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  1. hi {_carnificina_}! has there been an update to your app (because it still shows the same 1 in the 1st page)? which was is the latest? thank you!
  2. GREAT! looking forward to it zedox!
  3. i believe that for additional updates, HFSLIP has to be re-run using the original source (OS CD)
  4. hi tc! i think WindowsXP-KB952287-x86-ENU could be included in your SP3 dynamic list ... (as well as Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.1) ... thanks!
  5. hello! members are still waiting for orbit30 to update it as he promised (when his free with his vista projects) ... on a related note, this may be trivial but i'd still like to share THIS
  6. Where's Vista? the only nice introduction in ME was system restore ...
  7. hi! there's an addon prepared by orbit30 here: [Addon] Media Center Edition 2005 v4., Converts your windows operating system to Media Center Edition 2005 ... there's a separate one for those using wmp11 ... might be worth a try (although the creator would still prep for 1 that's going to consider the final sp3 rel which would perhaps confirm there could be an issue with sp3) ... will look forward to how hfslip will take care of the concerns brought up though ... i'm confident tc, tp & the rest will be able to hurdle this thanks!
  8. Kiki Burgh


    i think comment here was uncalled for ... perhaps, it would be better to present your issues objectively and provide more details so we can help you ... there are lots of folks out here readily willing to help for free if asked the correct Qs
  9. thanks TC! how about adding this link to your sig already (or maybe you're just waiting for the final before doing so)? this will be a very good re-start for me as hotifxes now are just few ... i know it sounds pretty obvious but just to confirm, having sp3 slipstreamed now does not necessitate for the other hotfixes, right? thanks!
  10. ... seems i got everything (or most of darkside settings) back but the 1st Welcome To Windows screen still come up in blue ... thanks!
  11. hi zedox! wouldn't there be anything that needs to be updated in this wonderful progie for sp3? i'm asking because after installing sp3, i lost darkside settings ... as this point, i'm trying to reload and see what happens ... about to restart ... thanks!
  12. hi TC! i'm not certain if my concern with what zedox has mentioned here is related but WU always prompts me to install it even if i already have (either via automatic update or by hand) ... thanks! been quite a while ...
  13. Kiki Burgh


    ...lol Not manualy, but automaticaly (Silent mode) ? why do you want to remove that? IMHO, that is 1 way of letting the users of our HFSLIPstreamed OS aware of this powerful tool we are using ...
  14. Kiki Burgh

    Windows XP SP 3

    thanks for the quick reply tc! i suppose it's going to be tedious to code all previous sp2 hotfixes to be ignored by the script but would it be workable to prevent any unwanted (or obsolete) hotfixes in there? anyways, i'm cool with how it is setup right now (as i need to re-orient myself for the times i missed, i need to be guided by recommended hotfixes/updates from your dynamic list) ... btw, looking forward to an sp3 ver of your dynamic list ... thanks!
  15. Kiki Burgh

    Windows XP SP 3

    hi tc! been quite a while ... i kinda have a similar Q ... since Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the operating system, (in addition to a small number of new functionalities that will not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system), & i know the A to this is pretty obvious ... would this mean that HF folder does not need SP2 (+ all the other post SP2 hotfixes) in there anymore? or would HFSLIP just ignore the presence of lower/older SPs (+ all the other post SP2 hotfixes) if it detects the latest in there (in this case
  16. Kiki Burgh


    hello all! perhaps we could use HFREPLACE instead to set standard HFSLIP naming convention
  17. hi fdv! here's the new download link for XPero's utilities, specifically eXPander
  18. wishing everyone the most festive and happiest holiday season! great job for everyone here in the forum .... more power to HFSLIP!!!
  19. it's up for me too ... neat modification again TC & tain!
  20. he! he! TC my bad ... great job you guys i missed you guys ... hopefully i'll be more active soon as i'll have my system up and running again over the weekend (after being down since way back july )
  21. nice modifications to the site tain! was initially looking for the left frame but tabs for menus on top look sleek ...
  22. hey guys! boy been gone for quite sometime ... noticed that my current HFSLIP image in my sig has been outdated ... would it be possible to have access to this: http://hfslip.org/images/ ? i'm sure there's some images there that might be worth keeping for HFSLIP users ... dropping by to say hi to all! miss you all guys ... as soon as i get a new pc (hopefully by oct) , i'll be frequenting here again to catch up on all i missed (must be a lots ... he! he!) thanks! Post edited by Tomcat76. Removed hyperlink from URL.
  23. @ CharlyBrown ... why not use this instead: Silent .NET Maker (latest update: 20070201), Create silent switchless .NET installers for Win2K/XP/2K3 x86?
  24. Kiki Burgh

    Sunday Poll

    i have XP (but still look forward to SP3) ... and would you believe it, i still use 98SE ... Oleg, i read about MS Windows for legacy machine & i liked it then ... i didn't realize it's already out ... soon as i get my hands on a copy i would try to revive old units i have & see if i could maximize its use ... have to wipe it clean though (not to mention remove cobwebs on & in it ... he! he!)
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