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  1. What situation in Palestine?
  2. I got the NVIDIA GeForceFX 256 MB 5600 or whatever and my 3D mark score sucks! Should I take it back or do you guys know any tweaks?
  3. Karim, cut it out, thats 72 posts in under three hours. Go get some sunshine or something. Jesus H. Christ
  4. We live in the same area: Atlanta, just tell them to remove you off their list, and if they call back, sue their pants off! I suggest getting one of those phone recorders that attaches to the mouthpiece so you can record the conversation, so your proof is indefinite.
  5. Charges pending against some ZySoft noname company, I'm gonna run their asses out of business!
  6. I use MSN 8 with advanced spam filtering™. So I get zero spam, occasionally something slips by, but for the most part, I'm in the clear. Isn't advertising/spam the same as telemarketing? If you reply and tell them not to email you back, then legally they can't email you for a year. Read up on it and save the emails, sue their pants off and stop working!
  7. Please tip your server, welcome to MSFN!
  8. As long as you aren't spamming, you're welcome here. Just a suggestion: Don't dredge up old threads just to heighten your post count. Post helpful tips and ask questions about stuff you need to know. Welcome to MSFN.
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