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  1. hi sirs! i think i am getting close ... so far i have ended up with some successful builds (with different combos) & a quite few otherwise ... pls know that i'm very thankful for all the support you guys have been providing ... when i'm out of the woods finally, i'll be posting for sure some other headaches for y'all i still have to create about a couple more builds to indeed validate what was/were causing my issues ... i would not want to conclude yet though withour being able to attach the error reports for you guys to comment on ... further, i would brun the ISOs 1st & install it on a PC instead of VMs ... i'll post these over the weekend though (as i've got an outta town commitment ) as for this, sadly i couldn't get the said txt files as the installations don't finish at all
  2. hi! what i meant by this was that basically this media player is the one present with the lower OS vers (i.e., Win98 & the like) my apologies if it sent the wrong msg as for removing the cat files, i agree that this actually hastens the installation process as i used to experience being stuck at 39 mins without any progress (for long hours) ... which was kinda apparent when i used nLite to slipstream multitude of hotfixes ... if i may quote: and i think tomcat76 would try to look into the possibility of adding the capability to do so via HFSLIP, right? thanks!
  3. hi! you may try looking into this if it would be any help ... http://www.vorck.com/hfexpert.html APPREPLACEMENT: Create a folder in HFEXPERT called APPREPLACEMENT. Place a renamed EXE file that is part of Windows. Example 1 - SysInternal's Process Explorer, Renamed to TSKMGR.EXE Example 2 - Media Player Classic, renamed to MPLAYER2.EXE if i'm not mistaken mplayer.exe is for the classic media player that was in use in the DOS-based OS while mplayer2.exe is for the newer one that are in use in the NT-based OS ... ver diff oops ... sorry for the late post ... the page i'm in was not refreshed
  4. thanks for these again ... what i've done yesterday so far looks promising ... i just need to finish the rest & do some more ISOs when i get home later so i could post the results & some other comparisons ... by the looks of it, putting nothing else aside from those posted in the web could be the key sad though that if such is the case, then i could not customize the contents of of my slipstreamed disk do you mean "If this doesn't work"? to answer your 1st Q, yup, i did i'll update you guys ... i wish i'm close!
  5. thanks much sir!Ü oops ... blunder about the product key Ü i'll try to grab those error reports that you need but i'll have to create a new later when i get home ... you see everytime the installation quits on me, i delete it & copy a new source ... i hope that it wouldn't matter that i am currently using winxp sp1 cd (i could try though a 2nd disk - Dell OEM winxp sp1) ... i am trying to look for the xp gold disk from friends but almost everyone i know have in their internet-gaming shops the winxp sp1 cd but from what i've read, it's fine, ain't it? what could you recommend though for the compression type that i would use? i'll experiment again with new builds Ü on the average, i get to create about 4 ISOs, aborted installations included, upon getting home & before sleeping ... really hopeful i could hit the winning combo here ...
  6. hi again! thanks for the patience guys ... i hope you find the attachments useful in determining what the problem might be ... i still couldn't get past 9 minutes remaining in the setup (saving settings stage) ... what exactly is the activity during this time that makes it difficult to wrap up? i have already encountered being stuck at 39 minutes (catalog files issue) i have likewise encountered being stuck at 34 minutes (usb driver) at 13 minutes, it chokes but i guess this is when some other apps are integrated but this ... well ... i'm stumped! i think i read in the test thread dziubek had the same problem but didn't notice any resolution pls advise thanks! -kiki- the 1st attachment i got from running the script from the command promt the 2nd 1 is my attempt with all the other unofficial fixes the 3rd 1 is for my attempt with only those listed: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=62177 btw, may i ask which would be the best option among these driver compression (with A as default): [A] merge into single Driver.cab, highest compression merge into single Driver.cab, medium compression [C] merge into single Driver.cab, low compression [D] no merge, creates SPx.cab, highest compression [E] no merge, creates SPx.cab, medium compression [F] no merge, creates SPx.cab, lowest compression which 1 do you use when creating your ISOs? i have likewise attached my screenshots for some errors in 1 of my attempts (using VMWare & Virtual PC generated the same results) pls note that the 1st screenshot is only 1 among many of the many HFSLP###.INF pop-up errors. the 2nd screenshot is a proof that apparently sys had not hung but there was no more activity happening. i've attached too my winnt.sif in case you'd want to look at it. just like what i shared yesterday, regional & language settings, time zone, typical network components & workgroup do not work even if set thanks again ... -kiki- Edited by moderator. Kiki-- Don't put your CD key in the wild... ERROR.TXT ERROR_REPORT.TXT ERROR_REPORT.txt
  7. hi again! i did not like to post while i have no good news yet ... i have followed the steps, as well as priortized your suggestions (about sticking only to those hotfixes that are present in HFSLIP's website) but sadly i have not been thoroughly successful ... i spent the entire weekend creating & trying different ISOs (either manually or HFSLIPped way of SP2 integration) in 1 PC & with another 1 running Virtual Machines ... all getting stuck this time at exactly 9 minutes remaining (while saving settings) ... in 1 attempt i even slept over it & when i woke up in the morning it was still at 9 minutes could this have anything to do with networking components (though i've already tried typical & even disabled internal nic in other attempts); i'm also thinking could this involve likewise mediaplayer 10 (in 1 attempt have placed it in HF while in another in HFSVPK_SW); have also skipped the media connect file i will try again later when i get home ... i am still hopeful! hopefully, i could share some good news to you guys ... i have already downloaded both HFSLIP_60403c.7z & HFSLIP_60401. allow me to ask --- what was the change for reversing the priority of cdimage.exe & mkisof.exe when both are present in the HFTOOLS folder? btw, in some of my attempts too, winnt.sif doesn't seem to take the settings for time zone, workgroup & typical networking components as i still get the prompts for these ... this is despite having them declared correctly in winnt.sif &/or unattended.txt ... it seemed to take on the product keys & others ... have likewise tried winnt.si_ (just an attempt to see if there'd be any diff), same result another thing, i seem to notice that if i do manual integration of SP2, kbbdhc.dll;kbdbhc.dl_ always results to not being found in the source folder & i always have to browse during set-up to the i386 directory ... if i let HFSLIP though do the slipstreaming, this particular prob does not show ... what gives? i also encountered some other errors that had counts on it ... but i did not bring with me the screenshot (as i was not supposed to get in the forum yet ) i will provide the necessary attachments when i post again ... to the rest, could you please assist me in working with HFCLEANUP to remove the other non-Eng languages & non-Eng keyboards thanks much!
  8. Hi! This may be a bit uninteresting or might have already been posted or pretty off to post but I just want to share this link: http://search.microsoft.com/results.aspx?m...st=11&FORM=PEME for some other unofficial hotfixes that may not yet have been included in the list here. If posting this was a silly thing to do, my apologies.
  9. Hi! This may be a bit uninteresting or might have already been posted but I just want to share this link: http://search.microsoft.com/results.aspx?m...st=11&FORM=PEME for some other unofficial hotfixes that may not yet have been included in the list here. If posting this was a silly thing to do, my apologies.
  10. thanks Tomcat76 ... hopefully, i could provide you guys good news by tom Ü
  11. thanks much for the very quick reply sir! really appreciate it! i'll do just that ... btw, what i get from this link http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=57659 is: 60317 ver ... kindly lead me where i could get the latest ver. thanks much again!
  12. hi again! thanks for the comments ... while i was at home after office (this was after i posted my concern Ü) i took a 2nd look at the the folders in HFSLIP & yup i placed SP2 in the HFSPACK folder as i strictly followed what was generated for me in this link: http://users.telenet.be/tc76/winup/_winxp.html ... my bad for the wrong info ... but please know i followed these instructions to the detail & always cross-refered to http://www.vorck.com/hfslip.html and integration was successful as per the pop-up ... i think too that integration of the hotfixes was equally successful as for the dotnetfx.exe i used the 1 from MS ... but i do have to RyanVM's 1.1 ver & 2.0 ver ... i'll use these later when i start fresh once again ... i did not create 1 yesterday as i was waiting for any advice ... as for the add-ons i have already placed them in the manually created HFAAO (as pointed out by Super Magician) before my last ISOs as for the file names, i already have the format: WindowsXP-KB######-v#-x86-ENU.exe ... in much earlier ISOs, i experimented on this particular format as well as the KB######.exe format & both actually created the same ISOs for me ... a little confusing though is "Do not rename the files. (However, it is ok to put a prefix to the filename in case you want to segregate some hotfixes.)" from http://www.vorck.com/hfslip.html ... doesn't putting some prefix in a way renames the file or are there certain words or string that is being parsed ... if so which would it be? my main concern now is how do i go around being stuck at 39 mins ... & finally be able to complete a successful installation sirs, would there be an HFSLIP way for removing the cat files (if necessary as advised to me in nLite before) as for the number of hotfixes, i agree with you that there may be some that my sys does not need ... but you see, i am just trying to slipstream all avail just the same to end up with something like SP3 and sirs, would it be possible to remove the non-Eng keyboards & non-Eng languages? i am looking forward to sharing a very positive note on HFSLIP when i overcome all of these! i'll be attaching my winnt.sif, unattended.txt & error report tomorrow. your advise is really precious! thanks!
  13. Hi again! silly me: boot.bin ... it was a typo! hi i tried all thatr i could over the weekend ... i believe that as far as slipstreaming those multiple hotfixes, HSLIP has no problem dealing with it. however, i just like to share some thoughts & wish to have some more guide from y'all. my installation was stuck at 39 minutes ... i even left it ovenight --- exactly for 12 hours but still no go! i allowed this to happen for the nth time thinking that it was just taking its time ... as apparently sys was not hung as i could still toggle num lock, scroll lock & caps lock keys ... btw, this has already happened to me using nLite (& I was advised to "remove cat files + disable windows file protecion in the patches section") --- apparently it resolved the issue but still my question back then (until now Ü) was what effect would it have on my OS installation source i re-did the process (redoing the entire process from executing HFLSIP_60317.cmd to about 30-35 minutes wait time + doing it with nLite too ... to "remove cat files + disable windows file protecion in the patches section") this time i tried waiting for lesser duration ... i thought i'd take out the cd & see what happens ... eventually after some time it prompted me to put in the source cd ... it got me started again at least (which i thought would already go all the way to the end) & got a prompt for kbbdhc.dll;kbdbhc.dl_ & all along the file was just sitting there ... this was something i could brush aside as this was pretty easy to understand ... next prompt was about an advanced INF install error: could not locate INF file 'c:\winnt\inf\nlite.inf ... and then it was stuck again at 34 minutes while installing devices ... i tried restarting the system & see if it would resume from where i interrupted the process but it restarted from 39 minutes ... not the very long wait again! ... with some other attempts, after retracing the some steps above, it moved on but still asked for the product key, workgroup & others (even with correct & consistent entries in winnt.sif & unattended.txt) ... i thought it was already a success as it got to as far as about 9 minutes but then again after installing dotnetfix it restarted & i was back to where i feared it would be ... stuck at 39 minutes ... this prompted me to remove dotnet fix in my next attempt & after the crawl & doing some steps i thought would quite speed up the process ... i thought my long waits already worth the sacrifice as it got to as far as 1 minute left with removing temporary files used ... and it got stuck again ... wow! please know i have already created several & different versions of ISOs ... about 6-8 i think ... 1) the original ISO created by HFSLIP (w/ manual integration of SP2) 2) another ISO created by HFSLIP (SP slipstreamed via HFSVPK folder) 3 & 4) 1 & 2 ISOs created via nLite 5 & 6) 1 & 2 ISOs created via nLite w/ some components removed & some tweaks applied (including removing the cat files) 7 & *) some other ISOs i created with different settings i have verified from the ERROR_REPORT by HFSLIp that there is not a single error and all have basically the same concern about being stuck at 39 minutes ... please know that i have been quite frustraterd over all these ... but i am still hopeful you could help me ... if it's worth anything, i'm running this with a 1gb mem, 2 ASUS optical drives (both cd-rw & dvd-rw have been tried as bootable devices), AMD Athlon XP 2+, a 40gb 7200rpm Seagate hd & an 80gb 7200rpm Maxtor hd ... so i guess hardware would not be an issue i too would like to remove briedcase, internet games, msn explorer & windows messenger (which i suppose is possible via setup mgr or even thriugh winnt.sif or unattend.txt) & specifically to remove ALL languages & keyboards EXCEPT English PLEASE! your advice would be highly appreciated! thanks very much! -KIKI-
  14. thanks for that sir ... i'm using XP ... i merely was just thinking about those files very remotely thanks again ... in about a couple of hours i'll start with the process again ... i just hope that i would not encounter nLite crashing on me again when i try to remove some components & put some tweaks (i will not use nLite to integrate SPs, hotfixes) oh btw, i only copy i386 to the source or do i copy the entire contents of the cd to SOURCE
  15. don't i need the ff: CDROM_IP.5, CDROM_NT.5, and cdromsp4.tst (as like in the example pic for 2K) pls correct me if i'm misguided, i copy the entire i386 from the cd right? following step 2 actually creates the other windows folders in the process? am i doing something wrong here? running the script initially creates other folders in the HFSLIP directory basically, what i did was to create a new partition - D: in this root, RECYCLER & System Volume Information folders are immediately present ... would this not affect the process at all i just want to ensure that i am not lost here & successfully integrate &/or slipstream all hotfixes ... & lastly have the desired bootable cd for fresh installation Ü thanks for the immediate feedback!
  16. Hi Sirs! Thanks for pointing that out --- I do however have in the next attempt the boot.ini file present already as I believe it should have been extracted by BBIE from the source disk. Components, Docs, Support, Valueadd directories are alongside HFSLIP --- all in the root of D. Super Magician HFAAO folder is something that I have to create manually, right? Thanks for the comments. Ü
  17. Hi Sirs (Tomcat76 & tommyp)! I just want to share that I think HFSLIP handled the integration of the hotfixes (multitude of those! ) quite well if I were to base it on the error report I've attached here. (I suppose I encountered no error at all! Although, I have not tried installing it yet. Which brings me to my next concern? It would seem that the ISO I could create via Nero or nLite (& I have validated too that boot.bin + the other win51ip.sp2, etc are there) is not bootable like the usual XP installation disk which when run within XP shows you the prompt & if run outside OS initializes Setup. Don't I need something like autorun.inf & setup.exe? Is there any other bootimage that I need? Oops, I almost forgot --- some of these hotfixes are actually unofficial. Some I got from the others, some I got by calling Microsoft & they provided me the link for the download. I think some of these would be more or less included in their SP3. BTW, I've attached too an error that I get when using nLite to remove some components & add some tweaks. Please know that basically - the components that I am trying to remove are the following: keyboards, all non-english languages, msn explorer, windows messenger, internet games, briefcase. Just going directly to the ISO creation posed no problem for me. May I just verify - are components, docs, support, valueadd directories supposed to be empty? You see I created a new partition (D) to dedicate for HFSLIP but I'd like to know too if windows default directories - RECYCLER & System Volume Information - would not cause any problem in the creation of a bootable ISO? Please know too that I can proudly say that renamed hotfixes (KB######.exe) can be handled by HFSLIP. Likewise, I tried putting back WindowsXP-KB######-x86-ENU.exe from previously renamed hotfixes (as a workaround) & HFSLIP still handled it. I'd like to share too (for nLite users) that it is ideal to copy SOURCESS folder to some other location in your hard drive so it may be used to replace the same folder in HFSLIP when you intend to re-run nLite (as it refuses to use the same folder when it detects that it was already used but not finished ... just like when I encounter the problems I mentioned above ) I am pleased with HFSLIP! Wish it would be much easier to remove some components & tweak some settings. Thanks for your kind pieces of advice! -KIKI- nLite.txt ERROR_REPORT.TXT
  18. Thanks sir tommyp for the encouragement ... Ü Although i might be in a fix here as those official hotfixes that i downloaded from Microsoft have all been renamed to the KB###### or KB######-v# format. I did this way to make it easier to sort by file name via nLite. Further, this format seemed to be the naming convention of the unofficial hotfixes i added to the official ones. Sir, would there be any other way that I could make use of such files (I would have about 270-280 hotfixes already) as I encountered somewhere in this guide that we could actually add prefic to such files for sorting purposes? Any work around that you could advise would be certainly appreciated. Thanks in advance! -KIKI-
  19. Hi Sirs! I came across HFSLIP while browsing for some possible resolution to my concerns: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=69925 (chaining of hotfixes problems) http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=69415 (stuck at 39 minutes) I hope HFSLIP would be able to resolve this for me. BTW, could I use renamed files?
  20. I have already answered this question, Kiki. updating win95b to win95c is easy. install osr2 usb supplement patch on top of win95b and make a registry change (you have to run Registry Editor to do that) from B to C. In Registry Editor, go to following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion Change "SubVersionNumber" entry from " B" to " C". that is it. now it will be Win95C. as for unofficial Win95 service pack, it's barely impossible to create one since Win95 is ancient history and barely nobody uses Win95 anymore; plus win95 needs several addons that may not even fit in the pack. Win95 is no longer suitable for today's world and has way too many flaws and so many third party software nowadays require at least Win98 or Win2000. Hi Sir! My apologies if I asked the same question. You see it was unintentional & I only tried asking about the same thing before you replied as I thought nobody read my question. I think I posted the same message about the same time. Please know that I was already fine with the 1st answer. Again, no offense meant. As for the Win95 SP, I was just hinking it there would be somebody out there still tinkering with me. You see, I have all WinOS installed in my multi-boot setup & another set as virtual drives. I am using all the OSs to be able to come up with tools for troubleshooting, specifically taking screenshots of OS native tools. Thanks much again! -KIKI-
  21. Hi! I just like to let you know that I installed the unofficial Win98 SP & it seems alright. I just like to know howcome the said IE games + other additions/enhancements do not show in the Start-up programs. Does this mean that we have to always run the .bat file to be able to use &/or remove these? 1 more thing, the GUI does not look like Win98 anymore? Doesn't it defeat the purpose of identifying the OS as Win98? Just thinkin ... no offense meant. Thanks much! -KIKI-
  22. This is in reply to Post # 76: Hi! This is just my 1st time to post in this forum. My apologies but I would just like to know if there has been any latest version so far of the unofficial SP for WinME? Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -KIKI- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi "the guy"! My thanks for the information about the download of a3. I will immediately try this on 1 of my installed OSs, Win ME that is, as soon as I get home. Hoping more success in any update soon! Thanks! -KIKI- Hi again! By the way, this may not be the best avenue for this inquiry, however, I would just like to know if there would be anyone who would have downloads that include all the fixes to upgrade Win95b to Win95C? Likewise, has there been a version for any latest unofficial Win95 SP? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! -KIKI-
  23. Hi! I would just like to know if there would be anyone who would have downloads that includes all the fixes to upgrade Win95b to Win95C? Likewise, has there been a final version for an unofficial WinME SP? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -KIKI-
  24. Hi! I would just like to know if there would be anyone who would have downloads that includes all the fixes to upgrade Win95b to Win95C? Likewise, has there been a final version for an unofficial WinME SP? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -KIKI-
  25. Hi! This is just my 1st time to post in this forum. My apologies but I would just like to know if there has been any latest version so far of the unofficial SP for WinME? Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -KIKI-
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