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  1. MS does not stop, now other languages have been hidden from the update catalog. Displays updates in the system language only. It's good that I managed to download all the updates for XP, but for the server 2003 and 2003 office - no.
  2. At this time, standard drivers are installed, so if possible, disconnect all devices, network card, sound, usb, additional controllers. And what is the code for the blue screen of death? Perhaps it indicates a problem driver.
  3. AOMEI Partition Assistant work on Win XP: https://www.diskpart.com/download.html
  4. No, the system language is not important, the driver is always in English, all the necessary registry keys are also English. In the driver, only lines with the name of the device can be localized.
  5. No, you cannot restore the system for more than 90 days, old restore points are deleted.
  6. In fact, the number of computers with windows XP installed is much, much larger. Almost all payment terminals, ATMs and cash registers still work on XP. Also, a lot of computers are used in organizations where there is not even access to the Internet. And also in special equipment in hospitals, auto diagnostics and so on.
  7. Yes, try to delete it, the installer will check for the presence of the file and install the correct one.
  8. What version of the mso.dll file is? Last working - 14.0.7214.5000. If it is newer, then you need to replace it with this one.
  9. Office updates have long been released separately, on the first Tuesday of the month - non-security updates, on the second Tuesday - security updates. It’s just that the 2010 office did not have non-security updates for a very long time.
  10. Download the update https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=kb4092483 try installing, if it says what is already installed, it means that some newer one is installed.
  11. The problem is in updating mso2010-kb4484126, it is also in updates KB4462223, KB4461614, KB4462174. Last MSO update without a problem - mso2010-kb4092483.
  12. Blacklisted drivers can be removed in the config, parameter media.wmf.disable-d3d9-for-dlls. Usually the driver works fine, even if it was blacklisted.
  13. There is no support 1.3, there is only what those updates give. But you can make support using HTTPSProxy. It will decrypt the traffic and forward it to the browser.
  14. This site has switched to TLS 1.3. Or to the combined mode 1.3 and 1.2, but in this case, 1.2 uses encryption that is not available in XP.
  15. Did you configure the registry after installing the updates as described in this article? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4467770/update-to-enable-tls-1-1-and-tls-1-2-as-secure-protocols-on-winhttp TLS 1.1 and 1.2 should be included in the browser settings, if not enabled, then enable them.
  16. Both updates do not update the files that are registered in the update.ver file. If you delete entries from this file, they are replaced. Maybe they check the hashes of the files, they are also written there, but I just deleted the entries and it worked.
  17. You need to add a registry key, then they can be installed.
  18. Chrome uses the system's encryption system, so you need to install update KB4467770 and the latest update for IE8, and then enable support, as described in this article https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4467770/update-to-enable-tls-1-1-and-tls-1-2-as-secure-protocols-on-winhttp This will solve the problem of opening most sites using TLS 1.1 and 1.2. But if this does not help, then we need ProxHTTPSProxy.
  19. With difficulty, but I was able to find it, it’s good that it is suitable for all languages, because I found it on some Chinese archive. http://www.86nsn.com/UploadFiles/200994153948302.rar
  20. I can’t say exactly what the settings are, because all the monitors are different, but I found on the Internet that there are H. POSITION and V. POSITION settings. Somewhere there should be settings for stretching the image.
  21. Update KB4501226 most likely was posted by mistake, out of habit. It was available within a day, after publication, so many people managed to download it. But due to the fact that the update has hidden the directory is periodically buggy and shows it again. It can still be downloaded by direct link from this message:
  22. No, I mean the settings in the monitor itself. And it is possible that everything is working correctly. In the off state it seems that there are no framework as on smartphones, but in fact they are:
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