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  1. Sorry - typo... Correct driver is 260.99. Integrated it via nLIte - drivers.
  2. OK - then I go with my old drivers. Geforce 206.99 to a Geforce 210 card. Thanx anyway
  3. Hello ladies and gentlemen, Been away fore some time - but here I am again... Question: Does anyone know if it is possibe to integrate the latest nVidia graphicdrivers (301.42) using nLite? Earlier drivers work - but then something changed within their package - I think - and I could not get it to work. So I am asking members here what their latest experience is? Thanx in advance SwedenXP (still using win xp pro) B)
  4. Hi guys, have to confess that it turned out to much work - went back to the iso which works fine. /SwedenXP
  5. Well... I will definitely try it on "real hardware" the next MS update - next week. And now I have some reading to do during the weekend... Thanx! Question - If and when this method works - which I hope - the only change I have to do when reinstalling a machine is to copy my updated .iso file to the usb stick and run the install. The XP.ISO is fully exchangeable? SwedenXP
  6. @jaclaz Tried the version described on the googlepage - creating the usb-installation seems to work - but got smacked on the head when I was about to launch the install in the latest virtualbox - the VB-bios does not allow usb-boot.... Has anyone a tip for a virtualization software that allows booting from usb? SwedenXP
  7. @jaclaz - greatful for the tips - and I will try them! SwedenXP
  8. Thanx ilko_t! After reading about the different versions of usb installs I thougt that they all went direct through this part of the install (in with the usb, smack - bang everything ready after a standard install)... my languageproblem I see now. So - after all I have a couple of different medthods to choose from - my I ask for a recommendation - the first sticky by cdob looks pretty nice - since I work with completed isos (winxppro, 32bit). Have you any idea which method is most stable?
  9. Hey ladies and gentlemen. I have been a member for some years and now I trying to learn the procedure of booting and installing Win XP Pro from USB. Have been reading up i this subforum, but I nevertheless have some simple basic questions to ask. I know how to work nLite, like it and use it, and I have absolutely no problems to get a install from a cd to work. I really like to connect to/join the install process at the time where I can adjust the different partitions (picture attached) and then run the installation as I use to do it from the cd. Could anyone explain if this is possible and which thread/method I should focus on. Big thanx in advance /SwedenXP
  10. @blue4603 - Thanx for a quick and good answer. It is exactly what I meant and I wasn´t sure... + looking forward to the "theme-choice" option. Thanx /SwedenXP
  11. @avnerk - to a certain extent I agree with You. But I would still find it very handy - just to append a precise file to a precise computer, since I have a couple here at home From a snowy Sweden /SwedenXP B)
  12. @blue4603 - love the new release (0.3.2) and I want to make two x-mas wishes No 1 As I use the "windows classic theme" I would like a Theme-tab among the tweak-tabs where oldfashion guys like me can choose the "windows classic theme" in an easy way. No 2 An option to import/append my working autounattend.xml which I like very much... Big thanx from a snowy Sweden /SwedenXP B)
  13. @blue4603 I think the new 0.3.0 version looks really good Waiting impatiently for that magic version which lets me use presets... and my own autounattend.xml Great job! /SwedenXP
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