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  1. oh I didn't realise that the E3200 has VT, because that was why I was thinking of E6300 because it has VT. Afterall it is possible to goto x64 eventually although by then buying DDR2 would be way too expensive.
  2. but remember the GTX285 is the top Nvidia single gpu card and the 5850 is the second ATI single gpu card. You could be waiting a while for GT300 cards Read a review on this, said it was servilely limited by the resolution they could run it at. And you cant have 6 displays with TH2GO
  3. The specs say it has Gbit network, it seems pretty similar to the G31 board so its probably a good choice if I see it. I think I prefer the E5200/E6300 over E3200 but maybe only cause E3200 is a Celeron, but i suppose Celerons aren't as bad as they used to be. Faster GPU core is nice, I have played with GMA3100 before.
  4. IE7 (Its actually obvious that this runs slow), Outlook Express 6, Word 2000, Lotus 123, Delphi 4, Visio 2000 So they don't do anything particularly heavy. A DVDRW would be to back up their data because the data uncompressed doesn't fit on a CD anymore and besides if you decide you want to upgrade to office 2007 or something its much more convenient to use the dvdrw in that pc then installing over the network. Yeah its a 256MB and 64MB stick, as much as I could replace the 64MB stick with a 256MB stick, SDRAM isn't cheap anymore. cluberti is right that disk is getting old and probably would be better to trust something newer
  5. I havent had that with everest, it was fine for telling me what my hardware was when I didn't have a driver installed, this usually happened on 9x
  6. awergh

    Opera 10

    Depends if you prefer the MSI installer or the classic installer which is not an MSI file.
  7. I doubt I'd find an atom mobo at the computer fair. I wasn't ever considering vista, theres the potential I might change it to 7 once XP starts really dieing as it reaches end of life, but XP for now since the P3 has a retail license of XP Pro which I can use. The P3 used to have 98SE on it and it was fine, it ran NT4 alright as well, Ill probably install 2000 on it afterward. If the earthwatts 430w is not at the computer fair what else would you recommend, I'm pretty sure I've seen an earthwatts but I'm just making sure in case its not
  8. I'm pretty sure those games weren't powered by AGS eg Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Beneath a steel sky all used the Scumm Engine. I think AGS just is able to do everything the engines at the time like Scumm were able to do. IE7 and IE8 are pretty much impossible to run on 9x, office 2002 and office XP are the same thing.
  9. So since my parents PC is rather slow and I refuse to reformat to make it any faster or to free some space, the XP install is a bit over 2 years old. Disclaimer: You might cringe at this hardware. Mobo: Compaq board Chipset: Intel 810 RAM: 320MB PC100 HDD: 20GB (Seagate) CPU: Pentium III 800Mhz Optical drive: 52x CDRW Anyway it way past upgrading time. At the moment my thoughts of the hardware to buy at the computer fair are: Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L or MSI G31M E5200 or E6300 2GB Kingston DDR2 800 Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB HDD Generic Case non-generic 350/400ish watt PSU DVDRW Of course I can be convinced on other things like doesn't matter if I use Seagate/WD/Samsung. I suppose I'm willing to consider a non-generic case but I'm still trying to be cheap. I'm not quite sure on what PSU to get because I'm not sure what PSUs are in the 350-400ish watt range perhaps Antec Earthwatts? I am willing to consider AMD although I'm pretty unfamiliar with AMD cause the only AMD box I have is an AMDK6-2 350Mhz I doubt anything is going to happen with this before December either.
  10. When I used to use a 7300LE I think I got it upto 90, although it was in summer. 9600GT would be a good replacement for a 7300GS particularly on heavy games like Cod4
  11. Hmm difficult it has to be either Windows 95B, 98se, NT4, XP, 7 I'm using 7 at the moment so I think it has to win by default
  12. It hasn't been released yet, just be patient and it will come.
  13. awergh

    Resource Finder

    Are you using x86 or x64, for x86 you have things like XN Resource Editor, Restorator, eXeScope. but for x64 I'm not really sure although i think xpize/vize has a x64 resource editor.
  14. You can always change it back to how it was by going into taskbar properties the taskbar button options. I fail to see the difference. if you really worried about the speed, it would be much better to use Win+D as it has been since 98 or Win+M and Win+Shift+M which has been available since 95 Seems the same to me unless you mean right click, are you missing open all users? Do you mean that you don't like it opening in Libraries by default. That hardly something to complain about really, you can always go get them.
  15. you cant just replace the logo.sys you need WLL as well because this was how Tihiy was able to achieve a better looking loading screen
  16. run control userpasswords2, you can go into the properties for administrator and change the username.
  17. Maybe copying the setup to the hdd will work making it see itself as a qualifying piece of software to upgrade from, this worked for office 2000 when i tried it once
  18. But geocities isn't gone forever http://www.archiveteam.org/index.php?title=Geocities_Project
  19. I usually set it to autologon in tweakui so this wasnt a problem but the domain option didnt appear unless i actually specified a domain
  20. Hmm doesnt work fore me but maybe ill try abit more later when i have less stuff to do. Error 2707. An internal error has occurred. (npoffice ) Perhaps you could get MSO.dll from Publisher 2003 standalone because that was supposed to actually support 98, but the office 2002 MSO.dll is probably just as good
  21. It shouldn't, not by default unless you've set a domain in client for Microsoft networks.
  22. the 486 DX2 66 has MS-Dos 6.22 for one piece of software that cant run on anything else
  23. looks good and much easier then some of those long guides ive seen.
  24. Wouldn't it be easier to just use Alt-Enter just like you can in Windows 3.1
  25. I think one of the things to be watch for is that if the price of a PSU is too good to be true it probably is. eg the Shaw Gaming Viper 1500 Watts for $98 AU here are some generic brands to avoid http://www.overclockers.com.au/wiki/Power_...r_Supply_Makers

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