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  1. Dear Dave-H , please tell us why you locked the topic about NTlite ?

    This is still relevant because this software is actually being actively developed/supported.


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    2. D.Draker


      1 - The version I tried is not "something from seventy years ago" , it's from mid 2021 or so. At least adding a dark theme seems pretty constructive to me. There was no argument until some person (from the same country as the "developer") wrongly assumed and accused me of using absolutely another software, without even reading my post first , where I pointed to the exact (currently active) version.

      2 - This is still relevant because the "software" is being actively developed/supported. Obviously , I didn't want to break the forum rules and create 100% identical topic, called "feedback after the first use".

      Also , regarding old topics.

      "...to answer an unanswered question, or to bring up new information. It does not need to be closed or deleted."


      3 - Didn't realize it was a private matter. Topics are public , aren't they ? But thanks for letting me sending you private messages , will keep this in mind.

      4 - Having no feedback in almost a decade kinda tells a lot about the popularity/usability/quality of this "software" , just sayin'.

      Thanks. Won't bother you any more. Have a nice evening.

    3. UCyborg


      Doesn't look like NTLite's developer comes here anymore. Their own forum is active: https://www.ntlite.com/community/index.php

    4. D.Draker


      Thank you , you are always very helpful , but I lost my interest and will not purchase this software after I tested the trial version and since I've been silenced and can't even say what exactly needs to be fixed. I think it's way too expensive for its quality  .

      You could've posted this info in the topic , but hey , it's locked. xD 

      Again , thank you . I always appreciate your advice and help. But let's not chat on Dave's wall . 

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