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  1. That's a really encouraging thing to say. awergh, good job on this. Keep up the good work on it man. Glad to see someone is finally shifting focus to Windows NT
  2. Either the fan is dirty as Eyeball said, or the bearings in the fan are shot. Stuff isn't made the way it use to be, so I really wouldn't be surprised if the bearings are gone. However, it does sound more like theres a large clump of dust caught in the fan and its rubbing against the blades. Time for a cleanin' (don't have the computer sitting on a floor if it is either, that makes it much worse. Try to keep it on a desk if possible.) Cheers
  3. I put iPod linux on my Nano. Killed the battery a lot faster RockBox is the way to go if you want more formats. You don't even need iTunes for it
  4. I'd have to say that Intel may be the better way to go based on the information I have read here, but in my experience I have had very good luck with both CPU manufacturers. In my own personal experience though, I'd have to go with AMD. Just because of the track record I have had with them. Good overall chips in my opinion. Wish you luck
  5. Why not get a decent used laptop? I have had very good luck with them. Dell's older notebooks hold up very well in the way of reliability and quality. I still have a really old Latitude XPi CD A Pentium 4/Celeron/AMD Athlon notebook would probably be good for what your planning on doing. However, for a brand new notebook, I'd have to recommend Dell or Toshiba as Zxian said. I have had exceptional luck with both companies. I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite A100 for about 600 dollars CAD and it's a very well rounded notebook for the price. I dumped Vista from it and loaded Windows XP Professional as Vista OEM (the OEM discs that is) was way too much for the computer. A clean install of either XP or Vista is what I recommend on this model computer. It's a Celeron M 430 @ 1.73Ghz with 533Mhz FSB, 1GB DDR2 Ram (533Mhz), 80GB SATA HDD, ATi Radeon m200 320MB PCIe Video, and a 15.4" widescreen display. It's a very light notebook for it's size too. I think it's ether 6Lbs or just over.
  6. Build that into the computer. They did on a few model laptops I had. Hell, I rebuilt a laptop battery with AA rechargeable Ni-MH cells and it worked 200%. Twice the battery runtime as the original battery ran it for. That computer had just 9 batteries soldered to each other, and 2 connections at the other end. Now that's the way a battery should be built.
  7. Every few minutes when I need to, I'll just get up and walk around a bit. That's all I do
  8. lmao I'm Windows 95 though However, Windows 95 was possibly the best OS MS ever released IMO. It was stable, but... it just couldn't do as much as the later OS's. Which is why I now run Windows XP.
  9. In some battery chemistries (Ni-CD and Ni-MH) you can actually "zap" the battery and burn the short off and make the battery run again. I've done this many times on AA rechargeable cells, and they're still working fine. @ techywiz2007, I have often wondered if they were doing this kind of stuff. They do have a circuit board inside of a battery, I mean, whats the point in having a circuit board with IC's on it for a battery? Is there a board on AA or AAA or C and D cell batteries? I find that Toshiba's batteries seem to be the best as they do last a long time. I have some batteries that are about 4 years old still working, the oldest I have ever had was 11 years (I had 2 of them) and they still worked 100%. Providing 2 hours runtime on the laptop. I do agree it is a bit fishy. But to make a post about it, is very well, childish. Try doing a load test on the "bad" battery, and see what the cells produce. If the amperage dies off quickly, the cell might be dead, but if it holds it for a bit, it's probably be fine. WARNING: Don't hold it too long as your basically shorting the battery out and can cause a fire. Another thing to keep in mind, all the laptop batteries, that I have ripped apart, have 2 cells wired in series. Now, if one of those cells dies, the other cell basically takes the load, thus, further reducing that cells lifetime because it has to do twice the work now. Some cells will die sooner than others because of the chemistry in the cells. Some of us have more experience with these types of things. I know that some of my information is probably wrong, but, it's what I have figured out by testing, rebuilding, and working with these batteries. So far, I have rebuilt about 10 laptops batteries. Some work, others don't. The most common problem, is the battery doesn't calibrate itself correctly. They often run for about 2 hours +, but think they're at 0% all the time. This I can see as being a bad thing as the cells could actually overcharge themselves and further reduce the lifetime anyway. Basically, its better to just find/buy another battery for your prized laptop
  10. I like it, it's very stable. Only drawback is you need a powerhouse computer to run the darn thing. As for portability, stick with XP, much better on batteries. I boosted my battery run time from 1:30 to about 2:30 by switching my laptop from Vista to XP. If I only had a 9 cell (or even a 12) battery in this laptop my runtime would be so much better
  11. Well, I'd have to say if your only going up to around 90Mb as you said, you must be doing something right By that, I'd recommend making your paging file abut the same as your Ram installed. By default, it's 1.5 times your ram, but in your case, I'd say make it the same. I have a computer in my basement with 384Mb of ram and the paging file on that is about 512Mb (I use it as a server now) and it's running perfectly.
  12. There's no way the temps are that high! That has to be in Fahrenheit. Either that or the sensors are harshly out of whack. I see this a lot with controls where sensors get shorted and they read a certain temperature much higher. If your using speedfan, try using the motherboard's stuff in CMOS.
  13. Couldn't keep the name a little less weird could they? LMAO the logo is funny now though
  14. I like that one the best [deXter], good job
  15. I like the new one to be honest, it fits in with my bookmarks bar
  16. Winamp, drop the files to wav then use iTunes to convert to w/e format you want. I'd go with MP3 @ 192Kbps. Supposing the OGG files are above 192Kbps, the quality loss should be very minimal because of how OGG vorbis encodes the audio. It's much different than MP3 and can produce very high quality sound at the same bitrates as MP3. 64Kbps VBR OGG Vorbis is 10 times better than MP3 at 64Kbps. If the source OGG files are somewhere around 200Kbps - 300Kbps, dropping them to 192Kbps MP3 won't produce bad quality. I encode MP3 @ 320Kbps down to 128Kbps and it sounds just fine to me. But thats my ears, so perhaps theres a difference for you, but I doubt it'll be that bad. Anyway, good luck with it
  17. Windows, disconnected from the internet, duh But anyway, I'd go with the last 4 of the NT line, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista
  18. I'd be very interested in this one myself actually. If anyone knows, please let us know (consider this a bump )
  19. Custom for desktops, Toshiba for laptops. 'nuf said
  20. I do, yes, but not software. Tired of that stuff, did it for a little while then realized it's pointless and now I buy software. Music is another thing though. When I start working full time I will purchase more music, but until then, I have a very fixed income.
  21. I like the new logo, breaks up my bookmarks bar
  22. That is a good tune, let us know when you find out
  23. Excellent first post nightthief! Welcome to the forums as well! I've been having this problem a lot with Ultimate on my laptop and this fixed it

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