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  1. I'm pretty sure it installs. You may get a coupla errors, but it should install. XP is really 2000 dressed up.
  2. Download link: http://prx984.my-place.us/darkside
  3. Not a problem, e-mail me when you get it done, then we can get it hosted on my sites
  4. No reason to call it crappy. Some people may have really good luck with a piece of hardware someone else thinks is crappy. Usually what happens now is you get one person in say a thousand, that don't like the hardware. They then freak and call it a piece of crap. Which, but no means, summarizes everyone's opinion. My brother has a 6800 and it runs a lot of things perfectly. By no means a crappy card. People expect way too much from certain things now-a-days
  5. How big do you think the file will be?
  6. I can, e-mail me with the file. prxatforums (at) gmail.com I can add 2 mirrors for ya.
  7. Amazing, nice work on this pack. I definitely will use this when it's done. Keep up the good work
  8. I may, but in a Virtual PC
  9. For the original file on the disc, use modifyPE.exe <cd root>\I386\MSgina.dl_ Modifype.exe is located in the MSFN unattended section. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/16/ The installed file is located in "C:\Windows\System32\msgina.dll"
  10. Some of my games won't even launch under Vista. I had to go and look for updates for a few (none available for a lot of them). Midtown Madness was relatively easy to get going, I downloaded an update for it for Windows XP. That seemed to do it.
  11. They have made great strides ahead, but many back. For instance, disk defrag. No more graphical layout of the drive, just tells you what it thinks.
  12. http://www.dr-hoiby.com/TrayIconIn256Color/index.php I know that's for 98/2000, but you could try the manual fix for Windows 2000 with a hex editor. It may work. Just make sure to back up explorer just in case
  13. If tal's idea doesn't work, try using it on a different computer. That's always the best way to troubleshoot hardware.
  14. I use WinImage, but its shareware. http://www.winimage.com/
  15. I vote nLite addon maker because it's all I have used and have had good luck with it
  16. It's still warez. And talking about those things will most likely get you banned. Read the RULES.
  17. Dead. I haven't used one in 2 years. None of my laptops have a floppy drive (that works) in them. My new laptop doesn't have one, and nor did my last one. I could put one in it, but it was 20 bucks to buy the drive, and thats 20 bucks more than I'd spend on something I'll never use I still have all my floppies upstairs in my room though, big bin of em. But I never use em, so I'm contemplating donating them to my school or something. Maybe I'll keep 10 or so, but I don't know.
  18. That's warez and is illegal on this site. I suggest you remove that post immediately.
  19. I don't know which is worse, a kid not being able to do it, or an adult not being able to do it. Thats pretty impressive though (original post that is).
  20. Even apart from it being illegal, it's still not a good idea. The media/ISO could be riddled with malware. If you have a way that works, stick with it
  21. Have you tried enabling/disabling encryption? Torrents on my computer will not download because of my ISP. They're implementing traffic shaping. For this reason, I don't use torrents anymore
  22. I'm running Vista Home Basic on the laptop in my signature. It boots in around 35 seconds. It's not that long to boot at all for me. However, once it's at the desktop. It gets a little slow for about 1 minute or so, then it picks back up and is alright. My Celeron M 430 1.73GHz runs it pretty good IMO
  23. prx984


    Realistically, it doesn't matter if its on or off for most people. It teaches them the wrong thing, just to keep clicking "OK or Allow" or anything like that. What happens if something bad does actually come along? For the most part, the power users just irritated with it and turn it off anyway. If you do a lot of things on your computer, it's probably necessary that you disable it as it just slows you down really.

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