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  1. Hello, I need help in fixing a computer running windows xp pro. the computer was running fine till 2 days ago when it stopped booting. Computer starts up, bots to xp screen then restarts I have tried all safe boot options, none work. all fail at mup.sys I have tried using xp disk to do a repair, and here's the fun part. The hard disk does not show up as C: in map command but is shown as the following: ? 2000mb ? 480000mb D: cdrom E: dvdrom I have install the hard drive on another system by usb and ran disk checker on and the disk seems to be ok, can access all files on disk. why is the disk showing as ? , I have tried the hard drive on a different IDE channel with the same results , is the hard drive showing up as ? the reason it wont boot?? Thanks
  2. Hello all, I'm looking to virtualize my windows 7 laptop and i'm trying to decide between using the backup in windows 7 ultimate and using virtaul pc 2007 or using vmware player and backing up with VMware vCenter Converter. Whats everyones view on this? Thanks Steve
  3. looking more for motherboard diagnostic gear, esp for motherboards with built in features that cant be swapped out
  4. Hello all, I'm looking feedback for good hardware and software diagnostic gear, what do you use? , anyone know what gear PCpro uses? I've had a search on google but to be honest most sites I've come across havent been the most professional to say the least, so any website address are welcome Thanks
  5. I just viewed that webpage about 30 seconds ago, was asking this question as Windows Vista professional didnt have this feature
  6. Hello, I'm going to ask a stupid question, does Windows 7 professional have the parental controls? if not installed but can they be added manually from the install DVD? Thank you,
  7. cheers for the replies After checking the IE8 add-ons and disabling them one at a time, it seems the trouble was caused by the Java addon, this was the reason that Firefox took an age to start up as well.
  8. Hi all, Has anyone else noticed that IE8 in Windows 7 is so slow at doing anything, try opening a new browser tab...... a good 15-20 seconds to open, can be slow to show pages etc now I didnt have this problem in Vista with IE8 , which wasnt much slower than Firefox..... talking of Firefox... in Windows 7 it takes a good 15 odd seconds to start (buttons become responsive) but once its started its quick ;-) does anyone know why IE8 is so much slower in Windows 7 than in Windows Vista??
  9. the defrag program was the first thing i checked as it would run the chkdsk on a boot time defrag , but that wasnt the problem. turns out it was a corrupt entry for Error Checking in the registry, a quick run of ccleaner sorted it out
  10. everytime I boot my windows 7 notebook it now runs the chkdsk, even if I let the chkdsk run through all 5 checks and then says windows starting... I get taken back to the chkdsk and the following: One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency...... how can I stop this from running everytime i boot my notebook?? thanks
  11. I have a MSI laptop model GX-700-071UK running Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Lately I have developed a problem with 2 of the laptops keyboard quick launch buttons on my laptop. There is 4 off them, one turns the wifi on/off , one turns the webcam on/off , one runs IE when pressed and one runs Media Player when pressed. . If I push the webcam or P1 buttons nothing happens, but both the internet explorer and wi-fi buttons work ok. The Bisoncam loads up in my system tray ok on system start up but has a red cross through it to say that the webcam isn't turned on. I can run the Bisoncam program from the desktop icon but this just brings up the program interface with a blank gray view screen where the image should be. Is there a way to reprogram the quick launch buttons to get them working? I'm I right in saying that this could be a problem with a reg entry for these buttons getting corrupted???? I really dont want to have to spend a day or 2 reinstalling Vista and all my other software just so I can get the webcam on/off button to work
  12. Hi I am using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 to code my websites, I updated my Visual Studio so I can use SQL server 2008 express and not I cant add any images to an asp image tag as the visual studio explorer do not see any images within a project folder. If i click show all files in the solution explorer, the images show up within the image folder, but when I click on the image tag a and goto the set image url within properties there is no images showing within the image folder??? anyone any ideas as to why this is happening?? Thank you, Steve
  13. seeing as i found this on a new install of Windows Vista 64 , I decided not to take the risk that my newly install operating systems had a virus etc so I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled. I have discovered that the AegisI5Installer.exe ends up in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder after installing the Intel wireless drivers.
  14. Hi does anyone know what AegisI5Installer.exe is for??? , found this in my C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder thank you
  15. Hi all, Has anyone tried installing Windows Vista unto an expresscard Solid State Disk?

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