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  1. i registered paid domains at freenom(had free version) and novatrend dot ch.
  2. again- check novatrend.ch(swiss company) they have worldwide domains and .ch is switzerland. nothing EU. also not in the next decade 2. Installer. I have it in newmoon-folder where everything is stored. It seems installationworked now. i installed in admin-account and exe is on desktop. but there was a devicedriver error. more later. will try update Update2: cannot start the exe on desktop. here are the two errors. 1. during start-i closed it 2. 32bit installation worked. but an error stopped starting. my translation see first image below: the format of the virtual devicedriver in the registry is invalid system/currentcontrolset/control/devicedriver Its better we are waiting till i have my tiny 200gb-drive enlarged-backed up to 1tb-drive. cannot switch to replacement-drive. something wrong there which cannot be repaired now.
  3. the menue will open and will show also newmoon then winxp 64 newmoon 28 or something like that. not the one SSE-users need. yes i followed all threads. and i know it had been promised. i can live with it. maybe when installer is working i dont have to make the adjustments after every update. adjustment must be made with a reset anyway. i have crashes. but it may be my pcs fault. not enough space(8 gb) on systempartition.
  4. dont complain get new domain from novatrend.ch different prices also.lower and higher
  5. Mentioned Installer not for XP SSE Newmoon 27. resp installer had been promised. at Mathwiz: Freenom
  6. So your freenom-domain IS paid? if not pay it. Alternative large secure Swiss Provider also webspace/hoster Novatrend. www.novatrend.ch ch-domains are cheap. dont know if possible for foreigners abroad. email: secure email-provider protonmail.com read from where the people are coming. the are in geneva switzerland. Free and paid version. maybe they also sell domains.
  7. Found the answer in a german palemoon-forum. Could solve by starting in safemode and resetting only user preferences. english version now visible. yes will remove german LP. I can now start with implementations from scratch. BTW: Wanted to update my Sticky(what must be done to have everything integrated). have very little time and the installer-problem/question for my SSE had not yet been answered. something happened when i tried the installer but i have no clues what was going on. Maybe a readme for the installer would be wise. Thanks I am still on my 200gb-drive and not on a second backup 1TB-drive. PM/NM quite stable/not always. explorer-crashes from time to time. highest time for a backup!
  8. Reset-Error NM27 SSE any versions back one month. "Informations for Error-workaround or similar(dont know what will show english version. here it is in german: Informationen zur Fehlerbehebung. Thats the trigger ontop for a PM/NM-Reset. Wanted to reset and install newest version clean. But cannot thanks to this error: XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Nicht-definierte Entität Adresse: jar:file:///E:/PC/BROWSER/Newmoon/palemoon-27.9.6.win32-git-20190928-3f92ddedb-xpmod-sse/palemoon/omni.ja!/chrome/toolkit/content/global/aboutSupport.xhtml Zeile Nr. 166, Spalte 15: &aboutSupport.appBasicsServiceWorkers;
  9. He needs SP3 and Mai 2014 Rollup explicitely otherwise endless problems. I must know since spent endless amount of time reviving old SSE-PC(this one) after capacitor-plague-problems stopped it and new ones occured. That was also my luck finding marvelous altered browsers like Palemoon 27 SSE.
  10. built in help helped, only important thing is how to setup whitelist. false positives can be unblocked.
  11. there is a workaround with a hotfix. in the forum is a thread of mine. Non-SSE2-Hotfix see attached file from forum over there. link to hotfix can be found there. its Malwarebytes_2.1.8_SSE2_Hotfix.zip was very surprised about the speed of response. If needed i can add full instructions downwards. Maybe somebody can find the link to the forum-thread over there. I could also attach the hotfix if allowed. link needed since Malwarebytes 2.2.1 is also needed. app, hotfix and instructions Malwarebytes 2.2.1 is highest to use with SSE-PC. Precisely do what is recommended. Dont panic slowly do it step by step its easy. I would deactivate/closing/finishing in tray Clamwin or whatever AV you are using when scanning with MWB AKA MBAN, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As Antiransomware the only working one is Sophos Virus Removal Tool all are free. MWB_NON-SSE2-HOTFIX.txt
  12. SSE-PC only Clamwin working. Also Clam Sentinel(life-guard) but is blocking a lot of false-positives which is annoying above all since one has to rule them out by putting on whitelist. e.g. irfanview-plugins. so i stopped using Sentinel. And: TFC(temp file cleaner) also false positive. will tell them since is very important daily scanner.
  13. I have clamwin, the only working AV on my SSE-PC. It will falsely detect TFC as threat. will inform them. there is a clamwin-sentinel-a guard which is detecting too much/false-positives(can be whitelisted afterwards) but i am lazy so i dont install it again.
  14. Winfuture dot de has Updatepacks/Rollups. The latest one for Winxp is from 2014 but (BEWARE)only compatible to german version. Win7 and NEWER are compatible also for english versions. There is a seperate Netframework-Fix(not for winxp). sorry german only but it should be clear. there is a fullversion and monthlies. so one will start with full and will not forget to update monthly. otherwise one must ask for older partly(monthly updates) in the forum. Not for Winxp english(One one Rollup from may 2014 maybe called SP4.
  15. They want to believe us its only 1.6% to push as much as of the remaining XP-users towards W10. kicked them in the .....in their forum complained blocking an important xp-update which a university had saved. of course they deleted since its not in the rules to tell the truth when done too rude....e.g. there is a win7-update(march i think) which must absolutely be executed otherwise one will be blocked from the remaining updates. in german we call this erpressung-gängelung. and in febr.(i think the activation-suppression which they had to reactivate). all a big shame on MS!
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