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  1. Is the hardware detected by the BIOS but doesn't appears in windows, or is it not detected at all?
  2. 32Bit Windows works fine on 64Bit hardware, although it would make be better to run 64Bit so you get the benefit of more then 3~3.5GB RAM. I would look past Core 2 Duo because it has been replaced by Core i3/i5/i7. You will probably need a new PSU though because the newer motherboards take an 8 pin connector instead of a 4 pin connector and you haven't specified what your PSU is. I would probably be thinking of Core i5 750 Gigabyte 1366 Motherboard (Depends on what you want whether you want 2 onboard NICs ect, you might prefer ASUS but Gigabyte is my preference) 4GB or 8GB DDR3 RAM AMD is probably an option to but I'm not very familiar with AMD, something to do with the only AMD CPU I have ever used being an AMD K6-2 350 Not sure what prices are at the moment and I doubt it would be in the right currency if I did, I'm sure someone else can help
  3. It appears that the problem is caused by a BSOD. I have changed to using onboard video and briefly replaced the akasha 12cm fan with a coolermaster one but that actually made it worse. It was running fine until today its been BSODing Technical information: *** STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x0000000000000003,OxFFFFFA80045B1360,0xFFFFFA80045B1640,0xFFFFF8000198B240) I'm not sure if its overheating, I put a fan on one of the heatsinks on the motherboard to see if that would help. The only thing that is a bit hot is the second heatsink near the bottom of the board. It wasn't in the cupboard when this last BSOD happened but there case side was on.
  4. Well the thing is this pack was never intended for Windows 2000 (NT5) which is why the tray (stobject.dll I think) and some various icons haven't patched. Something like vistapack or what will be 7ize would be more effective for 2000 because they were intended for 2000 whereas I've only tested NT4VU on various flavours of NT4.
  5. Yeah I think taking it out would be the best thing just I want to see if it BSODs when it restarts or if it just restarts first except it didn't seem to want to happen yesterday even after I decided to run Prime95 for 4 hours, must of been too cool by then. Having video cards lieing around doesn't seem a problem to me I have piles of expansion cards, pretty sure there is some EISA disk controllers there.
  6. TIM is that Thermal Paste? Maybe its a BSOD I'd forgotten that causes automatic restart. I suppose I could use onboard I don't use DVI I just put it in there once for something and didn't take it out.
  7. So I ran RealTemp with logging although I don't really like the piece of software very much and I had a restart and the temperature going down of the cpu cores weren't significant at all so I'm still not sure what the problem is, also realtemp was doing something weird it reported CPU Load significantly higher then Processor Explorer. I attached the log for you to see. I can't see anything useful from it, perhaps its something else thats getting too hot but the motherboard doesn't seem to have a temperature. Any suggestions would be nice since I'm going to goto the computer fair Saturday so would be good to work out wheter I just need a new 12cm fan or if I need something else. RealTempLog.zip
  8. Well the GPU was hot but when I used it in my PC but in there it shouldn't really be in use much should it since I just remote in, the drivers for the video card aren't even installed. I can't actually see the GPU temperature. I think this would be easier if it didn't take what feels like 20 minutes to startup because it sits at Please wait for the Group Policy Client for quite a while. Temperatures CPU 28 °C CPU #1 / Core #1 36 °C CPU #1 / Core #2 30 °C Seagate ST3500320AS 36 °C Seagate ST3500320AS 36 °C Cooling Fans CPU 940 RPM System 1513 RPM
  9. So I have a PC that lives in my cupboard which serves as a domain controller, file server, hyper-v server except it seems to randomly restart during the course of the day for no apparent reason. The specs are: Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L (Revision 1.0) Intel Pentium Dual Core E6300 @2.8Ghz 2x2GB Mismatched Kingston DDR2 800 2x500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Nvidia Geforce 7300LE (when I used to use it, it ran really hot) Corsair CX400 PSU Its true the box doesn't have particularly good cooling but I'm not convinced that is the problem I'm sure it was working fine for a little while without problems, I know the PSU isn't the problem because I recently replaced the generic one in there. I also thought it could have been the dodgy CDROM drive because that wasn't connected for ages and I only started having a problem recently but that wasn't the problem either. Perhaps I need something that monitors temperatures to a log file so I can see what the temperatures are when it restarts, because I can't accurately see the temperatures because Server 2008R2 takes forever to startup. Or perhaps I should take it out of my cupboard and attach a monitor to watch what happens when it restarts.
  10. If you have installed the desktop experience feature then you should be able to change the theme back to classic. If its the superbar thats the problem you should be able to just go into taskbar and startmenu properties and change it to use small icons and Never combine taskbar buttons.
  11. are you talking about green lights on the actual power supply or on the front of the case? because if the lights briefly flash on or the cpu fan spins a tiny bit id say you could probably just change the powersupply
  12. Well I remember the only version that was stable for me was 4.32 The problem with all these versions have probably expired. the copies of Connectix VirtualPC I have are. VPC_432_Trial.exe CRC32: 791500E7 MD5: 8D694C31C382DC08430F26B54BEEFAA8 SHA-1: E47BCAD14F395AD853F4EEA16B132CEF06F2CA7A vpc_50_trial.exe CRC32: 9E958817 MD5: 8C2C74A20F42CCC1D1B9AD8A414B81A2 SHA-1: 1D4AD6FE46245F3A75E5100E08E124AAA3382E09 VPC_51_Trial.exe CRC32: 7D920770 MD5: E91146B8356D29C9E5451F6B26DE15C7 SHA-1: 3768C959E8555F6B625A0F0BBFD71CF0987CB461 VPC_52_Trial.exe CRC32: E5ECE5FD MD5: 34277BF65BCAFD1C365E1364D7A665E8 SHA-1: C26BEE0D22FE915ED998CFD8E5F356727267E732
  13. So I thought it would be fun to try having a box to play some old games natively and since i do have a soundblaster 16 just lieing there. Anyway I ended up deciding to use an ISA NE2000 NIC instead of a Realtek 8029AS NIC or something else. The problem is that when I try to ping another computer it doesn't respond it only works for pinging its self. This happened under both 98se and 95b but the NIC worked under NT4. AT/LANTIC II is written on it but I'm not sure if that is particularly important. I have another NE2000 but it doesn't look like it will work at all because it doesn't seem to detect the network cable in. EDIT: WHOOPS I wasn't looking I posted it in the wrong section, how embarrassing I meant to post it one up.
  14. are you totally sure? I remember Word 6.0 could mostly open Word 97 files fine with the Converter, not sure about Office 95 but I assume its pretty similar to Word 6.0
  15. I think the question is what file system do you want, if you want NTFS create a small 2GB partition and then once you have installed SP6a then use a partitioning program to extend the partition to full size. If you want FAT32 I think you will need to create a FAT16/NTFS Partition NTFS about 2GB, FAT16 almost 4GB, and then install the FAT32 driver for NT4 and format a FAT32 partition as the big partition You could i guess use lots of FAT16 Partitions but that might not be good to have 19 Partitions
  16. I'm guessing this doesn't work for you then? http://strike-team.net/nuke/html/modules.p...icle&sid=84
  17. Sounds good I've been wondering what to do about 16bit installers on 64bit, Red Alert might/should work, I got Command & Conquer to work, just as long as you don't alt-tab out of it.
  18. I only tried it with the Cirrus Logic video adapter so maybe that was why it wasn't the best the VMWare adapter might be a better choice, looks like the Windows SuperVGA driver doesn't work for this either think I've only ever had it work once. 1000th Post!
  19. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't I used to use a PCIe 2.0 HD4670 on G31 motherboard and it worked fine. That being said you should make sure your CPU isn't going to be a bottleneck
  20. maybe was a little bit vague so since I already had qemu on here for something else I install 98se and it was ok except I got a BSOD near the end of the setup but I was able to restart and it was ok. The problem I see is I can't seem to get over 16 colours because when it restarts it goes all funny so I restart the VM and I'm back to 16 colours again.
  21. I think you should have a good look in the 9x section of MSFN because they will have a good idea of what hardware can be used.
  22. Usually virtualisation software doesn't support 3D Acceleration which is the case of VirtualPC and VMWare (except VMWare 7) Windows VirtualPC doesn't actually support 2D Acceleration either so no chance of running games like Diablo VirtualBox now has experimental support for DirectX3D
  23. I think fdv mentioned something about litening NT4 you should ask him. Not sure about using 2000 USB Drivers only ever tried USB on NT4 with the Dell drivers
  24. Do you mean featurewise or supportwise or something else? I'm happy to start a Last Versions of Software for NT4 list if you want

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