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  1. Sorry If I startle you about this....but the Me forums will be shut down due to the erver that i created ME SP on will be shut down in a week or so...so I'm not too happy about that. So whoever goes to the link for the forums...please note that it will not work....as I am about to shut it down very soon. Thanks for your undertanding. It's so nice to have friends that trust me. That will be done. I'll make it an option in my SP to make browser toolbar bigger. 98 on steroids eh? Sounds good. I can do that. However...deleting System Resotre will be an option...as it is useful at times. Even thought you'd guys tell me to leave it out completely...this is a little trick of mine to make Windows Me's System Restore use less memory: 1) Get the Me System Restore Patch. 2) Set limit of Resotration space to 1.5 gigs. 3) Clean System Restore's "junk" out of the C:\RESTORE folder...and start fresh again. 4) Check out this website: http://www.burzurq.com/forum/trevtweak.html. This will tell you how to make Windows Me fatser with System Resotre still on Me. It's a great site to look at after these 3 thigns have been done. I will do this for the Me SP...and maybe add a few tweaks here and there. Again...thanks for your understadning and co-operation.
  2. The Unnoficial Windows 95 Original Service Pack also has a forum, like my Me SP. The link is right here. Thanks all. Note tyhat site is still under construction...so it will be hectic for a while to get my 3 forum sites up and runnign perfectly....my other one is called console gaming. The website will be in my forums Thanks all for the nice info...and hopefully this will be sucessfull...like my Me foruma nd my console gaming forum... Like I said in my Me thread...if you act really good...i'll make you a mod. See ya's! Note that 95 and Me SP will be created and tested in Microsoft Virtual PC Thnx.
  3. This is my new forum link for the Me SP: http://www.freeforumworld.com/forum/?mforum=unnoficialwindo Thnx all. There is one also for the original 95...but in order to get that one...go to the thread and click on the link...and if your good...i'll make you a mod on my site
  4. Seems to me nLite corrupted your Win2k3 OS. Try redoing it again...or if that doesn't work...you can always look something on the internet on how to merge the SP1 for 2k3. Hope I was of some assistance.
  5. If you like Windows Millenium Edition, please read on... Many people hates Millenium Edition. I don't blame 'em. It's a bunch of freggin' crap put together sloppily. But why do I use it, my friend? I'll tell you. Windows Millenium Edition is my favourite OS, then Vista, then Neptune, then 2000, XP, 98, 95, and then finally 3.11. I always wanted to fix up Me by originally replacing FAT32 with NTFS, and stirpping DOS out of it. That was back in 2002. Now...that dream will come true. This is the command to strip DOS from an OS: tr -d '\r' < in > out Currently I am searching for intergrating NTFS support in Windows Me, but I cannot find it on google. Interesting! This time...dirtwarrior and I will be in charge of this thread. We will make Windows Millenium Edition one of the best OS's ther is to come. Windows Me will succeed 98SE. I'll make sure of it. --edit-- I think that I have to edit alot of files for NTFS intergration. Whatd o you think? If you know some files that needs to be added, re conprogrammed for NTFS support, please do let me know. Thnx! Cheers!
  6. Windows 95 questionaire is up and running. Sorry it took so long.
  7. Wow, nice links. I tried all over looking for most of these. @eidenk you're the man! B)
  8. Currently I have a 40 gig hard rive...but soon I hope to get a 250 gig hard rive...and keep my 40 gig for Windows Me. The 250 gig will be for Vista when it comes out.
  9. Actually, yes there is. Windows 99 is your answer. True it may be a nhacked version of Windows 98 FE...but is is exactly Windows 98 FE with all 98FE updates without SP1 (98SE) upgrade from Widnows Update. But that OS does support NTFS. I heard that is may be hacked...but whoever did it is one h*** of a programmer. Try it. U might like it! B)
  10. ok...I made added the follwing RCT game that I forgot to add: RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Wacky Worlds Expansion Pack and RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Soaked Expansion Pack. Thnx and I hope you enjoy this. Note that I feel bad that it took me this long to figure out that those 2 games I forgot to add in my questionaire. My apologies. B)
  11. ROFL, that's frecken hillarious. I'd defintaly say that's 80's girl style. LOL
  12. click here to also start a little test on, "Which 95 OS are you?".
  13. OK...my step-bro is coming down next weekend. Fro there...I will install Windows 95 original onto my second hard drive. True...that original 95 is not used to new systems...and does not like 'em...true. Very, very true... Anyway, the first problem I have with 95 (that I have had before with a PII 850 megs) a long time ago...back in 1998...3 years after my mom bought me my original penitum 350 megs. But anyway...from what I remember reading on an internet site for PIII+...you will have a very hard time installing The original 95. This is how I would do it in the first place with 95A Boot Disk: 1) Get rid of all partitions on hard drive...and create a maximum FAT16 drive. 2) Format drive. 3) Install MS-DOS v6.22 (now 7.10 would be just a good, with more features ) 4) Install The Original 95 from boot-disk or MS-DOS...doesn't matter. 5) After installation has completed...install all motherboard drivers. 6) Install Second OS (XP, or Neptune...or 2000...or Me...or 98...or Vista, whatever...or 95B or 95C even. Those OS's will all work. ** Note this is optional 7) Reboot back to 95 original. 8) Install video drivers (if video drivers weren't meant for 95, or 95/95A...then please wait till later 9) Install Sound Drivers. (again...if drivers are not compatible with all 95's...or 95/95A...please wait till later. Thnx!) 10) And that is it...for now... B) I will continue will more options as I do more research for 95. Thanks!
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