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  1. I think i found a bug in New Moon. Probably it is in Pale Moon too. NM28 often not show high resolution images. Examples: https://www.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/japan/products/digital/x70/image/ex_01.jpg https://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA15417.jpg The file is downloading, but when it fully loaded, browser does not show it. It happens sometimes with very high resolution images, like way beyond 1000 pixels, like 3000 or 4000 or 5000 pixels.
  2. Thank you very much, last (2021-08-13) NM version now again use windows colors and this is very nice.
  3. Your computer is Pentium3 + Intel 815 chipset. This means that it only support DirectX7.0 \ OpenGL1.2 Official minimum system requirements to run a webGL is much higher. You demand to much from 20 year old computer. Your old video card has hardware support of DirectX 9.0b \ OpenGL 2.0 and have 4 pixel shader. This things are minimum necessary to do this job. GusCe6 video card is built-in Intel from year 2000 and does not have such advanced functions.
  4. Ok, i check this 50 min video on Invidious and no freeze on 23 minute. Checking on YouTube make not much sense since last versions of YT layer make auto-correction if freeze happen in NM28. But invidious player always freeze on 23min. And now no freeze. Great job mixit!
  5. Yes, and as far as i remember, Adobe Flash Player was have even H&W acceleration of H.264 video in XP. At least there were option H&W acceleration and with that option CPU usage was very low while playing H.264 video in XP. Same here, i already downloaded it. However i notice something changed in interface on starting page. My start page is "blank page". And it was exact as my customized windows color theme "rainy day". So it was like that (as on dark screenshot) with version 28.10.2a1.win32-git-20201003. And now with new version blank page is bright all of a sudden (which i don't like). And now every new empty page also bright white and i don't like this at all. How can i return previous setting when empty "blank page" was not bright white, but exact as it was - as my customized windows color theme "rainy day"? Roytam1, can you please help with that?
  6. Wow. I did not expect somebody ever find bug causing 23 min error. Congratulations. Bravo! I cant wait now for roytam1 implementing it in all his XP browsers. Say, what site with video you using with old FF14 version to catch a bug? Cause not a lot sites are even would play any video with F15 or 14 this days.
  7. Particular is when you name exact model. Cause it, probably can be upgraded. At least to 512 MB of RAM, maybe to 1GB. The fastest mobile Coppermine CPU is 1 Ghz. Mobile Tualatin was up to 1.33Ghz Computers, you know, can be upgraded, you know.
  8. I have a problem with one big site to report. It is rozetka.com.ua Several days ago they changed something and Nor last Serpent, not New Moon not Firefox 52.9ESR CAN NOT LOGIN in this site. I was logged in by default in both Serpent and New Moon and 52.9ESR and there is now no logged in browser in my XP system in rozetka. And any attempt to log in end up with nothing. You put login and password there, occasionally "robot check" happen and nothing. I try on windows 7 with Firefox 78ESR - it logged easily even with "robot check". So something now missing in Serpent and New Moon that block use biggest online shop in whole country. Roytam1, please fix it. I understand that there is language problem, cause rozetka have only UA and RU language version, but maybe view through google translate will help. Or some ukr\rus users can figured out why this happen now. Correction. I check Pale Moon last version with Windows 7 and it can not login in rozetka also now. So it is not a New Moon problem. I than check Pale Moon forum and found complain from another user that can't login. Moonchild post this: It is. They are using a global ambiguous event ('event') instead of the event passed into the event handler function ('e'). We do not support ambiguous global event references, never have, and in fact it's strongly discouraged even by the powers-that-be. So this is rozetka.com.ua fault not New Moon or Pale Moon. The problem is now that i can't even find contacts on they site. No email support - nothing. This is ridiculous - i wanna inform them about problem and i cant find any contacts to them.
  9. It was available first time, actually, in Pentium 3, but that was pre-9\11 world and this did not fly well and was quickly strike down by EU. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_III#Controversy_about_privacy_issues After 9\11 right-wingers rig the world and you all should comply and be obedient slave citizen or nine-eleven will happen again. P.S. I long time want to ask, will roytam adapt 29 version of PM? They promise "Google WebComponent" support on they release notes with 29... Maybe this question was asked before, but i never see it. So what will be with 29 for XP?
  10. Emmm... Are you talking about standard old windows 90's style? Display properties -> Appearance -> Effects -> Show window contents while dragging ? When you change interface in Display Properties as you like, in themes rename then your current theme to, for example, "my theme 2021".
  11. I know. And here is why: Luckily on simplix page, link to it i post here earlier, they re-upload new version of file. USB3 driver for XP, ACPI driver for XP as well as AHCI and many more are there.
  12. So i contacted with PotPlayer developers with question about end of win XP support and get answer. Here it is (spelling and punctuation preserved): So, as i understand, version from January 27, 2021 is last with win XP support. https://cafe.daum.net/pot-tool/BHPW Also i contacted with developers of another program that recently stop working with Win XP. It is D3Dgear - Game Recording Software. https://www.d3dgear.com/ And in conversation it turns out that developers apparently, while updated they program, did not notice that they drop support with win XP. So now, they were aware of that and fixed win XP support! @Sampei.Nihira, or somebody else, please can you download free 15-day trial version of that program and check does it work with your win XP. It finally installs on my system with last version, but since it is 15-day trial version it does not launch on my system - i probably 4 or 5 years ago already try it in trial version.
  13. There is no obsession. Dixel is right. By many people words like "obsession" considered as rude. You have to be absolutely ignorant into believing this BS. They didn't "ceased", they just change nickname to drop the heat. It's like you repainting car in PaintShop in GTA game to drop the heat. They did it many times before and only total suckers buy on it every time. Here is they own timeline of nicknames: Cheka (1917–1922), GPU under NKVD RSFSR (1922–1923), OGPU (1923–1934), NKVD (1934–1946), NKGB (February–July 1941/1943–1946), MGB (1946–1953), KGB(1953-1991), FCS (1993-1995) FSB (1995-now) Nicknames changes only to drop the heat, IT IS STILL ONE AND THE SAME ENTITY. Only naive people\not educated on this topic does not understand that. Even in russian wikipedia in article about FSB in first part of article with google translate you learn: Is the main successor of the KGB of the USSR. It is a terrorist organization run by psychopaths, sociopaths and complete criminals - a people with zero empathy. Yandex is under full and utter control of Russian government which is FSB people. In case of Self-insulation of Russia from World Internet Yandex suppose to be replacement to Google search and mail and RuTube replacement of YouTube, it is well known facts. There is ZERO trust to software made in Russia in last years. For example, even if you look at russian ReactOS article in wikipedia with translator you will learn interesting things like: "ReactOS project participants were registered in Russia. Trademarks were registered. The developer team seeks to get financing from the Russian government to create a startup and promotion of ReactOS under its own brand as a Russian national operating system." As well as pictures of russian rabid nationalist (known as "dark colonel") from they parliament working with ReactOS and info that both leaders of Russia also introduced to this "project" of high-jacking windows 2003 free and open-source operating system. Again it is things for suckers. Of course they will give you "clean" source-code, and then actual program will have different code and be spying on you. There is a reason why Kaspersky Lab has been permanently banned from providing services to U.S. government agencies. Because it f-n spyware! Nobody ever should use any serious modern software from Russia, because you should not sponsor fascist state and this software may be and will be a hack in to your system. Exactly! And right now Google turn up in to Corporation of EVIL. They right now in the process of OBLITERATING independent media in USA and many people like Jordan Chariton CALL IT OUT. The process is simple: destroy any real left USA channel. Remove it from algorithm proposal and automatically played next video proposal (Like Secular Talk or The Young Turks and others were removed if you watch them religiously still every next video proposed by algorithm will be MSNBC or CNN or Daily show or other right-wing corporate crap), demonetized it, silent total ban in suggestions and eventually full ban. Only right-wing mainstream media and some (but not all) far-right channels are not touched and propped and God know what it will be next after that. In Russian segment of YouTube purge against small real independent opposition is almost complete, for example Sasha Sotnik and several similar channels are demonetized, get silent ban+ total ban in suggestions and notifications, i assume eventually full ban will follow. In my information from IT-people who work in USA: russian division of Google and YouTube almost completely consists from FSB puppets and agents and even in Google headquarters RU division is pariah and they avoid and afraid of those people. So again using russian OS, browser, anti-virus or any other software is completely dumb. Avoid it at all costs! Google need FBI check and investigation, it look like it is infiltrated by all sort of spy's and agents from top to bottom because it behaves like that. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck! I have a little conversation\dispute with Dixel in topic about Geforce GTX 9xx\10xx drivers here in XP segment of forum. And under every second Dixel post there was like from D.Draker. And i was wondering - who the hell is D.Draker and why he siding with his likes with Dixel when it is obvious that i am right. Ha, now we, apparently, know. DIxel, if that true, this is a shame, this is such a teenage thing from 2000-2010 decade, lol. Even if it not you but a friend or relative - lol.
  14. I think you are mistaken. Here is a test that i read in 2012. I barely find it in 2021, but i found it! As you can see on a page below on powerful Kepler videocard (as well as on 7970) PCIe x16 v1.1 not much slower than on PCIe x16 v2.0 https://www.techpowerup.com/review/intel-ivy-bridge-pci-express-scaling/23.html Note that Test System there is much faster then your F-S Xeon system. They use 4.7Ghz (!) Core i7-3770K + ASUS Maximus V Gene Intel Z77. So your "30-45% slower framerate" is probably from your F-S system as i explain earlier. I rest my case.
  15. From my experience developers often do not notice that changes they make brake XP compatibility. And since not a lot of people nowadays use XP nobody tell them. So i think somebody should write an email to POT Player developers and tell them that they last release do not install on XP. Frankly maybe i should do it. Oh well i already did it. P.S. Also, Sampei. Nihira, i notice that you with PotPlayer always give link to they main page, where only last version can be downloaded. Did you know that they have this weird korean language-only page, when you can download they old releases to? Here it is: https://cafe.daum.net/pot-tool/BHPW Also i don't want to try to install 210318, i have 200908 and it works fine, it is not updating and shows me it is last version, hm... My only complain that it often shows that weird pink and green stripe in upper part of video when video is small or low or not standard resolution and changing video renderer to VMR9 or VMR7 not helping. With MPC-HC or MPC-BE that is not a problem. Does anybody know how to solve this?
  16. Read this links: Long post on simplix Also: https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware.html#msg61916
  17. Should you? Stop using this obsolete crap! And start using cool programs for XP. MPC-HC ( - the very last MPC-HC that use native filters that have DXVA1 HW AVC decoding capability (MPC video decoder). http://www.mediafire.com/?xfgh33iws56bh#i01azgcvfqjzx Media Player Classic - BE https://sourceforge.net/projects/mpcbe/files/MPC-BE/Release builds/1.4.6/ Also Pot Player is still updated for Win XP and can play YouTube videos even live air! http://potplayer.daum.net/
  18. I use in my New Moon only 2 addons - one that JustOff support and update - Legendary uBlock https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy Other is PDF Viewer 2.3.235 by IsaacSchemm - https://github.com/IsaacSchemm/pdf.js-seamonkey/
  19. http://half-open.com/home_en.htm Half-open limit fix - Very good simple program.
  20. Did you open at least 100 half-open outbound TCP connections? Or you have standard XPSP2\SP3 10 connections? I personally open 200 connections in my XP. Alternatively you connection in XP maybe used by some torrent program, or other process, maybe some bot-network. Check in Task Manager in Networking is network are busy while it should not. Like if no program running (like uTorrent) and there is Networking activity it is time to investigate it for you.
  21. Well you just tell your PCconfiguration: CPU, GPU, Motherboard and we will tell you is it possible to install XP on that. XP 64 drivers are myth from 2005-2006. And it is mostly not true. Geforce GTX 980 and all Maxwells, Core I7-3770k and up to Skylake possible. There is no big difference in drivers availability and if your configuration have XP-64 drivers, then who care if some eccentric old rare lan card that you don't have don't have XP64 driver. You know what i mean? I just found this article. As-well as this: https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware.html#msg61916 It shows that work on improving XP still are going. So i advice you to tell us your config, and if it compatible try XP64.
  22. Then change housing and PSU. I recommend Bequiet brand. They Power Supply and housing in elite version have SilentWings ventilators with hydrodynamic bearing that are almost eternal (300.000 hours) and completely silent. I have one of these - it is amazing. I seriously recommend slipstreamed version that i talk about. It is considered the best. Your slipstream will probably change nothing, because you will just repeat current installation. If you install that slipstream you will know that it not your XP64, but all XP64 work bad on your motherboard. Anyways, i am not forcing you to anything, just want to help fellow XP user.
  23. Hm. Maybe it cause to old GPU driver version. Or more fresh Visual Studio needed to be installed. Here they state that for XP GPU-Z ver 2.22.0 is recommended. Or maybe your XP-64 version screwed up...
  24. Yea this is not how it suppose to be. XP64 is faster then Vista. Hm. It looks like something works weird in your system with XP64 install. Maybe drivers on motherboard, or maybe in BIOS of this rare motherboard something not set right, like not forced PCI-E 2.0 mode, or processor in power-saving mode constantly while running XP? Maybe you need reinstall XP-64 from different ISO, i sent u an email about that. I also see infamous Fujitsu Siemens motherboard. It have incredibly bad reputation in Overclockers community many years ago. It look like it is a server motherboard and BIOS in F-S servers stuff is usually archaic and obsolete. I really low opinion about they motherboards. In reviews that i read like 15 years ago it was the worst in test from like 15 motherboards. Maybe you should consider upgrade on I7-3770K or FX-8350 - this is fast systems that officially support XP, DDR3 and still good.
  25. Maybe it is power saving under low load? Check latest GPU-Z, it newest version still working with XP. In GPU-Z it is question mark button "PCI-E render test" near Bus Interface line. Also it is hard to diagnose problem when you don't tell what exact your hardware is. Also it can be that Nvidia CPL just show incorrect information - that happened sometimes with different programs - they are not flawless. P.S. Here is link to EVGA forum with program to benchmark PCI-E bandwitch on Nvidia cards:https://forums.evga.com/PCIE-bandwidth-test-cuda-m1972266.aspx

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