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  1. No, it doesn't fit. Stunnel is a tunnel that encrypts traffic between server and client.
  2. I use STDU Viewer, in addition to pdf, it opens djvu, fb2, epub and other e-book formats.
  3. This does not work, in host the syntax is: ip address - host. exe, program names and the like do not need to be added there, this is not a firewall.
  4. An advertisement will be displayed in this window, the developer once mentioned that he plans to make a paid version in the future. There is no shutdown setting, and have not yet found how to remove it.
  5. It looks like this is some kind of WU glitch, these two updates were released back in August.
  6. Check that the files are actually in place, the system may have restored them during boot from the dllcache folder. Or the problem is that the USB drive, I only checked for SATA. The language of the files does not matter, they are all identical.
  7. So there is still a setting somewhere that disables the second core.
  8. On some motherboards, you can disable kernels for compatibility with Win 9x. Therefore, it is advisable to reset the BIOS, especially if one core shows even if ACPI multiprocessor PC. Cores can also be disabled in msconfig, but by default everything is enabled there, so there should be no problem after reinstalling.
  9. What processor is installed? How many processors are visible in Device Manager? If the processor is exactly multi-core, then it is possible that all cores are disabled in the BIOS, except for one.
  10. I found where they write about Flash, but so far there are links only to Air 33 versions. Maybe links to Flash will be added later. https://services.harman.com/adobe
  11. The latest version without a timebomb is
  12. I checked it on a single-core Pentium 4, it also works without problems. Northwood core, 2GB RAM, ATI 3850 video card. 5200 not available for testing. Maybe it's your system, reinstallation might help.
  13. Version 1.4.7 is unofficial, I don't know what changes have been made there, but some videos on it do not open, which work well on 1.4.6.
  14. I downloaded version 12.0.1478 it works without errors. Computer: Core 2 Duo, Nvidia 8600, 3GB RAM. I tried the portable version from Cento8: https://www.upload.ee/files/12237142/360Chrome_12.0.1478.7z
  15. It's hard to say, more information is needed. Are the updates installed, and what (normal and / or POSReady), C ++, what is the configuration of the computer, in particular what is the video card.
  16. I wrote about the problem only in Windows XP. On the W7, everything really works as before. But version 12.0.1053.0 and older on XP had no problems, everything worked fine as on W7.
  17. No, even W10 doesn't support TLS 1.3. W7-10 has more types of encryption version 1.2 than XP and Vista, but 1.3 does not.
  18. It looks like this is a limitation of the chrome engine, if you scroll down the page, there will be a list of "Problems Detected for Hardware GPU". Hardware video decode is only supported in win7+: 159458 Disabled Features: accelerated_video_decode Disable GPU on all Windows versions prior to and including Vista: 315199 Disabled Features: flash_stage3d, gpu_compositing, gpu_rasterization, flash3d, metal, accelerated_webgl2, accelerated_2d_canvas, protected_video_decode, oop_rasterization, accelerated_video_decode, android_surface_control, accelerated_webgl, flash_stage3d_baseline
  19. I just assumed I needed C ++. But I checked it now on a clean SP3, without any updates, it also started. Therefore, you need to fix the language file, according to the instructions that I threw off, then the correct error will show the reason.
  20. This is a problem in the system localization files, this bug is on the system, with the POSReady update in all languages except English. The correct message should be that the dll is missing a function. Edit: It started without errors for me. All updates have been installed, including the new Visual C ++ 2015-2019 Redistributable.
  21. The first beta 13 version, based on 86 Chrome, periodically crashes, but in general it is more stable than the first beta 12 versions. Those wishing to test, Russian assembly from Cento8 (many additions have been added, for some reason obsolete): https://www.upload.ee/files/12191126/360Chrome_13.0.1000.7z
  22. Which version of WUMT? Works on XP 20.12.2016, 07.01.2020 works only on W10. Edit: I checked it in VMWare and on real hardware, it works both there and there. Applied registry tweak to enable POSReady, works well too.
  23. I tested it on XP RUS SP3 Pro VL. You need to install Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.256.
  24. No, updates were found on the Russian system without problems. I only installed Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.255 because wumt wouldn't start without it.
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