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  1. I'm sorry for all of you that were interested, but I couldn't keep the project running. I'll ask someone to take it over for me and then post more information here.
  2. Nice. I recommended adding RSS. Other than that, nice work.
  3. He can still add a new record to the Reverse Lookup Zone. That should get that problem fixed.
  4. PM with the information has been sent Let's go get that 1st place!
  5. Yeah. xper told me about that, but because he said "we had" I thought it was nice to create a new one.
  6. This project is currently on Stand By! MSFN's has just started a new Uptime League at Uptime-Project.net site. All members are invited to join the team and to contribute with their uptime. Joining MSFN's team is currently password protected, to ensure that only MSFN members sign in. In case you are interested in joining, please post here and I'll get back to you with the password. Good luck and good uptimes.
  7. Well, if it worked, great. I suggest Active Directory Integrated Zone. If you have the DNS server also as a DC, do it.
  8. I think you need a 'static' entry on the Forward Lookup Zone so that the domain name ( chatenabled.mail.google.com ) gets resolved to
  9. [Portuguese] Açores, hein? Eu sou dos Açores, ilha Terceira para ser específico. Tenho vôo para Lisboa daqui a algumas horas, queres boleia? [/Portuguese]
  10. Welcome to MSFN! Hope you enjoy your stay. Abraço.
  11. I think we are missing the point here. It's not the NIC MAC address who is on the ISP DB. It's the MAC address from the modem. (if MAC Filtering was enabled on the ISP)
  12. I moved your thread to Site & Forum Issues. xper will give you a concrete answer. Take care.
  13. @ JojoUtrecht: Do not post your phone number. I have edited your post. When you want to make a reply, use the 'Fast Reply' or 'Add Reply' buttons. Don't use the Report button. If you need anything else, PM me.

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