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  1. Can you please add brazilian version? Regards
  2. Thank you for your input. I was not sure where to place the AIO after its creation.
  3. Can I have some inf about using this application with HFSLIP? thanks
  4. I am searching for some background information on this topic. I would like to do similar to what you did but I have not been succesfull at that. Maybe, if you are willing of course, cou could brief me about the procedure you used. Your help is very much appreciated regards
  5. corisco


    Can someone help me to understand why after performing the basic clean up I see the following: "replacing WBEMOC.INF from Windows XP SP3 file not found" What is the consequence of this failure and how I can solve it? Yes I do have wbemoc.cab place in the HFCABS dir. Thanks regards
  6. It is possible for you to create a Portuguese Brazilian version? Thanks
  7. corisco


    I have encountered same problem, however, I noticed the following message after HFSLIP finished processing the said update: "Force copied: Tem\ieframe.dll.mui". Can anyone explain that to me, please! Thanks
  8. corisco


    TC Wich modo of integration should I apply for the output to be used in accordance with the HFSLIP : 12 or full. Also which folder in the HFSLIP structure should be placed. Thanks
  9. The easy way is to put a silent installer of the .net framework that already include the language pack in the hfsvcpack folder. Surely, someone has to make one. Otherwise, you can use a english one and then use a runonce command to install the language pack (maybe adding a proper cmd file in the hfguirunonce folder) Thank you for replying Can you provide me with an outline of the procedure you are suggesting to follow? I am using a english one but I am having some difficulties to applie the language sp
  10. Hi, Can you please tell if I can add the language sp? If so please tell me where I should place then. Thank you
  11. corisco

    new sp3 source

    Thank you all for your inputs. This answer my question. All I wanted is to have a working copy with the sp3 integrated to it but I was confused as to wich one to keep. Yesterday I tried to replace the SOURCE folder with the SOURCESS folder and I got the message saying that source was not clean which confirms what you are saying. Again, thank you all for your help regards
  12. corisco

    new sp3 source

    That is the reason of my question. I understand that the service pack is applied to the SOURCE folder which in turn is copied into the SOURCESS folder and both folders contain the same service pack I noticed that. But each folder differ in size and no hotfixes nor updates were applied to only the service pack. To which folder I should refer to or use as a source for future updates
  13. corisco

    new sp3 source

    It is correct to assume that after slipstreaming sp3 the content of sourcess folder becomes my new source? Thanks
  14. Hi, I would like to report that I have completed slipstreaming my xpsp3+IE7+WMP11+my selected addons using RC8 without a problem. Afterwards I used nLite to bring it to a close. Only one update was required KB941569. I tested, at first, without any updates just to check what update woul be required and that was the only one. I want to thank you for your work regards corisco
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