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  1. Not that I know of but there's no reason not to start one.
  2. Even if you did add the API needed for foxit reader to work this wouldn't fix the big problem of the huge GDI leak.
  3. VPC 4/5.1 both ran on 98SE when I last tried it although only 4 seemed stable. It is true but as you said you should be able to use the VPC 2004 Guest Additions to get it to work. I don't know if VPC2004 works in 7/2008R2 but VPC2007 works as long as you change the name of the Virtual PC.exe file.
  4. I've tried 95B/98SE/ME all under Virtual PC 2007 and very briefly in Windows Virtual PC Virtual PC 2007 does not include guest additions for 95 and DOS If you are getting errors such as Windows Protection Errors try turning off Hardware Assisted Virtualisation Windows Virtual PC does not include guest additions for 9x at all. Virtualbox OSE: when I installed 98SE (Hardware Assisted Virtualisation Off) it was terribly slow QEMU: I installed 98SE in this I think a long time ago but it was a bit slow I didn't use any of the accelerators though, I think 98SE was the host as well.
  5. NT4 USB Drivers NT4 should work with wireless assuming there are drivers for the wireless adapter which would probably be hard
  6. Well IE2 is included in NT4 but I guess its not forced so much I thought there was supposed to be an INF file that could be deleted so that it wouldn't be there at all. But yeah I have broken networking by installing with NT4 SP1 source, you get problems like the server service could not start.
  7. You mean this? Slipstreaming NT4 SP6a It seemed to work alright except I didn't like having all those extra files from NT4 Server like usrmgr.exe
  8. Theres a little bit of selection in the installer so you can make sure you don't install stuff like Windows Messaging (think thats what it is) and other stuff you don't need but that only goes so far
  9. Usually when you install NT4, it will be NT4 SP1 which comes with IE2 and no DirectX or Media Player. Once you install SP6a you will have DirectX3.0a but don't think you will have Windows Media Player 6.4, you might have an older one mplayer.exe I think it is possible to stop IE2 from installing but I haven't done it. If you install the network driver after SP6a and put the NT4 CD back in to copy the Networking stuff over this usually breaks stuff or means you have to install SP6a again If you want FAT32 here is the R/W FAT32 Driver for NT4 http://www.winprj.net/board/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=84 USB Drivers for NT4, I have no idea about PCMCIA though http://ftp1.us.dell.com/utility/R62200.EXE
  10. you can install Windows Media Player 7 on NT4 as long as you have the 7.0 version instead of the 7.1. This is it I think. http://www.oldversion.com/download/wmp70.exe That is DirectX Media not the complete DirectX, DirectX5 from the NT5Beta is the newest complete version of DirectX I had something I installed to get PS/2 mouse scroll to work, Unfortunately it is one of two things and I'm not sure which one it is. Although if there is an actual fix that would be better then having another systray icon.
  11. It appears that Opera 10.10 works on 98SE and NT4 which is the current version, didn't try the 10.20 build though.
  12. Server 2008 is the NT6.0 Server Edition (Same base as Vista SP1), Server 2008R2 and Windows 7 are the NT6.1 Editions.
  13. except that it is probably easier to deploy xp sp3 on 9000 pcs then reimage them all
  14. It should say what version it is in the nvidia tab in display in the control panel. Besides 98SE doesn't include a driver for the TNT2 and you should have installed the driver unless you used a driver CD?
  15. Yeah I have quite a lot of old PC stuff, if it had a decent GPU it would run UT good well as long as it wasn't UT with UTRP High-End Textures, I managed to make UTs framerate too low on a 7300LE with those textures and the high opengl settings like Antialiasing. I remember using a P3 866 with 320MB PC133, GF4MX 420 PCI and playing Farcry, UT2004 and AOE3 with it although UT99 and AOE2 are both better but you have to play them to know that. Pitty that mobo died on me oh well I got another one that I use that CPU and GPU in.
  16. I haven't run it as a primary OS for ages although I have 4 VMs for it, I don't have as much interest in NT4 as I used to but I still have a bit of an interest in it.
  17. It is grossly overpowered for a firewall, I have a Pentium MMX 233 with 64MB RAM already running IPCop. Sometime I should really replace the Realtek 8029AS though but I don't need to that yet.
  18. I was never thinking about chucking it out afterwards I only chuck out stuff that doesn't work. Not so sure about pre 21st century games on that I remember playing UT99 on that ages ago when it had 98SE and 128MB RAM and it was a bit slow at the start although I did play it over the network but I've always felt that i810 is a bit low in performance. Think the suggestion was to give it to someone else.
  19. the >512 patch works fine, I had no problems with 98SE on 320/384MB RAM
  20. No location tab thats a bit strange I have it. Although for some reason there are 2 My Documents Directories one with a location tab and one without
  21. Nah, building something new seems a much better option I don't want to have to go buy PC133, and if you got a new disk does i810 support 48bitLBA besides IDE drives are getting more expensive, and part of the problem really is that the CPU sits at 100% CPU Usage when doing some stuff. Yeah I need to know when I can do it and how much I can spend.
  22. I thought I remember reading that it was implemented in some where no one expected or something but I guess it didn't happen.
  23. Hmm doesn't sound too bad although I prefer Gigabyte/MSI to ASUS mainly because i prefer AWARD BIOS. Although the prices would be a little more expensive but $AU isn't too bad atm. but AMD definitely looks like a good option and I'm sure the AMD boards are there I've just always looked for intel boards
  24. Well I was actually thinking of 1 x 2GB apposed to 2 x 1GB, for the possibility of expansion but then again if the latency changes or something you have to replace both sticks anyway. DVI onboard could be useful eventually, because I had wondered if I should get an HD4550 or something so that it had DVI if it ever needed it. I think I really need to find out how much I can spend, apposed to being as cheap as possible. AMD setup sounds good, I think my main problem with it is just my unfamiliarity with AMD.
  25. Yeah I deliberately looked for the correct E5300 at the computer fair once and I couldn't find it although I didn't actually ask them I only checked if I could see it.

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