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  1. Going way back, in the life of Windows 7, there have been problems with Windows Updates. As a working Computer Tech, I've been called on to FIX PC's that have been trashed or otherwise compromised by an automatic Windows Update. Some PC's were so badly damaged that a total RE-Install of Win-7 had to be performed. As a result, I turned OFF Windows Update on all those PC's as well as my own. I'm still using Windows 7/Pro/64 today, and Windows Update remains "Disabled" and my Windows 7 runs just fine. So what's the big deal about getting windows update? If you look, you can find Wi
  2. If your computer is a "Busy" one, having to use a three day old restore point could be a disaster!!! From 40 years of experience, I know from which I speak! But do it your way. I suspect you will regardless of others admonitions. Good Luck,
  3. I was sitting right here, at my PC keyboard on day ONE when Mozilla released Firefox ver. 1.0 I downloaded it then and I've used only Firefox since then. I see no reason for all the Blah, Blah, Blah about Firefox. I have it set to download updates automatically, and just don't worry about it. It works! And with "https://www.startpage.com" as my home page and search engine, I stay safe and happy. Y'all have a great day now, Y'hear?
  4. Remember the "X Files", where the announcer would say "The Truth is out there" ??? Well, the truth is that you can set up Win-10 without ever having an MS account, and you don't have to even use a password if you don't want to. And by using the new "Classic Shell" you can make Win-10 look and feel just like Win-7. Two important things to do after the initial install, to tighten up Security, is Disable WUDO and turn OFF Cortana. Doing those two things will make Win-10 much more private and secure. I've installed Win-10 over fifty times so far, and I've done the above mentio
  5. It seems like eons since I logged in here, and the first thing I read is this topic, which by the way is near and dear to me. I discovered the true value of a fresh restore point, when needed, years ago. I think I was running Windows 98 (or some such) then. Anyway, on Windows 7 the syntax for making a new restore point is different than on some of the other OS's currently in use. Here is the syntax that I use for Win-7. Set SRP=GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\default:Systemrestore") CSRP=SRP.CreateRestorePoint("Hacked the registry", 0, 100) I put these two lines in a s
  6. I'm forced to agree with the title of this thread (topic). However, it's the Soup of the Day, and it comes pre-installed on every NEW PC today. Personally I don't like the looks of it when first installed. So I do what I have done with every MS OS, for several Decades. I tweak and tune it to suit my own tastes and needs. That includes installing and customizing "The Classic Shell", which can make Windows 10 look and act pretty much like Windows XP or Win-7. It's a FREE program, and I never set up Windows 10 without it. Just a thought, and an option for those who don't like
  7. To maintain some form of Continuity between the several OS's that I have installed on 20 different PC's..... I just use the same old Backup/Restore program that I've been using since the Windows 98 days. (1998) And that program is "Ghost 11.5" which I run from a CD or Flash Drive. It runs in DOS, and will backup any OS from '98 to Win-10 Pro/64. I've never trusted the MS backup, because it's pretty useless when your hard drive has totally crashed. Even back in the DOS days, the Microsoft Backup was pretty lame. Cheers Mates! Andromeda
  8. While I was still Beta Testing Win-10, I read a post that said to just DELETE Cortana from my PC. Well, that worked, but it also caused problems in Windows itself. So I went looking for a less harmful way of just 'Disabling' Cortana so it couldn't be used to Spy on me, run in the background, etc. The first thing I do on any Windows setup, is to install "Grant Admin Full Control", which allows me, from the Right Click drop-down menu, to take ownership of the file, "Cortana Core.dll" and rename it to "Cortana Core. ddd". If it can't load and run during boot up, then it's effectively
  9. Just curious.... how does any of that, double the performance of Windows ???
  10. I and many of my clients use GMail. When GMail is sent to your computer, it can be deleted from your InBox at GMail, but is moved to the Deleted Items folder. I can always go back in there and retreve any mail that's been lost in my own PC. Get a 1TB drive and CLONE your old drive to the new one. With any decent cloning program, that won't take too long and then you're covered, if that old drive shoots craps. I make a clone of my main HD once a week, just in case my main drive takes a hike. It's only one year old, but ya jus never know when an HD will quit working. Stuff happens! Goo
  11. Chicken Little says the sky is falling, but really.........I don't buy into that. I never have been an alarmist. Windows XP-Pro-SP3/32 bit, remains my OS of choice as it has for the past decade +. I run a lot of very different programs, including a long list of Security Programs and as of this date everyone of them is still running great and getting daily or weekly updates. If the day ever comes that I'm forced to change OS's, that new OS will have to be Windows 8.1, Pro, 32bit. I already know that it runs great on my old desktop PC and newer Laptops. The 32 bit version also has great b
  12. The day that MS stopped offering updates to IE, they still had not fixed all the security holes in I.E., and they never will. Most of us, who cared anything for our computer's security, gave up on I.E. years ago and went to alternate Browsers. For me it was Netscape and later Firefox. Today it's still Firefox with Netscape only a fond memory. Since I.E. is integrated into Windows, removing it is not a viable option, but that sure as heck don't mean we have to use it. So, Forgetaboutit !! You don't like Firefox? Then there's a half dozen alternatives. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!
  13. Ha Ha, I love that! All I hear are the differences between XP and 8.1. As an old Computer tech, of 34 years, what I see is not the differences, but the stark similarities. Since Windows 98 I've been tweaking and tuning Windows OS's for maximum efficiency. There were pretty substantial differences between 98 and XP, but not so much between XP-Pro-SP3 and 7, 8 or 8.1. I have a whole Tool Kit, of tweaks that can greatly enhance performance, and the ones I've used on XP still work admirably on every OS up to and including 8.1. I do have XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 all neatly in
  14. Older XP machines are starting to exhibit all sorts of aging problems. Mine is no exception. I built my own XP machine in 2005. First it's the ram that's old, dirty and basically shorting out. It's been blasted by dirt off of the CPU cooler, for how many years? I fix that by washing the ram with soap and water, then rinsing it thoroughly in Alcohol and after a thorough drying, polish up the edge connector and reinstall it. Over 90% of the time, that fixes bad ram. Next problem, is the Chinese capacitors on the motherboard and in the PSU, that short out, bulge and leak. When I looked at
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