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  1. I don't get it. Mesa9x v21.3.8.20 is emulator of HW openGL from windows 98\ME. What is have to do with universal VESA Graphics driver with hardware acceleration for XP? Can some one explain me?
  2. I'm sorry, but this can not be taken serious in 2023 year. The first CPU with SSE2 was released in year 2000. That's more then 22 years ago. Let those people go and upgrade to something more modern. Windows XP works so much better on 4-core systems. Now we have even 8 core Ryzen work with XP. There is no excuses left for staying on none SSE2 system now. Go and upgrade to at least Core2Duo or Athlon64X2 - they are dirt cheap now. I repeat there is no excuses to seat on, like Pentium 3 or Athlon XP and demand everyone attention. Those systems are completely obsolete, they serve people well for 2 decades, now live them alone and upgrade! Thank you! Finally someone with common sense and logic.
  3. Toshiba 3.5 7200RPM AF format drive. Very fast, silent, works 10 years, more then 50000 hours. Great thing.
  4. Last activity of JustOff was right before war - in February 2022. I worry we might never see him again.
  5. I want to transfer my New Moon profile with all the passwords to another computer (from 32bit XP to 32 bit W7). Tell me in what folder (and path to it) passwords are saved on system C disk in New Moon? What folder i should copy to another computer to have my profile and passwords work there?
  6. I must admit - last version of New Moon 28.10.6a1.win32-git-2023-04-07 seems much faster then previous versions. Does anybody else notice that? Even huff-post loads faster. Also as i understand with latest versions of NM\Basilisk we don't need Palefill add-on, because we have WebComponents enabled, am i correct?
  7. So weird hateful people. Why they hearts so full of hate? What's wrong with them? Wow, just WOW ! What an hateful person. Is he out of his meds? I saddened an astonished buy this level of unprovoked aggression and hate. Absolute nonsense. In fact that was true when win XP was in it's prime and "normies" use IE6 or IE7- that was time when you will always catch up so virus very fast. This was the reason i migrated on Firefox around 2007 - tired of viruses exploiting million holes in IE. With all XP updates and using unique browsers like New Moon + Ublock, - chances of virus infection is extremely low. 99.99% modern viruses now can not even work in XP now - they code is incompatible with it anymore. P.S. Speaking about old Operation Systems, i have question. I recently watch a lot of YouTube channel "Action Retro", when retro enthusiast upgrade to unusual fast level Apple PowerPC machines. And one of they major problems - they not having modern browser anymore - cause they tied to Tiger and Leopard OS and they "forks" like Sorbet Leopard and they only(?) developer of they own Firefox fork TenFourFox abolished project, so they left without modern update internet browser. So i wanted to ask Roytam1 - how hard it will be to recompile latest NM28 to PowerPC machine? Is it really possible to do even once as experiment? I just wondering.
  8. I did not know that. However, turns out i already use for a 14 days this March version of New Monn, where WebComponents is included. That's not accurate statement. I usually download new versions from here: https://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/search/label/browser And i usually read whats new in "Official Pale-Moon changes picked since my last build:" and "Official Basilisk changes picked since my last build:". Because i expected that the most critical changes will be mentioned there. The reason why i miss mention about WebComponents, is because it is written as casual change in the middle of long list named: "Official UXP changes picked since my last build:" Here is examle of issues from there next to important WebComponents announcement: I usually not read this because i don't understand meaning of this. I wAS expectING more BIG announcement about WebComponents enabled, then getting it lost in the list of super-complicated issues that 99.9% of people do not understand. I Like how the Pale Moon guys did it: They openly said - "hey guys, we now enabled WebComponents by default, major change, long awaited, how cool is that!!!" So i notice that. But if you think i will read every - Issue #OVER9000!1111 - you simply wrong and you lying to yourself. I deeply respect work of roytam! and often like and up-vote his posts here,
  9. Today Pale Moon team release v32.1.0 (2023-03-21) http://www.palemoon.org/releasenotes.shtml They claim that: So my question is - when this thing will be in New Moon? I really want to see New Moon with Google WebComponents.
  10. I'm sorry for dumb question, but can i change interface language of roytam1's Firefox 45ESR 45.9.34-20221210?
  11. I remember about 10 years ago i read about it and now i totally forgot. I was thinking today about this and did not remeber. I do not have 144Hz monitor so i can not test solutions that i read today in internet. So... https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=75570 Many years ago nvidia drivers have check-mark "Treat as HDTV", which can be unpicked. But it no longer there perhaps it hidden and needed some reg file to be activated, nvidia did such tricks long time ago with hidden options in drivers. Also i am not sure that would help. So my idea that you can create an alternative driver for your monitor using 2 methods: 1) Program Monitor Asset Manager (MonInfo) - "App can both read and write data in number of formats. It can also generate INF files, which can be used as custom monitor driver." I assume you can edit that .inf file to add needed refresh rates. https://www.rarst.net/software/moninfo/ 2) Method that i found on some old google cache text: I'm sorry i did not find anything else. Only that.
  12. What resolution you try to run on your LCD with 144Hz ? What native resolution of your monitor? What exact model of your monitor?
  13. Well i assume you talk about Dell notebook. I think this model was with Banias Pentium M. There should be no problem with windows XP and Pentium M combination - that notebooks was shipped with windows XP. In some cases there was second generation Pentium M CPU in Dell D600 - with 2MB L2 cache, code name Dothan. On motherboards with 533 FSB support they can be overclocked above 2Ghz and be really fast. As far as i remember some desktop motherboards from DFI and A-Open was available, back then, for mobile socket 479. What motherboard and CPU exactly you planning to use? There can be really cool overclock variants in case of Dothan.
  14. Naturally, cause you don't have Palefill installed. And it will stop spin and show itself when it will be installed. Crazy-house, i know. I get link to it using 360 Extreme Explorer. Well it is a thing that execute some scripts in Pale Moon\New Moon until (and if) Pale Moon team have its own "Web Components" working. https://github.com/martok/palefill/releases/download/v1.21/palefill-1.21.xpi Here is the file itself: palefill-1.21.xpi
  15. Apparently you also can not read Ukrainian, because on screenshot everything is on Ukrainian language. Also i don't understand the meaning of your post and photo. This is your Asus computer on photo? Or you manage Rozetka to work properly with New Moon? Did i miss something? Is this now must have for Pale\New Moon ? I install it and rozetka still glitch the same. This is how i view Rozetka now:
  16. https://rozetka.com.ua/ Is completely unusable at this point with 2022-07-20 versions of New Moon and Serpent 52. Not even rendered basically. But old 360EE 11 show it right. Can anybody have any ideas? Should i complain on Pale Moon forum as PM also fail to show it right under Windows7 ?
  17. Try latest New Moon 28 browser in Preferences\Advanced set User Agent Mode to Firefox Compatibility.
  18. I want to report with sudden problem that i met on https://www.huffpost.com/ with Serpent and New Moon. Many articles there took many minutes to open and it took 100% of CPU time for like 5-6 min. Examples that i found today: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ben-stein-devin-nunes-truth-ferris-buellers-day-off_n_63029f6be4b0f72c09d874f3 https://www.huffpost.com/entry/buffy-the-vampire-slayer-reboot-on-pause_n_63026c48e4b0e323a2567963 Both articles open like i describe it. Before for many years Huff work correctly on this browsers. So what's going on? IS it browsers problem or creators of huffpost make some BS changes to site?
  19. Perhaps i am not educated about this topic at all. I just ask about first AVX, not AVX2, not AVX512 You early write on win-raid: SO i ask does it possible to do AVX1 for XP64, or you are steel "not interested".
  20. Link not working. Also did it work now with XP-64 recently? I remember you, for some reason, didn't want to do version for XP64. But can you, please, do it? And where is link on this? I couldn't find it in google.
  21. Ok, this is your guess, but i still want to hear roytam1 answer please. Latest version of Open h.264 is 2.1.1, so why still 1.6 in Serpent 55? I am curious.
  22. Question to Roytam1: Why Serpent 52 have Plugin OPEN H.264 Video Codec with version 1.7.1 But Serpent 55 have Plugin OPEN H.264 Video Codec with version 1.6 Why 55 Serpent have older version of Cisco h.264 codec and why codec are not even more new then 1.7.1 ? Is this done intentionally for a reason? I am just curious about this.
  23. From American view - yes i am far left. From European view i am centrist. In reality i am not playing in that games, anglo-saxonian divide on left and right is a debate which end of an egg a person cracks first. It is artificially invented divide only present in some Western countries, rest of the world are not live in such a political divide because it is pointless. If USA change constitution to multi-party system then both ruling parties will be toppled in a matter of decades - just look at the France or Italy as example of that. OMG, why YOU bring politics here, i was talking about ideologies not a political party's. This is offencive to say to other person who you don't know at all. How it can be his second year if his first inauguration was January 20, 2009? That is rhetorical question, you may not answer. Actually Obama tried to do something positive about Net Freedom, he create net neutrality rules that was enacted during the Obama Administration. Eventually net neutrality rules were killed under Trump as soon as he get power - in 2017. Which proves my point that right-wingers killed Golden Age of internet. It is symbolic that it was done by Obama appointee FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, which proves my next point that Obama are not "left wing comrade". He is right-winger, just different sort of it. President Barack Obama, - a massive right-winger, who by his own words is Quote: "In A Lot of Ways Richard Nixon Was More Liberal Than I Was". And it is true, he is not lying. He is so massively right-wing stubborn aristocratic politician that it is a mind-blowing. I give you one argument to prove my point. Here is the map that show countries by availability of Universal Free Healthcare: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Universal_Health_Care_july_2018.png As you can see USA is THE ONLY predominantly white populated country in the world who does not have it. As well as THE ONLY civilized\developed country who is not have it. All 53 European countries have it, but not USA. Barack Obama is AGAINST Universal Free Healthcare because he is dogmatic right-wing corporate politician. If he try to run anywhere in Europe with his stands against Universal Healthcare he would be ANNIHILATED and get 0.5% of vote. Nobody in developed world people would tolerate such a massive pro-corporate right winger. I don't know any precedent in Europe XXI century history when somebody in Europe run against Universal Free Healthcare and won elections. It is unheard of. Even in conservative Great Britain both parties is competing in elections ADs who will finance Government Run Medicine more. In BREXIT small brexit parties and movement as whole run on: "lets finance NHS more by getting out of EU!" Prove: https://www.neopr.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/1.png So to any European person who don't watch garbage-bin-CNN but instead actually dig in in USA politics is clear, that since goofy Jimmy Carter USA never have actual left-winger. And Carter is really weirdo and barely left. The last actual left in USA was John Kennedy, he was killed by right-wing establishment. After that USA never actually have left politician in White House. When Bobby was about to win, he got killed to, after that, till modern era, nobody even try seriously.
  24. https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/releases Click on uBlock0_1.16.4.30.firefox-legacy.xpi and then when Serpent warning pop-up click "allow" or something.

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