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  1. Question - why i can't install Mtube extension to try it in my New Moon 28.10.4a1 (2021-08-13) ? I'm usially using Invidious now. But i'm kinda curious about Mtube.
  2. First: not ANY developer. Most, but not ANY. Second: then why on front page of https://www.irfanview.com/ we can see text: Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10? P.S. Ask the developer (he's name is Irfan Skiljan). Sometimes developers when doing updates accidentally drop XP support and without nobody tell them this fact, they still think that they program still could run on XP. Example of this is D3DGear.
  3. Why don't you ask developers of IrfanView about that? P. S. I tried to launch install file of latest IrfanView - black screen and my computer rebooted. Hmmm, "intersting" software. I knew about it for more then 16 years but never used because i considered it inferior to Fast Stone Viewer. Also try XnView - maybe it will work in XP.
  4. Thank you, i didn't know that. However i downloaded latest version for better web compatibility. I use english versions of roytam browsers starting from 2018 when i transferred from 52ESR to roytam's New Moon 28. But this time i download 45ESR not for me but for my relative who use FF45 for long time. So i have another question - how make roytam's latest 45ESR play video (vp9 anf AVC). Did i miss something? I thought it already there like in Serpent? But it is not there. What should i do to make play videos roytam's latest 45ESR?
  5. Can somebody tell how to switch language interface in roytam's Firefox 45 ? I'm sorry but i don't understand how to do that. Please help.
  6. I google your code and found this. Also i find this YouTube video. Hope it will help you.
  7. Wow, i never knew how destructive is Moonchild and Tobin, they really destroying everything around them. Fascinating self-destruction. Autism really sucks.
  8. That's a big mistake IMHO. Logically find everything for XP in XP subforum. I would not guess in year that for browsers for old OS was created new special subforum. It is illogical. As usual in last years we see that almost every change in modern digital world is for worse. Youtube and Twitter interface, Browsers degradation, Android, Media players, Text programs, etc. Everything going down the old rusty barrel... Now you, Den, with your new "subforum" nobody asked for. People now will not find this browsers and will conclude that Vista and XP is completely dead. People find roytam brosers mainly using google search that direct them to XP subforum and now this will not work as before. Because everything is over-complicated on MSFN now. I humbly ask you to return XP browsers topic in XP subforum. Please, you, throwing in disarray your own forum, that's change make no sense. It is overthinked and over-complicated decision - let all XP stuff be in XP subforum. Please, Den Corso.
  9. You are absolutely right. Telegram is directly controlled by FSB which is now widely considered as direct successor of KGB, or basically, renamed KGB. Because it is spectacle for the weak mind and simpletons so they continue to believe that Telegram is independent messaging system. When In reality it is under full direct control of FSB. Here is explanation from insider who was chief editor on russian government run propaganda television - VGTRK. He tell that VGTRK use Telegram starting from ~2015 year as secured from foreign countries control russian messaging system. He explains that Telegram is FSB controlled. And that FSB have Encryption keys and technical access.
  10. I try now captcha 4chan - everything works fine with my NM28 2021-08-13. I have only Ublock Origin and PDF Viewer 2.3.240 as addons. Maybe you have NoScript or similiar addons? Or you have enabled in Ublock Origin additional filters beyond standard? Try to disable NoScript if you have one. If you not, try to disable Ublock Origin and see what happen with Captcha then.
  11. Come to their senses? No way. They in full blown war with they own community. And while community begged them for peace and try to found common ground, they just keeping punching down.
  12. I read this PNG on https://boards.4channel.org/g/thread/83392538 Wow. Just wow. Tobin have actually lost his mind. He live now in alternative reality. JustOff now, according to Tobin, is "black hat hacker". And New Moon for XP is like "terrorism" and "9\11". WOW!!! Holy fridge! Lunacy!
  13. What are you talking about? Feodor2 is from Ukraine. Roytam1 is from Hong Kong. According to Ukrainian constitution only Ukrainian laws are legal on territory of Ukraine. I'm pretty sure same is in Constitution of China. So any threats of Tobin is absolutely empty. Don't fall to this old american buzz "uuuu, ama goona sue u!!!111". Tobin, you will sue ZERO people in Ukraine and ZERO in China. Because this is different countries then yours. So you can go screw yourself. You can't even ban anyone here, in fact YOU ARE BANNED HERE, Tobin.
  14. What Motherboard? What OS? Is this is a notebook? This details matter! I suggest you to tell us this information. Without it i can advise only check BIOS settings and update Chipset\USB 2.0 controller drivers.
  15. However on your screenshot browser is Pale Moon. Do you use very early versions of roytam1 fork? I talk about modern New Moon. And i see this bug for last 2 years probably. Right now i use last version 2021-08-13. Also i check Serpent browser and it not show this behavior - Serpent show all high resolution images just fine.
  16. I think i found a bug in New Moon. Probably it is in Pale Moon too. NM28 often not show high resolution images. Examples: https://www.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/japan/products/digital/x70/image/ex_01.jpg https://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA15417.jpg The file is downloading, but when it fully loaded, browser does not show it. It happens sometimes with very high resolution images, like way beyond 1000 pixels, like 3000 or 4000 or 5000 pixels.
  17. Thank you very much, last (2021-08-13) NM version now again use windows colors and this is very nice.
  18. Your computer is Pentium3 + Intel 815 chipset. This means that it only support DirectX7.0 \ OpenGL1.2 Official minimum system requirements to run a webGL is much higher. You demand to much from 20 year old computer. Your old video card has hardware support of DirectX 9.0b \ OpenGL 2.0 and have 4 pixel shader. This things are minimum necessary to do this job. GusCe6 video card is built-in Intel from year 2000 and does not have such advanced functions.
  19. Ok, i check this 50 min video on Invidious and no freeze on 23 minute. Checking on YouTube make not much sense since last versions of YT layer make auto-correction if freeze happen in NM28. But invidious player always freeze on 23min. And now no freeze. Great job mixit!
  20. Yes, and as far as i remember, Adobe Flash Player was have even H&W acceleration of H.264 video in XP. At least there were option H&W acceleration and with that option CPU usage was very low while playing H.264 video in XP. Same here, i already downloaded it. However i notice something changed in interface on starting page. My start page is "blank page". And it was exact as my customized windows color theme "rainy day". So it was like that (as on dark screenshot) with version 28.10.2a1.win32-git-20201003. And now with new version blank page is bright all of a sudden (which i don't like). And now every new empty page also bright white and i don't like this at all. How can i return previous setting when empty "blank page" was not bright white, but exact as it was - as my customized windows color theme "rainy day"? Roytam1, can you please help with that?
  21. Wow. I did not expect somebody ever find bug causing 23 min error. Congratulations. Bravo! I cant wait now for roytam1 implementing it in all his XP browsers. Say, what site with video you using with old FF14 version to catch a bug? Cause not a lot sites are even would play any video with F15 or 14 this days.
  22. Particular is when you name exact model. Cause it, probably can be upgraded. At least to 512 MB of RAM, maybe to 1GB. The fastest mobile Coppermine CPU is 1 Ghz. Mobile Tualatin was up to 1.33Ghz Computers, you know, can be upgraded, you know.
  23. I have a problem with one big site to report. It is rozetka.com.ua Several days ago they changed something and Nor last Serpent, not New Moon not Firefox 52.9ESR CAN NOT LOGIN in this site. I was logged in by default in both Serpent and New Moon and 52.9ESR and there is now no logged in browser in my XP system in rozetka. And any attempt to log in end up with nothing. You put login and password there, occasionally "robot check" happen and nothing. I try on windows 7 with Firefox 78ESR - it logged easily even with "robot check". So something now missing in Serpent and New Moon that block use biggest online shop in whole country. Roytam1, please fix it. I understand that there is language problem, cause rozetka have only UA and RU language version, but maybe view through google translate will help. Or some ukr\rus users can figured out why this happen now. Correction. I check Pale Moon last version with Windows 7 and it can not login in rozetka also now. So it is not a New Moon problem. I than check Pale Moon forum and found complain from another user that can't login. Moonchild post this: It is. They are using a global ambiguous event ('event') instead of the event passed into the event handler function ('e'). We do not support ambiguous global event references, never have, and in fact it's strongly discouraged even by the powers-that-be. So this is rozetka.com.ua fault not New Moon or Pale Moon. The problem is now that i can't even find contacts on they site. No email support - nothing. This is ridiculous - i wanna inform them about problem and i cant find any contacts to them.
  24. It was available first time, actually, in Pentium 3, but that was pre-9\11 world and this did not fly well and was quickly strike down by EU. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_III#Controversy_about_privacy_issues After 9\11 right-wingers rig the world and you all should comply and be obedient slave citizen or nine-eleven will happen again. P.S. I long time want to ask, will roytam adapt 29 version of PM? They promise "Google WebComponent" support on they release notes with 29... Maybe this question was asked before, but i never see it. So what will be with 29 for XP?
  25. Emmm... Are you talking about standard old windows 90's style? Display properties -> Appearance -> Effects -> Show window contents while dragging ? When you change interface in Display Properties as you like, in themes rename then your current theme to, for example, "my theme 2021".
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