10 minutes to install the same disc
  23. Hopefully Nuhi adds this to vLite in later versions.
  24. I got Vista Home Basic on my laptop, thats what it came with anyway. I put Ultimate on it shortly after all.

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