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  1. I updated. DATE IS OK. Version: 27.9.6 (32-bit) (2019-04-20) only had old version open when i started new one. Version: 27.9.6 (32-bit) (2019-04-20)
  2. Palemoon SSE/ PMXP SSE 27 adjustments in about:config if running for the FIRST TIME: If not there right click empty space and click BOLEAN anc copy in and set true or false Palemoon SSE Anpassungen/ADJUSTMENTS: 1. ffmpeg his version can use optional FFmpeg libraries to support additional HTML5 audio and video codecs. To use them, extract the DLL files into the application directory. On about:config, create a Boolean value called media.ffmpeg.enabled and set it to true. a) ffmpeg files in palemoon-ordner kopieren/COPY TO PALEMOON-FOLDER b) media.ffmpeg.enabled true setzen/SET 2. Notice: you may need to open about:config and set your xpinstall.signatures.required preference to false in order to install NoScript 5.x, since Mozilla doesn't support signatures for legacy add-ons anymore. If you're using a non ESR Firefox, you may also need this hack. xpinstall.signatures.required false setzen/SET 3.Google recaptcha verified fix (2018.08.24) for all browser design for XP: New Moon SEE 27.8.0a1+ XP, New Moon 27.9.1a1 + XP, Mypal 27.9.4 + XP, K-Meleon 76.0 (20180818) + XP - Test: https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/demo https://patrickhlauke.github.io/recaptcha - about:config dom.messageChannel.enabled true 4.evtl. language addon. de SETTING YOUR LANGUAGE-hzere german de/deutschland . THERE MUST BE A LINK TO LANGUAGEPACKS where abbreviation are shown. und general.useragent.locale de setzen 5.a) media.av1.enabled true b) media.mediasource.webm.enabled? true 6.Just set FFmpeg up in CYS Options once(installieren dann path), then copy/move the FFmpeg executable into the profile folder of your Firefox portable installation. If the FFmpeg location is set up, but FFmpeg is not found there, CYS will check the profile folder for the FFmpeg executable and use it if found there. 7. Q: VP9 Support? (for PM27) a)VP9 works if async MSE option is unchecked Extras, Einstellungen, Inhalt (ontop of browser left of help. pls add the english terms i will then add here. b) and "Enable MSE for WebM Video" checked in options. THIS MESSAGE SHOULD BE SETUP AS STICKY SOMEWHERE HERE. all seven steps extracted from endless amount of messages.
  3. http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/2019/ https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win32-git-20190420-b68d61fda-xpmod-sse.7z PMXP NEWMOON 27 SSE 2019420 is showing up as old 2019413 UPDATE: happens when old version is still running! i am keeping the versions seperated. the three ffmpeg-files must be copied into the folder every time. currently checking what must be adjusted in about:config. AFTER A RESET(not running a new version from a seperated folder) THIS MUST BE ADJUSTED ONLY: media.mediasource.webm.enabled? true I am currently testing if some YT-video cannot be downloaded with CYS complete Youtube Saver. recognized downloading with this converter videos are of higher resolution wheras in CYS list the are not available but listed. e.g Full HD showing ! will try again. btw: bin-folder of downloaded and extracted ffmpeg -program must be aimed since its containing the exe. options are in the icon upper left side of adress-bad. download right of it under the down-arrow.
  4. Firefox for Winxp-SSE_ I see 45.3.0 in Software, seems official version I also have version 45.9.14 When using orange icon from programs-folder 45.9.14 with black background is coming, the same for the blue icon,.... I am puzzled now. Official and unoffical version not running independently anymore? Have also Palemoon 47.9.6 SSE 4.6.19 april 6th
  5. I have PMXP-SSE. if it crashes nothing is lost it will find his way back to last position. videos now running quite good. Only can download them from YT with CYS. elsewhere onlinevideoconverter needed. difference: resolution with CYS is lower. https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/youtube-converter In forums with login(free) only loging prevents from using the onlinevideoconverter/youtube-converter Remember: SSE here! ------------------------------------------- https://www.downfk.com/ not tested UPDATE: Facebookvideoconverter Only! ------------------------------------------------ Sooner or later I will post a workaround for those who dont want/ can dig-around all the messages. Yes have read about the Primetime CDM. Maybe someone could write a turorial to understand what and which and why. Its going to be much complicated here, isnt it? Its not easy making old pc running again. everything is so important. lately could install updates. thanks to NFW4 reinstallation. There is much Intuition needed to handle all the problem. Good i have over 25 years of computer-experience from 286 to Dualcore(only) win7-64! Its fantastic how PMXP is learning. dont have to make a lot of installations when new update must run. So do i need the installer? i have been saved updates in new folder. How do i have to handle SSE-updates? I am using seperate folder to avoid mess if new version makes troubles. how to run the installer? is the bug solved? Portable FF : I have FF 45.9.14 i dont see ESR(is this Firefox own designation) seems from PM-community. Is this the portable version if i dont see in Software, right?
  6. If i were you i would use the LAV-filters-exe. not moving files. But if its working this way... only if the moving files-method is not working. Had problems with windows mediaplayer only showing up sound in restricted account. had to reinstall multiple videoprograms and codecs. if lavfilters are used matroska must be removed. MP4 splitter and FLV-splitter(exe not the manual workaround used here). forget K-lite. reinstallation of Windows Mediaplayer. evtl. adjusting the file-extensions. had chaos with mpegs. new associations and maybe changes(there are two versions). I would not defrag partitions with sound and videofiles in it. huge problem could occur with MFT. have found a workaround since it happened repetedly, videofiles not playing anymore. its in sysopt-forum(ME:europanorama) Have also FF 45.3.0 ESR could run a standard FF 47-version but only PMXP/SSE is stable enough.
  7. Very unsure now which version to take for SSE. yes newest of course not this one. 27.9.6(2019-3-16) i have now. Is the 32bit version SSE2 or SSE? under noSSE i understand pre SSE. 2. After a PMXP/Newmoo-reset i must resinstall Complete Youtube Save (CYS). lost track of donwload. ffmpeg which is needed- i have. 3. Where is videodownloader outside YT for SSE-Winxp? only have now onlinevideoconverter-solution.
  8. 1. Old AMD-CPUs are not the problem. I am currently running GA-7N400 Pro 2(was affected from the capacitor plague(google that its very important if using old PCs) and thanks to the newmoon-solution i could make my SSE-Processor-PC running very very stable. But i had to dig around checking out every message i could possibly find)here of course but i started in official palemoon-forum till i landed here. Here is my solution: Winxp-SSE. latest Palemoon(see earlier link) 27.9.6 March 16-2019. date seems important i have read and not filenames. Have seen confusion about naming of zip, filename and about. 2. I am running FEBE 10.3 addon but its currently not saving the settings, addons, PWs etc. Chuck Baker(FEBE) thinks we must discuss this on Palemoon-forum)or here?) 3. Video download: could find CYS(complete youtube saver) and how to install. UPDATE: FOUND will try to download without installation also. https://addons.palemoon.org/addon/complete-yt-saver/ CYS must be aimed to ffmpeg-directory(that its bin-folder). some YT-videos cannot be downloaded anyhow. and also not video from elsewhere. only solution is then onlinevideoconverter. its insidenetvideohunter(not working but displaying the link) one can go to the link directly: https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/ Is there a working videodownloader addon for SSE-winxp-PC. PMXP 27.9.6? YES HAVE SEEN NEW MARCH 23 UPDATE- there seem to be a solution but i must dig deeply into it, not simple. will come back. tks 4. Resetting Newmoon, where? SOLVED: Under Informations to repair errors(or similar) not in safe-mode window anymore which was the wrong location. 5. TFC Temp File Cleaner seems obsolete. Eigther i have set to delete tempfiles inside PM or PM is automatically remove the junk which i had to remove with TFC when Firefox was used. 6. I have almost no crashes and FB is running very good most of the time, only no FB-videos(SSE only here), so does ebay/paypal and ebanking. sometimes FB can get very slow. high traffic, reset router, reset Palemoon/Newmoon helped a lot. and dont forget defragging. I like Perfect disk a lot. but used also Defraggler and smartdefrag(beware of applications bundled with it). i am removing swapfile before defragging is started. 7. Internet Emergency-access: one can surf using internet with Knoppix Live DVD(enough Ram) even working WITHOUT HDD: YES YES YES-unbelievable. not all knoppix-versions are working. there seems to be a versions-chaos. older version higher No.! https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Knowing_Knoppix/Internet I am using Iceweasel to surf there. its built in. This DVD also helped with data-access when data was corrupted. There was a confusion under the different version which i had on my drive. removed everything except the actual SSE-Version 27916722 which i downloade again(thats 29.9.6-March 16-2019 shown under version-see image). Its fantastically stable. PC running all day for 12 hours. yes i know one must restart from time to time. and Temp File Cleaner(TFC) seems obsolete. see other thread of mine. Next will be installing Palemoon on my Win7-SSE2-PC-other Drive . Skype must work there again! hope also on palemoon. can easily switch HDDs since PC is fully outside case. anyhow could switch bootdrives by starting from docking-station or other solutions. Have Highspeed-Internet-Fibercable last month february they "integrated" an Activation-blocking in newest win7-updates and explained why this had to be there. Was plausible. In March-update there was an error again regarding the antiblocking update. All has the purpose to nerve the last win7-user, RIGHT? AM I RIGHT?Then we learned that march-updates of win7 MUST explicitly be installed without fearing blocked from further updates... All explicite hurdles from an arrogant fat cashcow who want to kick all remaining win-7-user out of there boat to force onto the Win10-planet for being better spyed-out! In EU-european union. a high court ruled that MS must accept the reuse of old Win7. But they are not interested to accept this they are blocking (black screen) Win7-people. At least they are not totally blocking login! AM I RIGHT? The capacitor plague is another drama of arrogant behavior of certain player in the electronic industry. Old PCs dying earlier than necessary thanks to bad capacitors not fullfilling long life. Happened to both of my pcs. good luck i had multiple copies. have a long story in sysopt-starting mid june 2018, very complicated. but i found workarounds-was the winner. europanorama there. PSU-problem was the start of the drama. MS=arrogante Bande like amazon who kicked me out of dpreview when trying to help others.
  9. second link SSE not fully visible but i will find. UPDATE: from here: http://o.rths.cf/palemoon http://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win32-git-20190316-69004b612-xpmod-sse.7z Maybe you have found out what my problem is: Not always there is a date in the about. let alone the maker. actual one: Version: 27.9.6 (32-bit) no date i tried another one but i cannot start. Have great success with Maxthon 3 but only Maxthon 5 has videodownloader. will hardly with with SSE(non SSE2).Most interesting: has day/night-mode. in night mode facebook verification-window hidden! all other browser except FF dont work. will retry mypal. cometbird(shanghai) not working. error(xml and something chrome)
  10. 3dreal

    Newmoon Versions-Chaos

    the biggest problems is nonworking videodownloader. only yt-converter is working. videodownloadhelper? which version. netvideohunter is downloading but not right size.
  11. 3dreal

    Newmoon Versions-Chaos

    maybe you can tell now already what must be done with the installer. must it be in palemoon-folder? i have the folder on second partition. tks
  12. 3dreal

    Newmoon Versions-Chaos

    i dont like this "incompatibility": 27.9.16722 27.9.6 2019-03-09 9.16.... or 9.6 2 what is correct. wrong filename? So what should i do now. if newer version is coming simply move content to old folder? But how to install? if i click palemoon.exe it will not be installed. at least i dont see a process. Whats the truth? SSE-Winp here(at the moment) have winxp/win7-pc/SSE2 only must be revived soon. Tks.
  13. Palemoonxp cannot be installed. its running like a portable version. is that correct? in palemoon-forum they said: portable version not safe. Dont know how to install then. SSE-Win xp here.
  14. 3dreal

    Newmoon Versions-Chaos

    Have been running at least two PMXP 27...versions on my SSE-processor winxp-PC. Thought i should upgrade to find out if some actions work better. FB-videos i cannot make running. 1l i am very puzzzled about the chaos the developper(s) has integrated regarding version numbers. a) cannot install palemoon for xp. its running like a portable, no instructions how to install. palemoon is the only exe-file. I first landed on the real Palemoon-forum and asked questions there. yes i was going through everything i could find. 1. Febr 19- 27-9-4-1(zip=foldername), filename:, about: 27.9.6 2019-03-09 2. March 03-27-9-4-6 27.9.6 2019-03-09 same file like above different zipname. 3. March 12-27.9.6(maybe i renamed folder from 27-9-6 (dont have zip anymore) 27.9.16722 27.9.6 2019-03-09 maybe different abouts when no browser is open. only one version at the same time, will verify and come back. maybe different persons working on different versions and not telling the other what was done? Thanks a lot for clarifications. My old GA-7N400 Pro 2(winxp, was win2k) is running on two 200gb HDDs(not at the same time....) backup to 1tb will be done soon. this and my newer SSE2 Asrock Alive Dual eSata2-PC(winxp/win7) are affected by capacitor-plague. have multiple copies of both. see also europanorama on sysopt-forum about all the problems i had mid 2018. problems also related to half-dead items and my mistakes. over 25 years of computer-experience/repairing