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  1. Bad_pool_caller

    Thank for your information sir... but i dont have router... only normal modem.... Ok i will report u again later Snrub.... sorry if my language english to bad... Thank again gOber
  2. Bad_pool_caller

    Thank but microsoft support ask to me to do minidump. But i still waiting reply from microsoft Can't see from this dump what driver was freeing the memory, but as before it could be the victim not the cause - this allocation was last used for a File object, where before it was related to networking (TCP). I don't think this is an onboard device from the last time I checked the specs, so if you don't have one of these installed it may be a good idea to see if it's in Device Manager, and maybe even rename/delete the file on disk to prevent it being loaded.Though it's not a filter driver so I don't see how it should be interfering... I'd stick with the ZoneAlarm plan for now. Yes 3com is not onboard device.. that for my LAN network but i never use again. i use onboard network for internet connection. Ok i will try uninstall ZA later after get email from microsoft..... Btw do you have other option be sides ZoneAlarm? Thanks gOber
  3. Bad_pool_caller

    Hi Mr Snrub, Could you please check my last mini dump file? Please download my attached thank you gOber Mini082608_01.rar
  4. Bad_pool_caller

    Hello Again, I already uninstall vmware and still got BSOD but i still keep my firewall coz im still waiting email from microsoft to see my dump report. I will give report again later.. thanks Anton
  5. Bad_pool_caller

    To remove filter drivers, you MUST uninstall. Disabling leaves the drivers intact and enabled, just without any work to do from the controlling application in user-mode. Since the problem with a filter driver can happen regardless of whether the app is enabled or not, you have to actually uninstall to do a valid test. Hello, Ok thank you for your respond.. Maybe i will try uninstall Vmware then let see tomorrow i will report to you. thank gOber
  6. Bad_pool_caller

    Hi, Ok thank... btw if i only disable ZA can? or must full uninstall? thank gOber
  7. Bad_pool_caller

    Dear Mr Snrub, Thank you for your all reply sir.... So i must uninstall ZoneLabs or discuss with ZA Forum? Virtual memory and running process summary shows no particular issue: Ok thanks Did you have a problem with Warcraft 3? There are 2 processes war3.exe, one has an elapsed time of ~4 days and has 0 handles, implying the process did not close properly - the second instance has been running ~18 hours: Yes, Mostly im got BSOD when i played Warcarft 3(DOTA) But i already install latest VGA driver but still same You also have VMWare installed, so it might be these 2 products (Zone Labs and VMWare) not playing nicely: Onboard Marvell Yukon NIC driver seems pretty recent: So, i must uninstall this software? or update latest version? Depending on how consistent the dumps are (always have the same stack or the same drivers in the stack, same bugcheck code, etc.) this could be a RAM fault as it's nonpaged pool (resident in physical memory), but I would be more inclined to believe a driver fault. I would go down the route of either uninstalling VMWare to see if the problem goes away, or the Zone Labs software so long as you are behind a NAT router. Or wait until the next dump is produced and we can check for consistency (i.e. always network-related activity on the crashing thread stack). A few hours testing overnight with memtest86 would not be a bad idea either. Mr. Snurb... do you think my memory got error? If yes maybe i must buy new one? SOrry if my language english to bad Thank gOber
  8. Bad_pool_caller

    What do you mind? I not understand Sir. Please tell me more detail coz im newbie
  9. Bad_pool_caller

    Actually, untrue. When you dump the box it only reads the "Initial size" number, and as such this has the possibility for not being large enough for a kernel dump (can be up to 2GB, if this is x86), and definitely not enough for a complete dump. I would suggest changing the initial size to at least 2200 and rebooting before expecting this to work properly. Ok i will change after mr snrub see my dump file thank anton
  10. Bad_pool_caller

    You live & learn, cheers Though in practicality I don't think I've seen a kernel dump larger than ~800MB even from x64 Server systems. Hello, I got BSOD again... and i already upload my dump file.. here http://rapidshare.com/files/138902786/MEMORYy.rar.html actually size 196MB after rar 38mb hope can help me.. thanks
  11. Bad_pool_caller

    Hello, Sorry late reply.. I already try update my driver and so far is work fine for me. But i still do your step. But i don't understand about re size ram. I have 2gb ram. (DUAL) please see my SS all size is setting automatically. I must manual setting? thanks Anton
  12. W32Time Error

    I already solve my problem. If you use firewall you must setting at your firewall Thank
  13. Bad_pool_caller

    Hello, I need help. SOmetimes i always got blue screen Bad_pool_caller stop: 0x000000c2 (0x00000007,0x00000cd4,0x02130041,0x88616210) Anyone expert help me please thanks Anton
  14. W32Time Error

    Hello Again, Btw how to allow UDP port 123? Thanks sHen
  15. W32Time Error

    THanks you for your reply. My configured default used time.windows.com server. But i still got this error. Btw how to configured DNS? THanks Shen