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  1. wasnt the original unreal tournament released in 1999 and game of the year edition in 2000
  2. Theres an alpha version of firefox (Bon Echo Alpha 1) at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/bonecho/re...1.html#download but its just described as next generation firefox rather than firefox 2
  3. My suggestion is visit http://www.mdgx.com/ which is a vast resource of tips and tweaks for DOS and Windows
  4. When trying to create a new virtual machine in QEMU it comes up with an error that says error while writing disk full. Pentium III 733Mhz 128 MB RAM 15GB, 40GB HDD Windows 98 SE
  5. found XN Resource Editor works for 32 bit files like explorer.exe and doesnt freeze but it doesnt work on 16 bit files like user.exe http://www.wilsonc.demon.co.uk/d10resourceeditor.htm does it matter if i change a bitmap so that it has a different amount of colours and is a different height?
  6. paragon drive backup / exact image, ghost is better though what was the program you wrote about before you edited this post because i could use that
  7. thats not quite what i mean because i still want to edit user.exe to change the start menu icon because the program i used to edit user.exe wasnt free. also when i use resource hacker to edit explorer.exe when i go into bitmap, 157, 1033 and try and choose replace resource the computer hangs
  8. reshacker comes up with an error when i try to edit user.exe
  9. thanks about explorer but i still need to be able to edit the files explorer.exe and user.exe
  10. What is a good free program for editing user.exe and how do you change the name and colour of where the text on the left side of the start menu where the text of windows 98 is.
  11. How do you access the ipcop web admin pages? (IPCOP 1.4.9)
  12. you could use a serial or parallel cable (slower thou) for serial use direct cable connection (98) dial up networking (xp) or hyperterminal for parallel use direct cable connection (98) dial up networking (xp)
  13. its perfectly possible you just configure it like two 98 computers (have the same gateway, workgroup, and simular ip addresses {,} unless there is a dhcp server where the ip addresses come from) Just make sure you turn of the xp firewall so that the 98 computer can access the xp computer.
  14. you can use a bootdisk to go into dos and just type format C: to wipe the disk and you can just intsall 2000 over the top there is no reason why you should need the 98 cd to do this go to http://www.bootdisk.com/ if you need a bootdisk
  15. Is there a way to add extra usb support to 98 FE
  16. PC1 Pentium III 800Mhz 128MB RAM 20GB PC2 Pentium III 733Mhz 128MB RAM 15GB, 40GB PC3 AMD K6-2 350Mhz 112MB RAM 3GB PC4 Pentium 133Mhz 80MB RAM 1.5GB PC5 486 75Mhz 16MB RAM 1.2GB
  17. I use winimp but no one else has ever heard of it.
  18. Unreal Tournament (The original) Freezes duing playing the game on my Pentium III 733Mhz 128MB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 with Windows 98SE. Once it is frozen there is nothing I can do and have to restart the computer.
  19. How many computers do you have? I have 17
  20. You could use micrsoft backup that comes with windows 98, except it doesnt really roleback but it can save all your files and registry to a file to restore it later
  21. Is there a free process listing thing like in NT for 98se that tells you how much memory programs are actually using? and maybe CPU usage
  22. Is there a free ghost alternative that will run in dos and has decent compression, and it must work with 98 SE
  23. Is there a free tiny firewall that only controls what programs access the internet and not the incoming connections because I have ipcop to do that on another computer and it can not monitor programs and the program must be able to run on 98SE

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