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  1. Hi all, The Windows 2000 Updates (for HFSLIP) page is now maintained by tomasz86 at his website. He'll link to it in due course. Please address queries regarding the page to him. Thank you to everyone who has until now contributed to the upkeep of the update lists.
  2. Hi Elvi, Here is a list of some Windows updates that Microsoft says are available specifically for Swedish-language systems. It is not at all a complete list, but it is a start. I've made this list from my own list for English-language systems. My English list is incomplete too, and may contain a few mistakes. So I make no promises, but, I think the files contained in the updates below are the latest versions for your language. Please bear in mind that some updates which are said to be English-language only are actually better described as 'multilanguage' - good, regardless of language. Which updates are multilanguage, I don't know. So, the unofficial English updates mentioned occasionally in the list below might be OK for you (sorry, no idea). But certainly, the updates below should all be available for Swedish systems. When you request these updates, the download links for the updates will arrive in your inbox. The files you download will actually be compressed archive files, in which you will find the updates you need. Clicking these compressed files will start the updates' extraction. Hope that's all clear. 245065 (Note the difference between the KB number - 245065 - and the number contained in the filename, and again, the number in the hotfix's INF files - 242928) 252187 (English version of this update is superseded by unofficial ATADRV98.EXE) 242004 262232 259253 267304 257360 242937 (When requesting this hotfix, choose that with PKG9724 in the Fix name column. Note the difference between the KB number - 242937 - and that contained in the filename) 268064 274370 (English version of this update is superseded by unofficial Q304708.EXE and IOSYS98.EXE) 272620 (Note the difference between the KB number - 272620 - and that contained in the filename) 288430 293197 295629 (Requires a registry fix, as explained in the KB article. The fix, TICStsChg.reg, is included in the request package.) 305037 (When requesting this hotfix, choose either one of the two offered (they are identical).) 306889 306453 278033 291854 (Note the difference between the KB number - 291854 - and that contained in the filename) 276602 280448 (This update requires 276602. Install 276602 first) 323708 278368 319571 (should be good even though the update is for "Windows 98", not "Windows 98 Second Edition")
  3. The file inside the hotfix is Apmbatt.sys My apologies. My notes are wrong and I didn't check the file. Since, after my initial PM to you, I hadn't heard back that the update was surplus, I wondered if there was another reason for its exclusion. This is NOT a backup topic. START your own topic and quit getting on my nerves Thanks to tomasz86 for suggesting a free and very able alternative to the proprietary Ghost (helps to counterbalance some of the less charitable replies )
  4. @PROBLEMCHYLD Why didn't you include Apmbatt.sys 4.10.2227 from 306889?
  5. Here's a suggestion... Before installing WMP9, try installing WindowsMedia9-KB891122-x86-Global-ENU.exe by extracting Wmfdist.exe from it (the previous link explains how to extract it), and then double-clicking Wmfdist.exe. Msdmo.dll is included in 891122. (It might also be possible to install 891122 before WMP9 without extracting Wmfdist.exe - I'm not sure. My understanding is that, pre-WMP9, you have to do it this way.)
  6. It is still available from Microsoft, here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/c/0/8/c0872b4c-ddfc-4dbc-b3e5-ef385a4d349e/wucsp.exe bristols, Are you sure that that link works? I tried it on one of my Win98FE machines: it was only a 1.03MB download, and when I clicked on it to open, it didn't seem to do much of anything. There was a box that popped up with a progress bar, but it all went away quickly before I had a chance to read what it was. Could that be because the PC in which I opened wucsp.exe already has SP1 installed? I was hoping to download a large file containing all the SP1 updates that I could then burn to CD and install as needed. --JorgeA Yes, it is quite small. Honestly, it's been so long since I had a 98 FE system, that the details escape me, except that I always took it to be necessary to install a couple of associated updates along with wucsp.exe, as listed by MDGx, which somehow together with wucsp.exe constitute 'SP1': http://download.microsoft.com/download/win98/Update/Y2K/W98/EN-US/y2k.exe http://download.microsoft.com/download/win98/Update/Y2K2/W98/EN-US/Y2KW98_2.EXE wucsp.exe contains these files inside CSP.CAB (perhaps check to see that you have these builds installed): Edit: maybe submix8c can expand on this. Edit by dencorso: added the version info for the VxDs, which I've determined while on XP, by using my VxDVer tool.
  7. It is still available from Microsoft, here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/c/0/8/c0872b4c-ddfc-4dbc-b3e5-ef385a4d349e/wucsp.exe
  8. I say good for this! Leechers need to participate and not just grab 'n run! You say that in jest, right? Isn't the point of the 9x forums (or at least a tangential point ) to support and spread the usage of the OS? Do you do that better by putting up barriers to downloading an unofficial service pack? Interesting that you don't apply the same logic to your own project.
  9. Perhaps because to see members' signatures, you have to not only be a member yourself, but also signed-in. Visitors to this site who are not members never see signatures. The link on the first page to Beta 4 is for them the most prominent link. I can see how confusion might follow.
  10. bristols

    Windows Updates

    Thanks acus. Page updated. Windows 2000 Post-SP4 Updates for HFSLIP 18 - 26 March 2012 Added: multilanguage updates, replacing the English-only updates previously listed (thanks tomasz86) - 2115168 (unofficial) for Windows Media Player. - 2476687 (unofficial). Added: updates (thanks tomasz86) - 935839 v5e (unofficial). This release omits Credui.dll and User32.dll from blackwingcat's kernel update (thanks tomasz86). - 927489 v3 (unofficial) (thanks tomasz86). - 896272-959334 (combined unofficial update) (thanks tomasz86). - 2479628 v9a (unofficial). This fixes installation problems (thanks tomasz86). - 978542-2423089-2544893 (combined unofficial update) for Internet Explorer/Outlook Express 6 (thanks tomasz86). Changes - 935839 v5e (unofficial) is somewhat experimental. - 935839 is not superseded by 2393802 (unofficial) (but it is superseded by 935839 v5 (unofficial)) (thanks tomasz86). - Changed the folder for 971913 (unofficial) to HFSVCPACK_SW1 (thanks tomasz86). - Removed the Obsolete Updates list (that previously lived at the bottom of the Updates page). Instead, the Changelog fulfills the function of documenting updates that have been removed. - 2393802 v8 (unofficial) requires 2479628 v9a (unofficial) (thanks tomasz86) Superseded updates - 982214 (unofficial) (is superseded by 2508429 (unofficial) only if you use 2393802 v8 (unofficial)) (thanks tomasz86). - 913580 (is superseded by 922667 in conjunction with 2360937) (thanks acus) - 925902 (is superseded by 2160329 (unofficial) and 2479628 (unofficial)) (thanks tomasz86). - 978542 (IE6) (is superseded by 978542-2423089-2544893 (combined unofficial update)). - 935839, 932590, 970238, 2360937 and 888609 (are superseded by 935839 v5e). Removed - Removed 2115168 (replaced by the multilanguage 2115168 (unofficial)). - Removed 2476687 (replaced by the multilanguage 2476687 (unofficial)). - Removed 959334 (replaced by 896272-959334 (combined unofficial update)). - Removed 935839 v5d (replaced by 935839 v5e (unofficial)). - Removed 927489 v2 (replaced by 927489 v3 (unofficial)). - Removed 2479628 v9 (replaced by 2479628 v9a (unofficial)). - Removed 2423089 (replaced by 978542-2423089-2544893 (combined unofficial update)). Changelog shows all recent changes.
  11. bristols

    Windows Updates

    Hi acus, I don't understand. 913598 is not listed at the Updates page. However, because 935839-v5x is somewhat experimental and subject to change, updates that it replaces will remain listed on the page for those who choose not to use it.
  12. Without wanting to put words into Mim0's mouth, I think he means that: 1. he retains 2657025 in his list for those who don't install hotfixes (as opposed to updates that are generally available, e.g. the ones you don't have to request). 2. he retains 2633952 in his list in deference to Microsoft, who categorises it as a high-priority update (whereas Microsoft calls 2657025 only "optional"). It's true that 2681116 replaces them both. But not everyone will install hotfixes. Microsoft does not test hotfixes (that you have to request) as thoroughly as it tests other updates. On some systems/configurations, some hotfixes have been reported to cause problems. One or two members here don't have a good word to say about them. Having said that, my own experience with hotfixes has been almost entirely trouble-free.
  13. I tried registering Comctl32.dll, but no entry point was found. So, icons on the taskbar, system tray, system tray balloon notification and on the File Properties window all lack alpha transparency.

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