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  1. Manually add the Acer file set to your Base CD and try it. That will at least tell you if its the .CAT file or OEMSCAN thats the problem.
  2. As per the reply to your same question on another thread. For best results use a 'Hologrammed OEM' disk as the base. Then add the filesets you need.
  3. For best results use a 'Hologrammed OEM' disk. B)
  4. Hi leass_lp, It appears i've been corrected. This the method I use, so I know it works. I'm using a WinXP SP2 disk [Which was a SP0 disk but had SP2 slipstreamed years ago] I use this disk because I had problems with the ISO's that were slipstreamed from SP0 to SP3. 1. Copy all the contents of the WinXP disk to C:\XPCD. 2. Slipstream SP3 using the /integrate switch 3. Create an ISO with CDImage GUI [For testing] 4. Burn to disk using Nero. Good Luck.
  5. Hi leass_lp, If your using a WinXP SP0 disk, you'll have to slipstream SP2 first. Or use WinXP SP2 disk as the base for your sliptream. SP3 will only update from WinXP SP2. Whether your Updating or Slipstreaming. Also bear in mind that SP3 in only ment for Home and Pro, not MCE or Tablet.
  6. Thats the file, Thanks Neo. Theres a couple of keys listed in the 'pid.inf' try them out and see which ones works for which versions of XP. Then add it to your 'winnt.sif' file, it will work for 30 days before activation
  7. Hi random0xff, XP SP3 uses a CD Key thats listed in a file the i386 folder. Use that CD Key in your Winnt.sif. Make sure you use the right ones as they are different for Home and Pro. Sorry, I can't remember the file name at the moment and don't have access to any install disks here.
  8. Hi Mrd05d, I'm no expert, but this is how i believe it works. OEMSCAN scans the BIOS looking for the manufactures strings, then compares that info to whats listed in its .ini file. If it finds a match it replaces the OEMBIOS files on the CD, with the ones in the listed folder. When you download it Look at the "Oemscan.ini" it will make more sence. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi Guys, Maybe Driverpacks, Sysprep and ImageX would be the way to go with this one. BTS Driverpacks have the option to leave the drivers on the hard disk, so the drivers can be used with future/other hardware. Sysprep has a /switch which tells it to leave the Drivers alone. Hopefully that would include the BTS Driverpacks. Then use ImageX to capture the completed installation, and re-install it on the other machines, via WinPE. Like it does with Vista. I've used all three of these tools in the past, but never together. So I don't know if it will work, but it gotta be worth a try. But, as Phoneywar has said, your still going to hit problems with activation even if this does work.
  10. Hi Mrd05d , Just take it in small steps. and your disk should work out fine. Start with making a plain SP2/3 unattended install that pre-activates. Then add your Hotfixes, Updates, Tweaks, Apps, or what ever. Making sure all these work. Once your happy with it, migrate it into your Multi-boot disk. As long as your using some sort of menu to select the OS you want to install, it should be the same as adding any other version of XP. B)
  11. Opp's... That should have said 'Tiny' PC. Yeah, the COA says 'Tiny Computers' This is a P4, I thought Time Computers went bust in the late 90's ?
  12. Hi TC, While testing out HFSLIP v2.0 I notced something strange. The .CMD file I have in the HFSVCPACK folder didn't work. After looking into it abit more, I found that the .CMD file was on the 'Root' of the partition I was using HFSILP v2.0 on [D:\]. It had no extension and was called 'SVCPACK' I'm doing another test now, to see if it happens again. ---Edit--- Yep, same thing again. This time I had a good look at what was going on. It seems as though the error happens while copying the .CMD file. Instead of being copied the the '\Sourcess\i386\svcpack' folder it gets copied to the '\' folder and renamed SVCPACK. Its entry in the 'svcpack.inf' is there and it works great if I copy the .CMD to the '\Sourcess\i386\svcpack' folder by hand. Maybe a 'Typo' in the script HFSLIP.zip
  13. Hi TC, I did as you advised in the last post and it works fine. After installation, I switched ON media sharing, within a few seconds it found the Xbox360 and I allowed it to share my media. On the Xbox360 I switched to the media blade, and as I changed source the PC showed up straight away. I did notice something strange with my finished CD, but I'll post that on the HFSLIP v2.0 thread. Thanks TC.
  14. Hey Guy's, I got a 'Tiny PC' in this week, no HDD [so no oembios set] The manufacturer is listed as 'FIC___' I couldn't find it listed on post 202, anyone know if theres an oembios set available ? Thanks Guys.
  15. Hi TC, Heres the log from the 'XP Home' image from last week. This was a clean install in VPC 2007. After installation I switched on sharing in WMP11, and the libary sharing pop up found the Xbox360. I allowed it to share all my media with the Xbox360. But the Xbox360 didn't find the 'XP Home' PC, even after rebooting both. I then installed WMP11 from the same file I had in my HF folder. This time the Xbox360 found the 'XP Home' PC at the first attempt. Neither of them needed to be rebooted. I'll report back tomorrow after trying it again with HFSLIP 2.0 HFSLIP.zip

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