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  1. ouch ... but seriously, i'm confident TC will be back ...EDIT: i tried logging into my messenger and just tried to send an offline message to TC ... guess what, he replied ... asked his permission to share this with our community ... hope this alleviates some tensions a bit .. thanks!
  2. hello! winntupg folder is needed for the recovery console ...
  3. above was TC's last post ... hopefully, our authors & mainstays will be back soon god speed!
  4. these directories can be removed safely (and will save you a few more MBs) ... i keep winntupg though so i'd have recovery console install during set-up
  5. @ frankwaanders - yeah i suppose our issue has been resolved @ mfm - thanks! i just wonder what could have caused this ... i am just not so sure if what's presented HERE is applicable to my case ... i'm just glad it's not showing that prompt anymore ...
  6. sorry i do not have vista pack installed ... anyways, i just like to share ... i tried uninstalling all 1e7 related updates (KB947864-IE7, KB950759-IE7) via add/remove programs and i got warning about dependencies to the specific hotfix/update i was about to uninstall ... that some applications/updates would be affected ... i just proceeded and restarted the system ... then i restarted my system ... checked MU & it prompted for KB98127-v2 + latest roots certificate + defender update + windows search ... as of this writing, no update to install any update has prompted yet (it shows in add/
  7. more details will enable us to think of better solutions (i.e., specific error) ...
  8. just wondering why you would not want a trace of HFSLIP when you have used it to begin with? IMHO, this is a very simple way of being proud with this great tool we use ... an equally simple way of thanking the authors ...
  9. thanks cluberti ... will try your suggestions ... @ frankwaanders, hope your issue gets resolved too ... if by any chance, you manage to fix it, kindly share your findings here too ...
  10. i remember seeing 1 like this before ... thank you! wouldn't our limit be increased?
  11. hello! try clicking on Options -> Download this topic ... choose which format serves you best
  12. hi! i am not sure if this answers your question but which firefox ver are you using? if it's 3.0.2 then try getting 3.0.3 as this issue of not being able to save and fetch passwords has already been fixed ... from the release notes:
  13. hello! i've been having this concern of not being able to add any attachment to any post ... this is what i get do i have to go through my previous posts and delete some? please advise ... thanks!
  14. trying to re-attach requested file ... still can't ... how could i possibly circumvent this limit? do i need to trace my previous posts and remove some attachments previously uploaded? thanks! edit: finally got to attach the file (thanks to Legolash20) ... hopefully, this is it cluberti ... thanks! WindowsUpdate.zip
  15. hello! file has been attached ... thanks! hmm ... can't seem to attach a 79kb 7-zip file ... says:
  16. this is true and my reply may be unrelated but just wanted to share that indeed lower/upper filters messed up my system ... what i thought before to be an easy task of removing lower/upper filters (via regedit) due to "incorrect function: pop-up (about blank discs) caused me not being able to login to my system (both my keyboard and usb mouse didn't work once it got to windows (even in safe mode)) ... after some attempts to get it to work, eventually, it said it couldn't load the profile anymore & created a new profile ... still without any keyboard or usb mouse function ... oh well ...as
  17. hello sir! hope details (from C:\WINDOWS\system32) below help: urlmon.dll - 7.00.6000.16705 (vista_gdr.080618-1506) CRC32: B703951C MD5: 5D3590F9082FDB3E004FEE2DE3A6C34C SHA-1: 62B3A3DB88E7E33CC6F0A4B85ED916DFD785F966 wininet.dll - 7.00.6000.16705 (vista_gdr.080618-1506) CRC32: C2672527 MD5: 8C13D4A7479FA0A026EDA8ABCE82C0ED SHA-1: 4D75F0C62498F819B1141611770E182B23BF796D btw, after unticking both when it prompted to install, indeed the next prompt came up: KB947864 thanks!
  18. appreciate the reply cluberti! i just want to share to that now after i unchecked the prompt for install of KB953838, it now prompts me to install Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB950759) - MS08-031 which was supposed to have been superseded by KB953838 (... i'm thinking if this would be the trend, then the next prompt would be for an earlier update - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB947864) ... then so on ...) ... and yes, i integrated ie7 (via HFSLIP & i'd assume the process is the same if done via nLite) ... would i
  19. Kiki Burgh


    hello! i would like to seek your advise on how to address the prompt of installing this particular update: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB953838) ... prior to reformat, this prompt was already present but despite automatically installing it via windows update or downloading the update separately and installing it by hand, the prompt always come back ... now i have already reformatted and let windows get the updates and this has once again come up (despite the same efforts) ... both winupdateslist and add/remove programs show it already installed ... the
  20. we are actually missing a lot of HFSLIP pioneers lately ... TP, TC, FDV, Oleg, Tain ... + some those who used to be active like Yzowl, Tux, Squeeto to name a few ... there are still a lot more who could be just out there but are preoccupied ... on the contrary, it is nice to know that we still have the regulars around (i.e., the guy, SM, etc.) is this a roll call? but yes indeed, it's nice to know that TC is still here ...
  21. hi tc! found out about the update to this just lately (thought this would've stopped at 3.0) ... though i've yet to try this, many thanks!
  22. actually learned the 2nd way already. was thinking more along the path of what you 1st shared (which was very helpful). thanks again crahak!
  23. Kiki Burgh


    really appreciated your apps XPero! best wishes to your work!
  24. thanks a lot crahak! i really appreciate this. would it still be possible though to perform other operations to the end result/s? i.e., trying =INT(A1/60)&":"&INT(MOD(A1,60)) ... assuming that 390 value is in A1 gives out in B1 (for example) the value 6:30 now if i wish to do simple arithmetic using the end result (i.e, multiply B1 by 2), it gives out: 0.541666667 instead of 13:00 ... thanks again.
  25. hi! i am not sure if this is the proper thread for this nor if this has been asked before (tried a simple search for convert, time, date ... but nothing of this sort came up so far) ... my apologies if both conditions above are true anyways, kindly help on how i can come up with simple solution for converting decimal to time in a specific format. allow me to illustrate ... sample: 418 seconds to be converted to minutes should give me (if using straight division): 418/60 = 6.966667 which is equivalent to 360 (6 x 60 in minutes) + 58 remaining seconds the question now is how do i get the exact
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