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  1. Would it like translating it for the Portuguese (Brazil) there is an archive so that that is done? Thank you.
  2. Universal Silent Switch Finder 1.50 download http://izispace.com/files/FDXFOKHP/
  3. update version 2.0 ( in testing ) http://virtualltek.mgbr.net/inicial.php?pa...〈=pt-br
  4. New Host site automatic upload 10 host sites http://tinyload.com/
  5. upload to host automatic upload various hosts http://s4.massmirror.com/ http://www.shareonall.com www.rapidshare.com [max. 100 MB] www.megaupload.com [max. 500 MB] www.filefactory.com [max. 300 MB] www.depositfiles.com [max. 300 MB] www.zshare.net [max. 100 MB] http://www.ftp2share.com/index.html
  6. For the options of sfx it will be possible example: InstallPath="C:\\Windows\\system32"
  7. She is being developed a new version with more options. All suggestions will be comings well
  8. is beta version http://rapidshare.com/files/64023107/setup.rar new sfx support 7z
  9. I sent to you the complete translation of nlite 1.4 beta in Portuguese of Brazil

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