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  1. Dear all, I am sorry, I was not active for a long time. I was so busy with my job and my personal life, and I could not find free time for this project. But now, I want to finalize 3.0 version, so I will appreciate any help about it. 3.0 final will probably last version of uSP. Thank you for your support.
  2. 3.0 Beta 3 is released. Hopefully it is latest beta. Enjoy! Please note that, as always, installation on a clean or freshly installed Windows 98 is highly recommended.
  3. Beta 2 is released. Have fun !
  4. 3.0 has lots of unofficial updates. BTW, the fact is that I don't like to add ME files into uSP, and NUSB has lots of ME files. I think I should reconsider this decision, some ME files are the only way to fix some problems in 98 SE.
  5. I didn't include NUSB in any version.
  6. Hi, only 891781 is included in uSP 3.0 B1. Did you install IE before or after uSP ? About Q329048, it will be probably included next beta. Thanks for feedback.
  7. Try to re-install [uninstall - install] Ad-aware.
  8. Because of version consistency: atl.dll - 3.0.9782 mfc42.dll - 6.0.9782 msvcirt.dll - 6.0.9782 msvcp60.dll - 6.0.9782 msvcrt.dll - 6.0.9782 Dated Feb, 2004. Source. If I include 6.1.9848 version of msvcrt.dll, I need to update to 6.1.xxxx versions of these files. Does anyone know latest 6.1.xxxx versions of these files ?
  9. Hi Fred, Already included in Beta 1: Will NOT included in uSP: Will probably include in the next beta:
  10. Sorry but this version is not newer than that included version in SP2 & 3. Only date is different from Win95 OpenGL 1.1 update, link, which is dated as 1996.
  11. It was very old version of Service Pack (1.x). I am sure that all versions of Service Pack 2 and 3 doesn't change About box logo.
  12. Thanks for all feedback. Finally posted BETA version. Have fun
  13. Thanks for the feedback. You should select OK, in other words, you should keep the newer files. I will try to improve version handling in the next version to avoid these popups.

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