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  1. Apologies if I'm missing something or it has already been requested and/or addressed; But will these customization options be implemented in the future from StartisBack++ into StartAllBack? I am mainly interested in getting ALL context menus on the taskbar to have their GDI-ish spacing between rows, and not the 'touch-friendly' boosted spacing that the new menus have. Reason I desire this is because I use a 16:9 display which obviously has less vertical screen real estate and I add a lot of custom items to the 'power menu' (right clicking the start button) and with the added spacing it limits how much I can add a lot more than it did on 10. I'm evaluating Windows 11 and StartAllBack RC in a VM to ascertain whether or not I can make the taskbar and start menu how I made it look on 10 using SiB++ EDIT: Also, the jumplists seems to be limited to 10 in my testing with Notepad pinned items with no option to change it like before, so is this functionality going to be added at a future release? EDIT: Not really a big deal for this one, since a registry setting was brought over from 10 that adjusts this (see Edit2) EDIT2: It seems the jumplist limit is resolvable by adding DWORD 32-bit keys for both Start_JumpListItems and JumpListItems_Maximum under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced (Number in decimal, takes effect immediately) EDIT3: Was added in RC3 so struck out text for jumplist thing since no longer relevant. Thanks. To illustrate what I mean by the spacing difference in the 'power menu': Windows 10 with StartisBack++: And StartAllBack on 11:
  2. Heavily abbreviated "TL;DR" version: "What, if anything, is the significance of the 'Endgame' in the changelog title for the latest on the download page -- especially with regard to future plans/intentions for endeavoring to implement Win11 support (after RTM)?" /// More verbose version: Question -- is the 'Endgame' subtitle for the latest version an indication this is likely to be the final Windows 10 version? Or does it mean SiB isn't going to be developed further at all -- for both 11 and 10? Just wondering since my migration plans on whether to use Windows 11 (a good full year plus AFTER it RTMs) or not will entirely hinge upon whether -- at some future point -- SiB I guess +++? Will get developed for 11 or not. And if that's the end not just for 10 updates but in general then I know to migrate to Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise 2021 (2022?) later this year to at least get 10 years of at least security patches before I'm forced to 1. Bail to GNU/Linux distro; 2. Put up with the least-functional and least-customizable taskbar Microsoft has made since the RTM version of Windows 95; or 3. Run LTSC into the ground long after its no longer supported in 2031 or 2032 (for the upcoming supposed last Windows 10 LTSC build) and basically wait until no major web browsers function any longer before finally migrating. Or am I reading too much into it or otherwise misreading the intent behind the 'Endgame' subtitle in the heading for 2.9.15's release as indicated here: https://www.startisback.com/#download-tab Thanks.
  3. Yes this is the case for me too. It seems to now only apply color if you have the Colorization prevalence setting engaged. Issue the following from admin console: Colorization of Titlebar only without colorizing action center, start menu, or taskbarSet "Show color on Start ..." to Off in Settings panel then issue:REG ADD "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM" /v ColorPrevalence /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f Set active titlebar color to blueish:REG ADD "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM" /v AccentColor /t REG_DWORD /d ffd77800 /f Set inactrive titlebar color to black:REG ADD "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM" /v AccentColorInactive /d ff000000 /f Colors can then be adjusted using the GUI utility. Color values use hexadecimal KML AABBGGRRFF = 25500 = 0
  4. Nope but I wish there was, I dislike these immersive context menus, they have no reason to exist. They are especially bothersome on the jumplists. On Windows 7 and 8.1 I was able to pin up to 60 items. Now I can't pin more than 11, and the ridiculous vertical spacing makes it take up much more height. I wish there was a way to get the old GDI jumplists back. I have had to resort to putting multiple toolbars on the taskbar and dragging shortcuts to text files on it because I can no longer pin all the text files I want to Notepad's jumplist. Everyone who agrees please upvote: Windows-Feedback:?contextid=215&feedbackid=5cd8e6f1-0be7-4429-8f1a-7b4c591bce5d&form=1&src=2
  5. Rfire

    Beta channel

    What is meant by this? "New: partial taskbar skinning! Windows 7 skin enhanced with taskbar skin" Do you mean this requires use of a third party Msstyles theme to use the taskbar skin? Or is it some option that skins the taskbar even with the default Msstyles theme? I tried setting the visual style in the SiB options to Windows 7 but the taskbar looks the same.
  6. I think its intentional in debug builds for it to be applied to all DirectX surfaces, which would include video players using DXVA rendering. Even paying users have it (except for dhjohns) based on what I've read as well. It probably won't go away until the stable version is out. You could try setting your video player to use software rendering instead and not DXVA and I suspect it won't show the watermark unless a GDI object is overlayed over the video. Even the RDP client it shows, because RDP uses a Direct3D rectangle to render the remote session. So I am pretty sure its intended functionality in debug builds for it to inject the watermark onto all Direct3D and maybe Direct2D surfaces. Or enable subtitles in your video player and have it match the font of the watermark, then after awhile you will probably get use to it and just subconsciously feel that its part of the movie or TV show.
  7. Rfire

    Beta channel

    Great idea regarding: DWORD "ImmersiveMenus" But can you expand this feature so that it also applies to the jumplists? I hate these new XAML jumplists that are hardcoded to be limited to 11 pinned items, when on Windows 7-8.1 I could pin up to 60 items. I know SiB shows the GDI jumplists in its start menu pane, but can you try to apply this to the taskbar jumplists as well by any chance? I'd be eternally grateful to get the FUNCTIONAL GDI jumplists back.
  8. Yes after manually downloading the symbols and killing DWM to restart it, now I can apply colors to titlebars again in 10586
  9. Thanks for this, I am an Insider and its nice to get the blur back. Working great on 10576. Using the win8rp theme atlas. Also thanks for adding the "Don't show this again checkbox" in the incompatibility dialog which I assume will be selectable when the next stable build is released and isn't now since its an experimental build.
  10. Yep also the case with 10565. Perhaps Microsoft deprecated the API DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow. They did just release a new SDK today that features build 10563 so perhaps they changed and/or deprecated some APIs. That would suck since these builds are the foundation for what will be the th2 RTM in November. Anyway, a good way to mitigate this issue is to use a glass reflection image and set the intensity slider to the max.
  11. Great work. Using white text its visible even with low opacity while on both a white and dark background.
  12. I don't know if this is doable from DWM but it would be nice if there was a way to force the titlebar text into a left or center alignment. Windows 7 it was left unless third party themes specified center (I don't recall there being any right-aligned themes), Windows 8 and 8.1 its center (I don't remember if it honored third party themes' specification of left or not), and Windows 10 its always left even if an .msstyles file specifies it to be center. I don't remember whether or not Vista hardcoded the alignment or not. Because it is hard coded to not honor center alignment in themes for 10, I am wondering if it would be possible for DWM to control this and thus be facilitated through Aero Glass, preferably through some sort of line (optionally) added to the png.layout file. Something like CaptionAlignment=(Left|Right*|Center) and then Aero Glass has DWM force the titlebar text alignment to what was specified. * - If right is possible. IMO, this feature would apply to all three 8, 8.1, and 10 so that people who use a Theme Atlas can choose from left, center, or right alignment. Inside MSSTYLES files this is labelled as "CONTENTALIGNMENT" I don't know if that is a label specific to Windows Style Builder (which is pretty much the only full fleshed utility for creating third party themes) but maybe its a string that is inside DWM.exe and uDWM.dll and the other associated binaries that could be a pointer to whatever API(s) its using to force a left alignment in 10. And if so, then AG could possibly override it. I just figured its worth suggesting because Aero Glass is able to manipulate the button size, so maybe DWM also can control the caption alignment as well. And just to be clear I'm referring to the titlebars of Win32 programs here and not Metro ("ModernUI") stuff. Note: The screenshot shows Windows 10 build 10525 but the same behavior also occurs on 10240 (it forcefully aligns text to the left, regardless of theme specification).
  13. CaptionHeight 15 seems to be exactly like Windows 7's caption buttons. Now that the fat buttons are gone, hopefully a solution will arise to have centered titlebar text like on 8.1. Windows 10 seems to completely ignore .msstyles files that specify a centered orientation. I personally like 12:
  14. Well the Windows 10 start menu still sucks IMO. You can't have a flyout control panel menu on the right column, or a Run item, or Recent items like you can with Windows 7 (and StartisBack). Me, personally, I am going to use StartisBack unless Microsoft lets us pin items - including submenus like Control Panel and items like run - on the RIGHT column. I don't mind the live tiles, but I want to be able to pin text based non-icon items too on the right like I can with SiB. So, StartisBack still has a place in Windows 10, for people like me. Why should it be free? Do you give your work away for free? Where in my post did I say it should be free?
  15. Well the Windows 10 start menu still sucks IMO. You can't have a flyout control panel menu on the right column, or a Run item, or Recent items like you can with Windows 7 (and StartisBack). Me, personally, I am going to use StartisBack unless Microsoft lets us pin items - including submenus like Control Panel and items like run - on the RIGHT column. I don't mind the live tiles, but I want to be able to pin text based non-icon items too on the right like I can with SiB. So, StartisBack still has a place in Windows 10, for people like me.

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