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  1. Blog of Kev Needham with links to fix's for different Firefox versions, timelines of problem solution, explanations: Add-ons disabled or failing to install in Firefox Add-on from Mozilla that fix situation with certificates on Firefox 47 - 56
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_Celeron_microprocessors#Netburst_based_Celerons_2 As you can see on page above - ALL mobile Celerons starting from 1400 Mhz have SSE2 instruction set. Therefore you can use modern browser that require SSE2. Also you can look at bottom of your laptop to tell us (or me personally) what exact model of laptop you have - because A LOT of laptops allow you to replace processor on more powerful. I know examples when Yonah-based Celeron M was replaced on Core 2 Duo which triple up raw compute power of laptop. Used top processors for laptops from 2004-2009 era usually cost from 6 to 15 bucks and can be easily found in internet. You also can right-click mouse on My Computer and choose "Properties" to see what processor do you have now. But to tell us what laptop do you have is also desirable if you want to know how upgrade your laptop, because remember - a lot of laptops can be upgraded in many ways. What i advise you, Inox, are simple tasks - no special skills are required for this. Because it is obvious that Inox have SSE2 processor - it is logical to advise him to try new Pale Moon from roytam1.
  3. Did someone finally figured out how fix that bug in Firefox 52.9 ESR?
  4. Are you sure? How do you know with certainty that hardware acceleration of h264 works in Firefox 47.0 on Win XP SP3 x86 ?
  5. Yes, but every 23 minutes picture (but not sound) freeze and i should click button "Live" near youtube volume regulator to unfreeze picture. Currently i use 52.9.0.
  6. Hi. I using this tweak one year with Firefox ESR 52. And it works! But i have a question. I noticed that version of OpenH264 plugin with this tweak is 1.6 But on their website there is link to github where is information that version 1.8.0 is present now. Is it possible to update to this more recent version for us - users of Firefox on Win XP ?
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