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  1. hi rado! would it be alright to request for numerimal addon (same guys who made converber 2.2.1)? appreciate it.
  2. hi! since there's a later ver out, perhaps the thread title: Add-On Maker for Nlite 1.2.4 Update: 06/17/2006, Maker addon aplication for nLite must be updated to perk up more interests to this tool. thanks!
  3. hi mooms! i have a few addon's (there could be others) that require .net 1.0 SP3 (i.e., Windows XP Tablet PC 2005 (English) by CODYQX4 (although the maker has already provided a modded 1:)). thanks!
  4. hi Hell Racer! just wanted to report that all FileSavr links are broken. found one though using windows live link & downloaded it. this is the same with the 1 saved in filesavr, isn't it? thanks!
  5. got these in mind tp! thanks!
  6. Kiki Burgh

    Windows Updates

    msxml4-KB954430-enu replaced by msxml4-KB973688-enu.exe, i have already check it.thanks halfman!
  7. Kiki Burgh

    Windows Updates

    wouldn't these 3 overwrite msxml6-KB954459-enu-x86 & msxml4-KB954430-enu?
  8. hi strel! pardon me for asking but wouldn't your script be more complete if it included .NET Framework 1.0 SP3? or is it not necessary? kindly look at my other posts lately too. i'll wait for your feedback. thanks!
  9. Kiki Burgh

    Windows Updates

    hi Mim0! i got 4 updates in my add/remove programs lately, namely: KB952011 (Windows Feature Pack for Storage (32-bit) - IMAPI update for Blu-Ray) Q973688 (Security update for MSXML4 SP2 (KB973688)) KB973687 (Update for Windows XP (KB973687)) KB976098-v2 (Hotfix for Windows XP (KB976098-v2)) --- you've already posted this in your table kindly take a look. thanks!
  10. hi! sorry for bringing this up again ... since tc has been on hiatus, would it be possible to have a downloadable .pdf ver (something like in the unattended site) of the site's entire contents? been trying with office doc image write & xps doc writer (have yet to install pdf writer though to see if it gets the page completely) but i don't get the full page ... always getting cut on the last or last couple of paragraphs. sure i can save the page as .doc or .htm but it'd really be good to just do it in 1 download. thanks! edit: changing preferences (paper size) resolved it. thanks! edit 2: hmm ... on 2nd thought, i think not especially if the content of the page seems longer than what a real bond paper can accommodate ... now i can't get the entire page for changelogs & other pages with more content edit 3: just resorted to saving each page as .mhtl
  11. seen this in _SNMsynth.ini:; ------- SPECIAL ; -- T13ADDON=YES builds T-13 nLite/RVMI add-on(s) packing the .EXE installer(s) (HFSLIP compatible), so you can extract ; them later. and from the 1st post in Silent .NET Maker synthesized 20091105 - W2K/XP/2K3 x86, it shows: hi tp! just a little clarification (asked the same from strel (as may be seen above), would i still need entries_XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.ini if i extract only XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.exe from the SVCPACK folder inside the compressed XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.7z (end product of SNMSynth) to HFSVCPACK? correct me if i'm mistaken but my interpretation is i only need the extracted XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.exe? thanks!
  12. thanks just the same My2GirlsDad.
  13. hi strel! quick Q: wouldn't i need entries_XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.ini if i extract only XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.exe from the SVCPACK folder inside the compressed XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.7z to HFSVCPACK (of HFSLIP)? i'll ask the same in HFSLIP forum. thanks!
  14. hi strel! how about this for a result as per your suggestion: XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.7z (abt 42.9mb)? below shows contents of the work folder (paths included): E:\SNMSynth\OUT1 E:\SNMSynth\OUT1\PROCESSDATA.TXT E:\SNMSynth\OUT1\XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.7z E:\SNMSynth\_20SP2_KB974417FIX.7z E:\SNMSynth\_20SP#_SLIMMING.7z E:\SNMSynth\_20SP#LNGbr_KB829019FIX.7z E:\SNMSynth\_30SP2_REMFONTCACHEFIX.7z E:\SNMSynth\_30SP#LNG_KB928416FIX.7z E:\SNMSynth\_35SP1_KB963707FIX_NOFFADDONPROPERTY.7z E:\SNMSynth\_35SP#_SLIMMING.7z E:\SNMSynth\_KB951847FIX.7z E:\SNMSynth\_REM_MSI_BLOCKING.7z E:\SNMSynth\7za.exe E:\SNMSynth\dotnetfx.exe E:\SNMSynth\dotnetfx35.exe E:\SNMSynth\NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe E:\SNMSynth\NDP1.1sp1-KB953297-X86.exe E:\SNMSynth\NDP20SP2-KB958481-x86.exe E:\SNMSynth\NDP20SP2-KB974417-x86.exe E:\SNMSynth\NDP30SP2-KB958483-x86.exe E:\SNMSynth\NDP35SP1-KB958484-x86.exe E:\SNMSynth\NDP35SP1-KB963707-x86.exe E:\SNMSynth\upx.exe E:\SNMSynth\WindowsServer2003-KB971276-v2-x86-ENU.exe E:\SNMSynth\WindowsXP-KB971276-v3-x86-ENU.exe E:\SNMSynth\_SNMsynth.ini E:\SNMSynth\7zSD.sfx E:\SNMSynth\msxml6.msi E:\SNMSynth\_SNMsynth.cmd E:\SNMSynth\20091105_SNMsynth.zip i've yet to try the processed product though via svcpack in my UA install. i copied from the cmd window what went on as may be seen below: Cleaning work folder... Checking .NET stuff to build installer(s)/addon(s) for XP... NOTE: 3.0 SP2 XPS driver will be updated with WindowsXP-KB971276-v3-x86-ENU.exe patched with the latest files from WindowsServer2003-KB971276-v2-x86-ENU.exe ** Processing .NET 1.1 package... Processing NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe... Processing NDP1.1sp1-KB953297-X86.exe... ** Processing .NET 3.5 SP1 redistributable package... ** Processing .NET 2.0 SP2 portion... Processing NDP20SP2-KB958481-x86.exe... Processing NDP20SP2-KB974417-x86.exe... ** Processing .NET 3.0 SP2 portion... Updating XPS driver with latest files from XP+2K3 KB971376... Processing NDP30SP2-KB958483-x86.exe... ** Processing .NET 3.5 SP1 portion... Processing NDP35SP1-KB958484-x86.exe... Processing NDP35SP1-KB963707-x86.exe... Creating merged .NET 1.1 SP1, .NET 2.0 SP2, .NET 3.0 SP2, .NET 3.5 SP1 passive installer.... Creating merged .NET 1.1 SP1, .NET 2.0 SP2, .NET 3.0 SP2, .NET 3.5 SP1 passive add-on... DONE! Remove .\TMP folder? (Y/N) Y Cleaning work folder...kindly see if everything went well as far as the process is concerned. pls see attached text file (PROCESSDATA.txt) too for your review. thanks! PROCESSDATA.TXT
  15. i'll wait for your next ver just a suggestion, perhaps it must be noted in the 1st post not to have both present. precisely what i did in my initial run (not modifying anything) ... the only deviation being was the presence of both (NetFx20SP2_x86.exe & dotnetfx35.exe) sources in the work folder. again, noting in the 1st post would help. or perhaps, a modification in the script to skip or ignore specific line(s) if both are present but to be processed only from 1 source - dotnetfx35.exe being the latest (which incidentally contains .net 2.0 already). thanks again strel!
  16. [font="Lucida Console"][color="#0000FF"][b];[/b][/color]PROCESS_DNF20=YES[/font]i just thought that by putting ;, it would bypass that line. i'll just leave it empty then. apart from this, i didn't make any change from the default settings of _SNMsynth.ini when initially running _SNMsynth.cmd (except for some under SPECIAL portion by setting values of the following to: [font="Lucida Console"]TARGETOS=[color="#0000FF"]XP[/color] T13ADDON=[color="#0000FF"]YES[/color] MERGE_FRAMEWORKS=[color="#0000FF"]YES[/color] SILENT= UPX_SFX= COMPRESSION_RATIO=[/font] also, when you suggested to take out NetFx20SP1_x86.exe & NetFx20SP2_x86.exe, i removed these from the work folder (so i didn't have these 2 in there anymore when i made my following runs) to process 2.0 instead from 3.5 with this default setting: PROCESS_DNF35_DNF20=YES i'll try a fresh run again. the only change though will be your latest suggestion of not using ;. these are the default settings i see in the .ini: ; ------- [font="Lucida Console"]PROCESS MAIN PACKAGES ; These settings request processing for .NET 1.1 (dotnetfx.exe), 2.0 SP1/SP2 (NetFx20SP1_x86.exe/NetFx20SP2_x86.exe, if both are ; present SP2 is processed) and each one of 2.0 SP1/SP2,; 3.0 SP1/SP2 and 3.5/3.5 SP1 inside any of the dotnetfx35.exe (3.5/3.5 SP1 ; respectively). 2.0 SP# can only be processed from 1 of the possible sources, individual or full redistributable packet. Choose. PROCESS_DNF11=YES [color="#0000FF"]PROCESS_DNF20=YES[/color] [color="#0000FF"]PROCESS_DNF35_DNF20=YES[/color] PROCESS_DNF35_DNF30=YES PROCESS_DNF35_DNF35=YES[/font]as observed, PROCESS_DNF20 is set to YES as well as PROCESS_DNF35_DNF20 (set to YES too). my apologies, but should this not be modified from the current default settings to avoid conflict (both being set to YES), given that common users could either have NetFx20SP1_x86.exe &/or NetFx20SP2_x86.exe present while dotnetfx35.exe exists too (just like what happened to me) or both being neither present in the work folder prior to the initial run? i have KB958481 in the work folder (as well as KB951847 - Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service pack 1 (Full Package): dotnetfx35.exe) but you said it wasn't processed. appreciate your patience strel! cheers!
  17. hey 0d14r3! thanks for this (& to dumpydooby)!
  18. Kiki Burgh

    Windows Updates

    MBSASetup-x86-EN.msi goes to HFSVCPACK_SW1 (Note: it's .msi extension. tested ok on VM)thanks Geej ... it was an oversight ... more of being a typo. yeah it's a .msi ... & before the latest script, there wasn't HFSVCPACK_SW1 yet when i last created my build (about couple of years ago) so i had it in HFSVCPACK.
  19. hi strel! as you could see in the processdata.txt i attached previously, i had: E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\NDP20SP2-KB958481-x86.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\NDP20SP2-KB974417-x86.exe then you posted: i wonder if i had them in there, why were these updates to 2.0 not processed. based on my selections:;PROCESS_DNF20=YES PROCESS_DNF35_DNF20=YES 2.0 is being processed in this case too, right? so i guess have set everything right (or so i believe). as for KB951847, i read from the 1st post this is an ad-hoc update: as per http://support.microsoft.com/kb/951847/, this was supposed to have been addressed in .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1. incidentally, also had this in my work directory after the initial run of the script:E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_KB951847FIX.7z do i include KB951847 still? i just want to be able to utilize your tool & come up with the best (& complete) AIO .net is this not for 2k as per instructions from the 1st post? should i still include it? again, i appreciate the feedback. cheers!
  20. Kiki Burgh

    Windows Updates

    thanks gluon! i was actually wondering where MBSASetup-x86-EN.exe goes this time (i used to have it in HFSVCPACK ... this time i think it goes to HFSVCPACK_SW1 ... or perhaps not to slipstream any longer). mimo, i might have overlooked it but it doesn't seem to be included in the list. your thoughts? thanks!
  21. appreciate this stephan_bauer & geej! i'll try it ... cheers!
  22. hi strel! this was what my inquiry was about ... how come the updates were not processed even if these were included in my run? your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  23. thanks for the reply strel! that is strange ... apparently, i have downloaded all specified files from post # 1. as suggested, i only took out the ff to process 2.0 from 3.5: NetFx20SP1_x86.exe NetFx20SP2_x86.exe below are the contents of my work directory: E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_20SP2_KB974417FIX.7z E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_20SP#_SLIMMING.7z E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_20SP#LNGbr_KB829019FIX.7z E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_30SP2_REMFONTCACHEFIX.7z E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_30SP#LNG_KB928416FIX.7z E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_35SP1_KB963707FIX_NOFFADDONPROPERTY.7z E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_35SP#_SLIMMING.7z E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_KB951847FIX.7z E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_REM_MSI_BLOCKING.7z E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_SNMsynth.cmd E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\_SNMsynth.ini E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\7za.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\7zSD.sfx E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\dotnetfx.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\dotnetfx35.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\msxml6.msi E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\NDP1.1sp1-KB953297-X86.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\NDP20SP2-KB958481-x86.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\NDP20SP2-KB974417-x86.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\NDP30SP2-KB958483-x86.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\NDP35SP1-KB958484-x86.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\NDP35SP1-KB963707-x86.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\upx.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\WindowsServer2003-KB971276-v2-x86-ENU.exe E:\Documents and Settings\KIKI\Desktop\SNMSynth\WindowsXP-KB971276-v3-x86-ENU.exe why were they not processed? your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  24. hi Geej! link shows: ... it cannot be downloaded any longer. apparently, the 2-wk limit had already expired. could you kindly reup it or allow access to the file again? thanks!
  25. thanks tp (either you're up very early or you haven't gotten any sleep yet )! i am attempting to compress it w/ the .exe, a .ini & a svcpack folder containing a .cmd file. the 1st option if i recall it right means i have to get all the files & put them in the codecs sub dir. i thought of the 2nd as well ... heck, i'll try all & see where i'll succeed.
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