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  1. Regarding the whitelisting: it might be because the 32-bit version has the 64-bit version embedded and automatically unpacks and runs it? Which is similar to what malware often does (they frequently unpack other embedded programs and run them). Not sure though, just a guess. Regarding FAT32: The problem is I'm not familiar with it enough to even know whether it would result in a significant speed boost if I implemented it, let alone know enough to implement it. The main property that makes NTFS amenable to this is the fact that the MFT is a single file that contains all the necessary information for doing this; I'm not sure if the same is true for FAT systems or not. I could look into learning it at some point, but if I do, that might well be over a year from now, so I wouldn't hold my breath for this.
  2. Hi! Programs don't generally do this themselves; installers do. Do you mean I should make an installer that does this? That seems unnecessary since it's just 1 executable. You can just put it in whatever folder you like and then create a shortcut yourself -- just right-click the file and go to Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut). Then you can drag the shortcut wherever you'd like.
  3. Hi! I've fixed the crash on Windows XP. Please try out the new version. Thanks for mentioning it here. =) Please do consider reporting these issues on the project page in the future!
  4. How do you configure your Windows XP for security?

    Um... I don't? Actually, one things: I don't open emails that are OBVIOUSLY spam, and I don't give my good email to a someone who claimed that I have wone $13.5 billion. (Sorry, that was two, not one...) Nothing more.. no anti-virus (remove them by hand when they come every few years), just the Windows Firewall (which I don't even know if helps or not), NO HOTFIXES (original SP2 installation). And it's been runnin' fine for quite a while...
  5. Offer Remote Assistance Problem

    Hi all, I get this error message every time I type in the IP address of the client who I want to help: The remote server does not exist or is unavailable. I've tried the basics already (added the ports and needed programs to the firewall, even tried turning it off completely; turned on Remote Assistance in control panel; etc.), I know the IP address of the client is correct, and I need to say that I can help the client if he sends me the invitation; I just can't seem to be able to offer unsolicited assistance. One more note: Remote Desktop does work, but I don't want to use it because the client has to log off so I can log on. I've tried the program called UltraVNC; it works, I just want to know how to use Windows' features instead. System information: Tried dial-up person helping both cable and dial-up; neither worked. OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2, clean install, no hotfixes Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know how to uninstall IE7 by force? For some reason, I don't have the spuninst folder in Windows (yes, I've enabled hidden files....), and it does not appear in add/remove programs (yes, I've checked the "Show Updates" button). And I don't have a system restore point either... Thank you!
  7. AR Soft RAMDisk - Putting the PageFile on it

    Apparently, you haven't used it before. I think it's great ; I suggest you try it out. (Just a suggestion!) It can emulate a Local Hard Disk as well as act as a RAMDisk. It can start up Automatically or with the System. I have tried the HD/System combo, as well as set the pagefile, but it's unused (no pagefile.sys, no space allocation).
  8. How do you put your pagefile on a RAM disk using the AR Soft RAMDisk? *Pleeeease*!!: I do NOT want this to be another thread on the web about why instead of how!!
  9. Vista EXE on XP

    I just read this topic... How do you patch any file to work on XP?
  10. Does anyone know how you can get the compressor? Netopsystems.com is weird, and I don't know whether it is free, commercial, shareware, etc. Does anyone know how you can buy or download it? Thanks.
  11. Help, no explorer on boot.

    Sure, no problem. For those that always say do a System Restore... I always assume that they've tried that.
  12. Help, no explorer on boot.

    Create a file named [something].reg, and copy this in: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "Shell"="explorer.exe" Import it, and restart or log off and on. Does it help?
  13. All Drivers in ONE Place!

  14. Did you just resize (or somehow repartition) your Vista drive? Check to see if Vista still has the same drive letter. Does it help? Also, you might want to check out recovery software.
  15. Windows Vista Windows Explorer

    I have seen this problem in my Vista RC2 before - but after I reinstalled it, it was gone. I think you have to go to the folder properties, customize, and then select the content to be All Items. Does it work?