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  1. The second one cough my eye, gonna try it :)
  2. Anyone have the last working Jan 4 build?
  3. If only they didn't use the SHA1 hash in their download links for updates we would easily get the updates after EOS!
  4. Holly molly! Microsoft you are finally loving XP Again! XP Forever!
  5. Isn't down for me, but there is one office 2010 update today i got KB4461619 and the support page isn't even written yet
  6. A friend of mine is fixing a computer that a costumer gave him and he installed serpent on it, but he wants it to auto update in background so he wouldn't bother with manually updating so, is it possible to make some sort of plugin/extension so it would support Chrome/Firefox-style background automatic updating?
  7. Working here fine, i guess it has to do something with your internet
  8. If only it had Lithuanian IE8 and wouldn't upgrade to WMP11 i would use it
  9. https://i.imgur.com/1ExmhOw.jpg as the title says it doesn't show up! I even checked the registry if there was a registry string to not show, but there wasn't one! :(
  10. This? https://msfn.org/board/topic/92356-release-office-integrator/
  11. You cannot replace critical system dll's on XP x64 with 7 x64 ones!
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