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  1. nothing wrong from my end ... using ie6, ie7, firefox portable & firefox 2
  2. hi tc! i just like to validate the following HFs: 917734 (wmp9) ... do i need this if i'm using wmp11? 886185 (firewall) ... replaced by 889527? 888302 (windows) ... replaced by 926646? 890859 (windows kernel) ... replaced by 920867, then superceded by 934161? 891781 (dhtml editing) ... replaced by 906216 v3? 900725 (windows shell) ... replaced by 909608? 904942 v2 (msoe6) ... replaced by 927880? 914389 (server msg block) ... replaced by 918334? 917422 (windows kernel) ... replaced by 924867? 917734 (wmp9) ... do i need this if i'm using wmp11? 917953 (tcp/ip) ... replaced by 916852, then sup
  3. hi! please try to see my logs as this still came up when i did my latest run: ... also, i have some hotfixes in HFs that do not seem to be identified when running WinUpdate List ... are the following suported: WindowsXP-KB872789-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB873339-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB873397-x86-ENU.EXE WindowsXP-KB884539-x86-ENU.EXE WindowsXP-KB884558-x86-ENU.EXE WindowsXP-KB884575-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB885293-x86-ENU.EXE WindowsXP-KB885443-v3-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB885464-x86-ENU.EXE WindowsXP-KB885626-v2-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB886677-x86-enu.exe WindowsXP-KB887170-x86-ENU.EXE WindowsXP
  4. big thanks from me too ... to the dynamic duo ... as well as to other HFSLIP users ...
  5. thanks sirs! i'll do this ...
  6. ey fdv ... been quite a while! glad you could still drop by the forum ... ... i'll try to see if i still have txtsetup.inf for this specific run ... i'll be sure to post it for your review ... thanks!
  7. hi tc! tried it twice with HFSLIP Version - 1.4.5+ build 70525a & that's exactly what happened ...
  8. thanks nuhi! looked into the entries.ini of each addon & nothing has these 2 files ... shark already confirmed it ain't the pack ... as for the back button, leme try it again prior to creating the iso
  9. has been attempted quite a number of times ... there are issues directly slipstreaming it ... so the reason for more effective means of using switchless installers ... the links provided by RaGhul point to the AIO by ryanvm ... you'd have to get it through the tracker though ... if you'd read through the thread (it's not that long anyway), i asked before where it could be directly DLd ... & Kel was kind enough to provide the link ...
  10. hi johndoe! pardon me for asking ... but how do i repackage HF like 907265? kindly guide me on this one ... you see, after reading that it could already be supported, i tried putting it back to HF & result was this in HFSLIP.log:Files in your HFSVCPACK_SW2 folder: WindowsXP-KB907265-x86-ENU.exe ... prompt came up during installation showing switches ... thanks in afavance! kiki you don't need to repack it anymore with the latest builds of hfslip. what you're doing wrong is putting it in the SW2 folder. that folder is only for the hotfixes that use /Q:A /R:N switches for silent install w
  11. aside from the above, you may try any of these: (1) Silent .NET Maker (latest update: 20070201), Create silent switchless .NET installers for Win2K/XP/2K3 x86 (2) RogueSpear's Runtime Collection ... you'll have to register 1st ... (3) [Release] Microsoft .NET 2.0 Single EXE from SVCPACK (+1.1)
  12. hi johndoe! pardon me for asking ... but how do i repackage HF like 907265? kindly guide me on this one ... you see, after reading that it could already be supported, i tried putting it back to HF & result was this in HFSLIP.log:Files in your HFSVCPACK_SW2 folder: WindowsXP-KB907265-x86-ENU.exe ... prompt came up during installation showing switches ... thanks in afavance!
  13. hi aviv00! there was already a topic about this in this forum where last_session.inis were shared ... try to search for it ... i'll try to search for it for you too if time would permit ... please know though that configuration differ for most users as it depends on how much work you need your machine to do for you ...
  14. my apologies ... i only suggested the modded files to do away with the prompts (for unsigned files) ... i suppose, you didn't get those nasty prompts ... reason why i asked was for the possibility of the source being modified by added hotfixes & addons ... even with SP2 only already slipstreamed by hand, it should still be considered a usable source ... ... quite far out, but could you kindly try using a source that it not from a subdir like what you have currently: C:\Profiles\Administrator\Desktop\HFSLIP\ ... also, have you tried using a different source & see if the results in your
  15. hmm ... this didn't happen when i used the addon ...
  16. is the disc your using from MS with the SP2 slipstreamed or did you use an XP Gold or XP with SP1 slipstreamed then slipstreamed SP2 (+ other hotfixes) by hand or by any other application (i.e., nLite)? if the latter is the case, then it would be detected as an unclean source ... you always have to begin with a clean source ...
  17. hi mcmahonp! welcome to HFSLIP ... my setuperr log doesn't have this ... 1 of the diff i see in our HFSLIP log is the content of FIX dir ... have you tried it with modded sfc_os.dl_ & syssetup.dl_? how about deleting cat files too using hfanswer.ini?
  18. hi nuhi! found these 2 old topics discussing basically about the same issue about some missing files: files missing *ONLY* when driver CABs merged! & Files missing during installation ... i already asked shark about his vista codec addon & he validated that at this point of setup, it doesn't run yet (only executes in runonce) ... i am trying to extract the other addons in question so as to validate if indeed these could be causing the issue (but then again, they've been there before & i didn't encounter the copy probs) ... i'm still left guessing it could be some HFs too ... thanks
  19. it's just these 2 files always ... tried using fresh source but still the same ... i'll try if this could be an addon issue ... btw, installation is done in VM
  20. thanks nuhi for the quick reply! for those addons, they have been there all along & just update them when newer ones come out ... i'll inquire with shark since these are audio/video related files i suppose & i'm using his Vista Codec Package ... perhaps, he could help shed some light to this ... i'll do some more tests though and report back ...
  21. hi! ain't even sure if these are HFSLIP-related (or possibly brought about by an unsupported HFs ... what else could these be???)... i got the following errors: ... i used 70518a ... attached are some files too for reference purposes ... any feedback would be greatly appreciated ...
  22. try this addon if what you need is included ... [Release] Kels' Runtimes 2.6.5
  23. hi! you can read lots of topics in Customizing Windows forum ... specifically, Setup Billboard Screens for Windows ... you may try reading in the Cosmetics section of MSFN's Unattended Windows ...
  24. Kiki Burgh

    index error

    hi nuhi! i got the following errors in my latest attempt ... although i've used 1.3.5 in some previous runs & i didn't get these ... i just thought it would be worth looking at: ... i got this when i clicked on back (since i accidentally skipped the building iso portion) ... below too is the entire text of the details: See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index 0 is out of range. Parameter name: index at System.Windows.Forms.Contro
  25. hi! would there be a topic dedicated to HFs that need to be placed in the aforementioned folders or could it be specified in the HF lists around? ... most of the HFs i have are Type 1 ... thanks!
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