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  1. nope, tried burning to another cd and with some another iso copy of windows, still, failed... The problem is I cannot even bring up selection of repair or whtaver.. I tired doing so via CD and USB, failed both times. Can I somehow access my HDD by other means?
  2. I have problem with my old laptop. Its hp compaq 6720s, recently I had problems with Ukash virus. Tried to fight it by all means found on web, but couldn't, so I decided to format C: and reinstall windows XP. I couldnt copy from USB, so I decided to do it with and setuCD. Everything went perfectly normal, I decided to choose repair option during setup, but in the meantime something went wrong and installer told me he could not copy two files (presetup.cmd and setupORG.exe). Still, the installation continued. After it finished, installer had to restart to finish. But this time I problem occured. Right after "Setup is restarting..." message an error popped up: C:\WINDOWS\system32\presetup.cmd - FILE NOT FOUND! C:\WINDOWS\system32\setupORG.exe - FILE NOT FOUND! (setupORG.exe - > Original windows Setup.exe) POSSIBLE CAUSE: 1. "Presetup.cmd" not exist in the i386 folder on UXPCD "setupORG.exe" not exist in the i386 folder on UXPCD 2. Check your "Txtsetup.sif" in the i386 folder on UXPCD ---Txtsetup.sif: ------------------------------------- [sourceDisksFiles] setupORG.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0; must exist presetup.cmd = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0; must exist -------------------------------------------------------- SETUP ABORT All I can do is click setup abort and then laptop simply restarts and comes to "setup is restarting..." message and error. Constant restart loop. I cannot even access anything on my PC, even some basic tools to help me solve this problem (i am writing from my friends laptop right now). Tired changing options in BIOS, burned new CD, however I am out of ideas! Tried searching stuff on web but no one had similar problem. any idea what to do? please help me! Modify message