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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I own a Dell Dimension 5150 with an Intel Pentium D processor and I want to install Windows 10 x64 on there. I am able to get Windows 10 x86 on there, and I would be fine with that, but I am trying to install Windows 11 on there which is only in x64. Whenever I try to boot setup, it hangs there for maybe 5-10 minutes then it crashes and reboots with no error code or message. I've read that this is due to the lack of RAM, and that I need to upgrade to 4 GB of RAM. I currently have 3 GB of RAM in there (2 512MB sticks and 2 1GB sticks). I am open to doing anything.
  2. I have a Canon i850 (old) printer on my Windows XP (32-bit) desktop computer that I want to access on my Windows 7 laptop to print files. I set XP to share the printer on the network. I can access the printer remotely and print easily from Linux, which uses CUPS drivers. However, there seems to be no Win64 driver for this printer. When I try to access the printer remotely from my Windows 7 laptop, it asks me for a driver, which I can't find. Windows Update fails to find one, also. The XP/2000 driver fails to install because it is a 32-bit monolithic driver, which will not work with a 64-bit kernel. The strange thing is that I can connect to the printer on my laptop with the USB cable, and a driver installs, and the printer works perfectly. But when I connect remotely, it doesn't find a driver. Is there some way to use the USB printer driver over the network and be able to print? If not, can I set up something like a print spooler on the XP machine which can handle this?
  3. Error Code: 0×80070490 ERROR_NOT_FOUND (lolwtf?) I've tried everything I can without having to pay Microsoft support. I downloaded the service pack installer straight from the Microsoft Download Center, I've run the little update readiness tool, and I've installed the Service Pack on a clean boot with AV disabled. The only thing I haven't tried is setting everything back to manufacturer's settings and trying to install the service pack from that point. I've found [this](http://beerpla.net/2011/05/06/how-to-fix-error_not_found-0x80070490-during-windows-7-sp1-installation/) which specifically covers my issue, but I can't find the error_not_found that I should be finding on step 2, no matter what phrases I use to find it. Other info: Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, Norton AV (disabled), still in clean boot state upon the SFC scan. Sorry that I didn't do an intro topic. This is a problem for a work computer and I'm just about to leave for the day, so I just wanted to get this topic in as soon as possible. Thanks! Also, I did a system diagnosis with Norton and it says my hard drive is about to fail. Not sure if this might be causing the issue. I have the CBS log, if you want me to upload it. I just wanted to wait because I'm not sure if that has any sensitive information on it.
  4. Hello again! I installed one of my favourite analog clock screen savers, Analog Clock-7 from Style 7 on Windows Vista Ultimate x64 and when it was first installed, it appeared on the screensaver list, ready to activate in 15 minutes. However, when I right click on the desktop screen by clicking Personalize > Screen Saver in the Control Panel, the screen saver is set to (None) and Analog Clock-7 does not appear on the screen saver list. Analog Clock-7.scr can be found in the \System32\ and \SysWOW64\ subdirectories. When I right click on Install, the Analog Clock-7 screen saver pops up once and that's it and then it disappears again when I access the screen saver feature in the Control Panel, although the screen saver does run when when I right click Test or Configure on the Analog Clock-7.scr file. Is there any way to fix this issue of 3rd party screensavers not showing up on my 64-bit Vista installation? Update: I solved my problem by moving Analog Clock-7.scr from the \System32 and \SysWOW64\ sub-directories to the main C:\Windows directory as a workaround under a 64-bit operating system. I expect that this workaround to work in other 64-bit Windows operating systems. Did anyone have any problems getting 3rd party screensavers working under 64-bit Vista? If so, please let me know.

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