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  1. I would of assumed he was suggesting the same budget as last time. Im sure he wants more RAM so 12GB would be more suitable than 6GB (Corsair Dominator, maybe) definitely a 5870 or maybe a 5870X2 when it comes out
  2. I think remote desktop uses the terminal services service. As for remote registry theres no reason to leave it running, you dont need it to manage another computer, you only really use it if you connect to a remote computers registry in regedit. Its not actually automatic anymore in Vista/7
  3. I really hope you dont use 98 as a domain client I probably wouldnt run anything newer then NT4, or maybe a cutdown 98se install on that but Vista RC1 runs on a K5 Vista RC1 AMD K5
  4. oh, ive never tried it on more then normal i think, but yeah i guess your right about controls, and for some reason i always find the contrast a bit funny but i think thats cause my CRT doesnt have the contrast and brightness calibrated to what it should be
  5. I've had this problem, do you ever encounter errors such as files being corrupt or not being able access folders because of corruption. When chkdsk runs does it repair indexes for files? I fixed my problem by reformating all my partitions so that they were formated with 7 instead of who knows what (Paragon Partition Manager 2005 maybe), Im not sure if this actually fixed the problem though. but I also reformated and when I did the install I made sure I didnt install any vista drivers which is what I had done the previous time. Its possible that it was just the vista raid controller driver that was causing problems but I never really narrowed it down because the problem didnt come back
  6. The controls don't bother me too much, I assume all old fps use those sorts of controls. I actually find it almost easier although maybe not quite to play then Unreal is but that is because I've played UT99 far too much which feels much more refined then Unreal, and I don't remember where my Unreal save is. havent played Redneck Rampage. I guess really when playing FPS I prefer to not go to much further back then Unreal/Half-Life because that what I'm more used to.
  7. Strife are you serious? you mean Im not the only person who has played it. Hmm the graphics look a bit old now dont they, although i cant really remember where im upto i think i have to go kill the bishop. Your right there arent any remakes although i did find a moddb with someone thinking about it or suggesting it afterall its much less crazy then the ut2004 remake for ut99 http://www.moddb.com/mods/ut2004-models-v2-extreme i still havent played that though probably because im deciding whether or not to have 2 ut99 directories, but im leaning towards a 10gb one
  8. awergh


    not as easy as in 3.1 where they come on command when you press ctrl+alt+delete
  9. awergh


    well in 9x im sure you could change the colour of the text and background in the BSOD to whatever you wanted
  10. well foxit reader hasnt really worked on 9x since version 2.2 I was able to get 3.1 to run on 98se with a quick hexedit. Changing getPrinterDataExA to getPrinterDataA but it crashed as soon as i opened a PDF
  11. if you really want xp/vista/7 icons you should be looking at revolutions pack because it gives alpha blending and xp/vista/7 icons are a bit ordinary without alphablending. also revolutions pack lets you choose between classic,xp,vista,tango icon sets like you might want
  12. yeah agreed it sounds like a good solution to the problem, and agreed 10 posts is possibly a better number
  13. im assuming you are after nusb3.3 so try this link http://www.mdgx.com/spx/NUSB.EXE
  14. probably the easiest thing to do is restore all the resources using the installer and then copy the new resources from RC1 into the resources directory and then repatch everything. The open/save dialog shouldnt have really changed I only patched some resources not sure what caused that. Are you running NT4 with the standard shell or the shell update
  15. Release: NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1 [New Features in NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1] Tahooma Font [updated in NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1] Minor Fixes [Downloads] This build is seperated supports both Windows NT4 Workstation and Windows NT4 Server. There are three different builds, NT4 Server, NT4 Workstation with the standard shell and NT4 Workstation with the shell update. NT4 Server with the shell update is not supported. NT4 Terminal Server is also not supported. NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1 Workstation (Standard Shell) - Download NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1 Worstation (Shell Update) - Download NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1 Server - Download To download many of the old versions of NT4VU because you have nothing better to do with your time. http://awergh.110mb.com/archive.html
  16. Although not really relevant now, those icons are actually default in NT4 its just they are only used if the Shell Icon BPP is set to 16 instead of the default. Theres an option in the Plus! tab in the NT4 Display Properties to show icons using all possible colours. (Usually I dont post full images directly into a thread but at 28K I didn't think anyone would mind.)
  17. Just wondering did you update the video driver from the default driver because although I havent checked the default driver might not have OpenGL.
  18. yeah, its awesome VLC finally reached 1.0, and thats after how many years of development?
  19. I agree, just because it is labeled as a beta doesnt mean it is of beta quality. I dont remember seeing any problems when I've used it and I'd deffinately use it over USP2.1a
  20. Most of what I have found is mostly current NT stuff rather then early stuff but it might be useful to you anyway. The last 3 might be most relevant because they are much older (2001) and probably more relevant information. WMI Architecture http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa394553(VS.85).aspx http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc180678.aspx Managing Windows with WMI http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb742445.aspx WMI and CIM Concepts and Terminology http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/archive/WMI-CIM.mspx WMI Driver Testing for Windows 9x http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/archive/drvtest.mspx WMI Support for SMART Drives http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/archive/smartdrv.mspx
  21. Its generally the large scale games that dont have 9x support anymore. However I do remember that I was able to get Trackmania Nations Forever to run on half the system requirements just fine once I installed KernelEx to fix up the unicode error.
  22. dont use codec packs, I prefer to avoid them, I usually only use FFDShow and VLC and that suits me fine for everything.
  23. Although probably not the best place to ask this question, Bristols has a point in that Gape and MDGx both are not as active as they used to be, particularly Gape who I believe had some health problems. The lack of moderation is probably partly more evident because of spam from a particular person. That being said they were great Moderators of this Section when they were active.
  24. Not sure thats quite true if you do a quick search you can find out how to get NT6 onto a FAT32 Partition http://www.windowsvistaplace.com/install-w.../windows-vista/
  25. Yeah, same problem 2.4 doesnt work for me but 2.3 does

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