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  1. cool, I've already signed up, but I couldn't wait, so I downloaded XD It's very nice, looks faster than Office 2K7 and you can generate pdf's directly from them, like Word, Excel, etc. Looks very interesting.
  2. what's your computer's performance?

    I got 3,4, thanks to my onboard video card (but mine is notebook), but I'm loving this notebook anyway! cya!
  3. ah I was planning on making such as login system, that the first page would post the data (login, pass, etc.) to a second page that will validade the info and then post the data (if correct) to a third file that will do something more. But it's ok, I already got the answer. The keyword is: Javascript. If you want, I can post my code here later. Bye!
  4. Hello guys!!! Please I need to know how could I post some data using a form (<form method='post' action='somefile.php'>) but without need to click the submit button (<input type='submit' value='Submit'>). Bye
  5. well guys sorry for the delay, but I'm kinda budy these days. I managed to install my WinRAR with customized settings and a custom theme. I did this: 1- Added a command to extract the theme to the default folder inside the WinRAR installation folder 2- Added some registry keys to make the theme as the default. I used this .bat file: reg add HKCU\Software\WinRAR\Interface\Themes /v ActivePath /d "%systemdrive%\Arquivos de programas\WinRAR\Themes\WinRAR_Jr_48x48" /f reg add HKCU\Software\WinRAR\Interface\Themes /v ShellExtBMP /d "%systemdrive%\Arquivos de programas\WinRAR\Themes\WinRAR_Jr_48x48\RarSmall.bmp" /f reg add HKCR\WinRAR\DefaultIcon /ve /d "%systemdrive%\Arquivos de programas\WinRAR\Themes\WinRAR_Jr_48x48\RAR.ico" /f reg add HKCR\WinRAR.REV\DefaultIcon /ve /d "%systemdrive%\Arquivos de programas\WinRAR\Themes\WinRAR_Jr_48x48\REV.ico" /f reg add HKCR\WinRAR.ZIP\DefaultIcon /ve /d "%systemdrive%\Arquivos de programas\WinRAR\Themes\WinRAR_Jr_48x48\RAR.ico" /f reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\WinRAR archiver" /v DisplayIcon /d "%systemdrive%\Arquivos de programas\WinRAR\Themes\WinRAR_Jr_48x48\Setup.ico" /f PS: "Arquivos de programas" is equal to "Program files", 'cause my Windows is in Portuguese (Brazil). Bye
  6. Signature Question

    well as I calculated I could not use the images I wanted together, so I decided to use only one 300x100 pixels that will fit all the 30000 pixels in area, right? Thanks for your attention guys! BTW, gamehead200, if I have an image of 250x150 pixels it would result 30000 pixels too, so why isn't it acceptable? Bye
  7. Signature Question

    Hello! I read the rule about signatures ("5. Images in signatures shall NOT exceed a total of 300x100 and 80kb. Flash and animated signatures and avatars are not permitted. You can enter max 4 lines of text in signature or signature image"), but I'm unsure if I can use my actual sig (it's 350x20 pixels) - I'm planning on changing it to a 300x100 image) - but I would like to use 2 images (one is 350x20 [actual] and the other is 300x100). Both images together sizes less tha 20kb (it's 15.77kb). Thanks for your patient. by Victor Lima de Andrade
  8. for WinRAR you can add a reg file like the one Malarky posted and just run the WinRAR setup using the /S switch (silent), so you'll get no screen at all. I use this way. You can install themes too. I'll post how if you want.
  9. yep man, you've found! anyway, could you provide the nsi script that you used in Winamp, please???? thanks anyway!
  10. lol this is wonderful, but can you publish the .nsi script please? thanks man!
  11. Hello guys! I had this problem last weekend: Translating: "The video driver nv4_disp stopped working. Save your work and restart the system to restore all monitor's functionality. In the next time the system begins it will show you a dialog box giving you an oportunity to send data about this problem to Microsoft." Well, it's something like this. My GeForce4 4000 (64MB) is giving me problems. When I start the system nothing happens, I see only a black screen. But if I start the system in Safe Mode or Uninstall the video driver I can start my system with no problem, but my video is slllooowwwwww. So what should I do? Change the video card or update the driver???? Please help!!!!!!!!!!
  12. sometimes I create a regular bootcd with BCDW2 and put the BOOTFIX.BIN file in the right folder (BCDW), but sometimes it fails when I use MS Virtual PC, but when I burn a CD or even when I test many times in the VPC it works. I think it's a little bug... try it sometimes and see if works....
  13. Bootup Manages....

    I use BCDW2, it's easy and great!
  14. [help] batch command problem

    if you want you can disable this startup item, just edit the registry running "regedit.exe" (Windows Registry Editor).