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  1. I am disappointed. I change my email in account. I changed to gmail address. No confirmation to letter to gmail. I pushed button "resend email" many many times - no result. Obviously i check spam and trash boxes. After several days i change email again to non-gmail adress. Again no result. But after i pushed button "resend confirmation letter", only then i get confirmation letter! I also send several complains in "contact us" form - no result. What the hell is this? Forum not working with the most popular mail service in the world AT ALL! Barely working with other mail services. "Contact US" and other complain service apparently nobody reads. This sucks. Have anybody will fix that ever?..
  2. I think you should try what i advised to you in first answer in this topic - first thing in duckduckgo search on "Integral Edition 2021.5.15". And then if it fail try latest december Integral Edition version. As i say in my first post here - it is perfectly legal - that's why it is on archive.org. If you have licensed copy of XPSP3 you can install whatever slipstreamed XPSP3 version you want. I don't understand why you ignore my, Damnation and RainyShadow advise to try Integral Edition? On winraid topic that is now archived (and continued) on wincert they were different opinion. They thought Lenovo intentionally screw Ideapad Flex 10 bios to block other OS from being installed. I kinda agree with them. Cause it is Haswell generation Netbook. And XP successfully work now on Ryzen 5800X and Core i7 9700.
  3. I use NM28 and Serpent 52. I am really interested in what you saying. Can you please give example in what things 55 Serpent better? Maybe i should us 55?
  4. And what is the "right driver" ? P.S. I just read archived topic from win-raid "WinXP,2003_x32_on_modern_hardware". And in archive it divided on 5 .htm parts. So i read starting from 3 part to find solution to your problem. And what i found is that advanced user diderius6 have a real fight with Lenovo Flex 10 with BayTrail. He have 5 Flex 10 Netbooks. He is so hardcore he eventually get to soldering bios chips etc. You can download this archive now on wincert topic first page and quick read it using in-browser search on word lenovo in this page. The problem is he mention so many things that i didn't get what was the end of his story with Flex 10. The links to his acpi is gone and now can be downloaded only by ufile paid users. But newer versions of acpi from diderius present on WinXP-IE_Optional_Patch_Integrator_v3.2.1 pack. After win-raid moders\admins destroyed that topic, they also ban diderius6, so i don't know where to contact him. Maybe guys on wincert new topic know how contact him, cause he "eat the dog" on Flex 10 + windows XP.
  5. It goes under "declared war on XP community" and "etc" categories. I try to be brief and not writing long texts-sheets. Hey people look at forum page where they discuss FUEL return and v29.4.3 changes. Tobin is in delusions. So funny. Everyone like - man what are we gonna do, we losing people so fast! And Tobin like - it's because of ... Just-off "hacked" some stuff: Also Tobin on same page have opinion about FUEL getting back in Pale Moon: So according to Tobin doing what people want in project is "surrendering to mob". And in his understanding good, correct way for a developer is not listen to people and not do what people want to see, but to ignore they wishes and do what only developer want. This is classic autism - incapacity to understand others, incapacity to listen to them, to respect they wishes and threat them as you wanna be treated. You know there is some "small" brand called ... LEXUS and it started when Toyota send they best people in California to understand WHAT AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT IN LUXURY CAR. They learn what people wanted and created amazing car - LS400 - that was what people wanted and it was immediate success. Also Tobin have thoughts about Baslisk about possibly to be killed. According to him it is not bad, but good: No comments... I don't know what "Not a single person" means in your sentence but i bashed far-right multiple times on this forum, including this month, where i explain here on page 76 why bitchute is bad s*** crazy far-right garbage. So i have no love both for far-right and far-left.
  6. By the way, did you look at this: http://www.palemoon.org/releasenotes.shtml Translation, when MN and Tb. join they forces and direct them on the Pale Moon community it paid-off A LOT. In a way that PM become project from which people running away. I mean how you can turn respected browser in sinking ship so fast? They declared war on XP community, MAC-OS community, MSFN community, ban Just-Off, etc. I mean ... that's ridiculous. NOW, when project almost become abandon-ware they get a little bit scared and step one time back. It will not help anyway, because they to forgone. They also quote "may be retiring Basilisk and stop development on it altogether". MN in his usual style. Bravo. It reminded me "Media Player Classic - Home Cinema" where ( as i heard) project leader become behaving like lunatic, so almost all team abandoned it and started fork MPC - Black Edition. Hey Moonchild, wanna know how you should act to get part of users back? Apologize to authors of forks for XP and Mac-OS. Apologize to Just-Off. Make peace with MSFN community. Bring back compatibility for XP and Vista. Un-ban people who u banned for supporting this forks. Make working Google WebComponent support instead of raging on members of PM community that disagree with you. And isolate Tobin from decision making power in PM project. But, lets be honest we all know that he will not do that. Wanna know why he bring back FUEL? In my opinion cause they got scared - so many people left the project and forum, that they almost have nobody now. PM at this point is almost a dead man walking. So they thinking to kill Basilisk in a hope to save PM. So let's wish health, inspiration and long life to roytam1 - man who make browser which people want - the way it should be with healthy projects.
  7. It is 2014 year laptop. It's probably uses new ACPI mode. There were new ACPI drivers for windows XP from enthusiasts. Maybe it will help. Brevity is soul of wit, so... 1) Read this with google translate or find on this page English txt to download: https://forum.simplix.info/viewtopic.php?id=722 2) Choose slip-streamed Integral Edition (like for example "Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 - Integral Edition 2021.5.15" - just google it). If you have licensed XP you have the full right to use slip-streamed version. Or patch your own XP version with "WinXP-IE Optional Patch Integrator" to add universal ACPI and AHCI etc.
  8. So there was topic on https://www.win-raid.com that was named XP/W2k3 x86 on Modern Hardware. It contained a lot of NEW and useful information including such new things like modification XP SP3 to work with AVX\AVX2. I don't follow that topic often, but recently it was bulldozed. Not even closed, but just deleted. So many knowledge was striken down. Likely http://web.archive.org/ save a lot of this topic. But the most important thing is that topic restarted on other forum: https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/17688-xpw2k3-x86-on-modern-hardware/ There on first page are links to downloadable archived version by user iyut. I do not know what happened that they just delete topic that users filled with useful information for years. But it is a vandalism to delete such a database! Lucky they moved to wincert and didn't let topic died and lost. I hope local admins on wincert will threat this topic and efforts of XP users with more respect then win-raid admins did.
  9. O, i'm sorry i can not just pass by this question. Well, i will try to explain now. First it is a site from far-right that are mostly banned from YouTube because google and corporate sponsors of ads doesn't want to have they logo and they products mile near with this content. Thus why it is mostly banned there. Let's examine what on a first page of it. Here is current (while a watching it) text and videos on front page: No comments. Yeah, sure, get bankrupted with Casino(!) need a true Genius from a capital letter "G". I mean how do you even can bankrupt with Casino - the house always wins! There is "no pandemic"? Wow this is just unbelievable lies. It is to early to say that. I'm pretty sure it will be eventually debunked. Absolute crazy anti vaccine lies. No comments. So i look right now to cherry pick things on front page of bitchute.com and it mostly pro-trump sucking up and crazy anti-vaccine content. Plus a lot of conspiracy theorists and people gloating somebody died\get killed. It is a garbage content that big corporation does not want on they platforms. I saw bitchute several times this years and i cant force myself to watch till the end even one video because i can't tolerate obvious lies, deception and craziness. YouTube and Google are de-platforming and demonetizing a lot of good channels and this is wrong. But bitchute is mostly right-wing garbage. It is not good right-wing content. It is bad right-wing content that are so toxic and so crazy that even the most greedy and shameless corporations does not not want to be mile near.
  10. Question - why i can't install Mtube extension to try it in my New Moon 28.10.4a1 (2021-08-13) ? I'm usially using Invidious now. But i'm kinda curious about Mtube.
  11. First: not ANY developer. Most, but not ANY. Second: then why on front page of https://www.irfanview.com/ we can see text: Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10? P.S. Ask the developer (he's name is Irfan Skiljan). Sometimes developers when doing updates accidentally drop XP support and without nobody tell them this fact, they still think that they program still could run on XP. Example of this is D3DGear.
  12. Why don't you ask developers of IrfanView about that? P. S. I tried to launch install file of latest IrfanView - black screen and my computer rebooted. Hmmm, "intersting" software. I knew about it for more then 16 years but never used because i considered it inferior to Fast Stone Viewer. Also try XnView - maybe it will work in XP.
  13. Thank you, i didn't know that. However i downloaded latest version for better web compatibility. I use english versions of roytam browsers starting from 2018 when i transferred from 52ESR to roytam's New Moon 28. But this time i download 45ESR not for me but for my relative who use FF45 for long time. So i have another question - how make roytam's latest 45ESR play video (vp9 anf AVC). Did i miss something? I thought it already there like in Serpent? But it is not there. What should i do to make play videos roytam's latest 45ESR?
  14. Can somebody tell how to switch language interface in roytam's Firefox 45 ? I'm sorry but i don't understand how to do that. Please help.
  15. I google your code and found this. Also i find this YouTube video. Hope it will help you.
  16. Wow, i never knew how destructive is Moonchild and Tobin, they really destroying everything around them. Fascinating self-destruction. Autism really sucks.
  17. That's a big mistake IMHO. Logically find everything for XP in XP subforum. I would not guess in year that for browsers for old OS was created new special subforum. It is illogical. As usual in last years we see that almost every change in modern digital world is for worse. Youtube and Twitter interface, Browsers degradation, Android, Media players, Text programs, etc. Everything going down the old rusty barrel... Now you, Den, with your new "subforum" nobody asked for. People now will not find this browsers and will conclude that Vista and XP is completely dead. People find roytam brosers mainly using google search that direct them to XP subforum and now this will not work as before. Because everything is over-complicated on MSFN now. I humbly ask you to return XP browsers topic in XP subforum. Please, you, throwing in disarray your own forum, that's change make no sense. It is overthinked and over-complicated decision - let all XP stuff be in XP subforum. Please, Den Corso.
  18. You are absolutely right. Telegram is directly controlled by FSB which is now widely considered as direct successor of KGB, or basically, renamed KGB. Because it is spectacle for the weak mind and simpletons so they continue to believe that Telegram is independent messaging system. When In reality it is under full direct control of FSB. Here is explanation from insider who was chief editor on russian government run propaganda television - VGTRK. He tell that VGTRK use Telegram starting from ~2015 year as secured from foreign countries control russian messaging system. He explains that Telegram is FSB controlled. And that FSB have Encryption keys and technical access.
  19. I try now captcha 4chan - everything works fine with my NM28 2021-08-13. I have only Ublock Origin and PDF Viewer 2.3.240 as addons. Maybe you have NoScript or similiar addons? Or you have enabled in Ublock Origin additional filters beyond standard? Try to disable NoScript if you have one. If you not, try to disable Ublock Origin and see what happen with Captcha then.
  20. Come to their senses? No way. They in full blown war with they own community. And while community begged them for peace and try to found common ground, they just keeping punching down.
  21. I read this PNG on https://boards.4channel.org/g/thread/83392538 Wow. Just wow. Tobin have actually lost his mind. He live now in alternative reality. JustOff now, according to Tobin, is "black hat hacker". And New Moon for XP is like "terrorism" and "9\11". WOW!!! Holy fridge! Lunacy!
  22. What are you talking about? Feodor2 is from Ukraine. Roytam1 is from Hong Kong. According to Ukrainian constitution only Ukrainian laws are legal on territory of Ukraine. I'm pretty sure same is in Constitution of China. So any threats of Tobin is absolutely empty. Don't fall to this old american buzz "uuuu, ama goona sue u!!!111". Tobin, you will sue ZERO people in Ukraine and ZERO in China. Because this is different countries then yours. So you can go screw yourself. You can't even ban anyone here, in fact YOU ARE BANNED HERE, Tobin.
  23. What Motherboard? What OS? Is this is a notebook? This details matter! I suggest you to tell us this information. Without it i can advise only check BIOS settings and update Chipset\USB 2.0 controller drivers.
  24. However on your screenshot browser is Pale Moon. Do you use very early versions of roytam1 fork? I talk about modern New Moon. And i see this bug for last 2 years probably. Right now i use last version 2021-08-13. Also i check Serpent browser and it not show this behavior - Serpent show all high resolution images just fine.

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