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  1. hi! i need technical guidance in making a command line installer of shark's vista codecs that can be used in hfslip (perhaps via HFSVCPACK ... or via HFSVCPACK_SW1 having extracted the .msi after installing the packaged .exe) ... he used to have a command-line ver of the installer for every release but has since rested making one ... below are the switches (& other handy info) that shark shared: do i need to & how to make the .msi a command-line installer then? how do i get this to work in hfslip unattended? or do i make use of the .msi instead? maybe create a switchless installer? i
  2. hi zeus! if what you have are addons packed in .7z, they better be placed in HFAAO. otherwise, the addon makers would have noted that content should be extracted. hope this helps.
  3. thanks tp! that's where i actually searched ... catching up ... been reading here & there (even change logs where i discovered that dx may be directly placed in HF now without extracting it's contents anymore) ... like i'm a 1st time user again hehehe ... my apologies for asking a lot of qs lately ... just wanted to be sure & make my return to HFSLIP a breeze.
  4. hi! just need to verify ... i noticed no FIX folder was created anymore when running the script 1st time ... i used to have the following files in there: SFC_OS.DL_, SYSSETUP.DL_, WINNT.SIF, WINNTBBU.DLL ... has FIX been replaced by REPLACE (redundant there ... hehe! ) & is it in REPLACE that the aforementioned files reside now? thanks!
  5. thanks Mim0! thanks too to gluon & tp ... i'll apply the adjustments in my run @ gluon, you mentioned you took out KB956744 & eventually settled for KB969084 in HFSVCPACK_SW1 (which seemed successful) ... did/didn't you put back KB956744 (& if you put it back, was it still to HF)? thanks!
  6. np tp! i seldom use ie8 anyways (but just for complete ms update's sake i have it slipstreamed too ... and when you pull it up, sooner or later it offers installation of silverlight) just wondering, would the trick by M2GD (as posted above) for his 2k work with xp? ... i always have firefox handy thanks! btw, would a .7z file (in my case, XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.7z as output from running Silent .NET Maker synthesized 20091105 ... i've already asked strel in another thread & just waiting for confirmation if i had it right) be processed correctly if placed in HFSVCPACK folder? thanks aga
  7. hi strel! just need to confirm if file generated after running the script is with .7z extention (in my case: XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.7z about 42.9mb) which i will run in HFSLIP via svc pack? i've attached processdata.txt from OUT1 folder, in case you might need to view it (including files & settings i've used). your feedback will be greatly appreciated. PROCESSDATA.TXT
  8. hi! if using ie8, is silverlight.exe supported & if it is, does it go in HF too? thanks!
  9. your welcome Mim0! btw, it could be worth a look ... just like in your installation (under table 9), i have a hotfix/update that appears in add/remove programs automatically installed via windows update: WindowsXP-KB961118-x86-ENU (after installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1) going back to table 9, for your KB951847 entry, kindly see below for some info: i will try putting both KB961742-v3.exe & WindowsXP-KB968930-x86-ENG.exe (in table 3) ... as well as KB943729 (together with XMLLite (KB915865)) ... in HF (under table 7) & report back if it'd be a success or otherwise. i h
  10. Kiki Burgh


    hi tp! perhaps you meant HFCLEANUP? okay i'll do 2 runs & try it with & without XPSP2EXT. thanks.
  11. hi mimo! while you're at it , there could be a little mix up under table 2 about the article & the file: should both be included in HF? thanks!edit: incidentally, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/960477 leads to http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/MS09-010.mspx, which offers download for KB923561. my apologies. typo on: instead of WindowsXP-KB971029-x86-ENU.exe ... though it still leads to the ENU download
  12. Kiki Burgh


    hi! would XPSP2EXT.zip still work when placed in HFCLEANUP (this folder doesn't exist anymore when running the script for the 1st time ... or do i need to manually create the said folder?) while running SP3? is there an XPSP3EXT.zip? until then, i'll proceed to doing this the way it was prior to SP3. thanks!
  13. thanks for the reply strel. i'd like to know though how to set in _SNMsynth.ini which to choose. also, kindly clarify:2.0 SP# can only be processed from 1 of the possible sources, individual or full redistributable packet. Choose.i basically donwloaded those in the list (not including those that have been replaced) & put them in the work folder. i only had NetFx20SP2_x86.exe in the work folder in all the runs i did. if i already have the later ver (in this case, NetFx20SP2_x86.exe), would the script still seek for the older ver (NetFx20SP1_x86.exe)? tried having both in the work folder too
  14. hi strel! i used to utilize the one tomcat prepared. sadly, he has left the scene (hopefully only temporarily) & today was my 1st time to employ what you have prepared (for use with HFSLIP) ... & for which i am thankful. i encountered a roadblock though in my 1st run which shows: Cleaning work folder... Checking .NET stuff to build installer(s)/addon(s) for XP... ERROR: Choose the package to process 2.0 framework from. See _SNMsynth.ini Press any key to exit.at 1st run, i didn't attempt to change any of the settings contained in _SNMsynth; i tried to give it a go the 2nd time, remark
  15. great! thanks for the clarification Mim0 ... this list will truly help me get back on track. btw, is mdac 2.8 not needed (& if so where does it reside)?
  16. hello willydejoe! just wanted to clarify this ... i checked on the ms-bulletin & it shows 959454 as the update replaced instead. i might have missed something though. thanks!
  17. thanks for the list mimo ... i am trying to get back to slipstreaming after quite sometime ... just some items that i need clarification on: (1) WindowsXP-KB971276-v3-x86-ENU.exe links to german update (2) UPHClean-Setup.msi already has a beta (but is tagged as ver 2) (3) WindowsMedia11-KB939683-x86-ENU & WindowsXP-KB914440-v12-x86-ENU show in kb articles as for XP SP2 only (4) do i need both RDCs: KB958469 & KB956744? (5) is WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB973540-x86-ENU not needed anymore? (6) would the last column in table 7 suggest downloading some that superseded those in the 1st column
  18. Kiki Burgh

    IE8 support?

    Oh no ... not HFSLIP! This tool has been VERY HELPFUL to a lot of users out there. May we can pool some amount to get this project going. TP, TC and the rest of HFSLIP pioneers & users, please keep HFSLIP going ... i for one am very thankful HFSLIP exists.
  19. hello strel! thanks for continuing (and improving) this script where TC left off ... may i ask though if output has already been tried with HFSLIP?
  20. appreciate the updates gentlemen! looking forward to this for cleaner installation thanks!
  21. thanks for the added work strel ... i shall try this ...
  22. welcome to HFSLIP anthonyaudi! for further detailed info here TommyP's HFSLIP ... for dotnet you may try any of these: Silent .NET Maker (latest update: 20080603), Create silent switchless .NET installers for Win2K/XP/2K3 x86 [updated].Net Framework All in One x86(incl 3.5SP1) 13/08/08 RogueSpear's Runtime Collection as for your other concern, asking for the PC name is the only part i recall being asked to provide info (as far as my installs are concerned) ... but technically, if you have winnt.sif in use, your install should go unattended cheers!
  23. i agree about the WS svc ... what Yzöwl presented here: Feature request: remove need for workstations service, replace OS verification routineis worth considering thanks TP!
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