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  1. you should have replacement sticks. when i tested my 3 slots and exchanged sticks memtest showing always red errore when first slot was full-since also new sticks used it was clear. defective 1st slot. can now only run 2gb ram instead of 3. or using 1x DS and 2x SS 3 gb total.
  2. I dont see ESR there. thats why i didnt write. Yes i was already advised to remove. the only big problem i seem to have is browsers running without fresh profiles. maybe you could lead me to a link pls. in browser-thread i explained my situation. some dont understand. asa my SSE2-ASrock alive Dual eSata2 is reactivated i will replace my actual desktop(in reality fully open without case) MOBO which seems to die. GA-7N400 Pro2. second SATA-slot seems dead! cannot clone. was working. btw found backup/cloning software: AOMEI backupper. first memory-slot is dead causing the crashes. i still have sopme but those are related to few space. and services. Have netbook win10s/edge and will get much better one these days. I know where the problems are but not always all of them. The reason i spent so much time with older machines is knowing hard-and software-secrets. This will help for future tasks. Thanks
  3. waste to reply ignorants. its a reply of someone holding his nose high and telling it to people with less knowledge. aka arrogant. My 25 Years of pc-knowledge is high enough to judge situations. 2. First memory-slot is dead causing the crashes. running with 2GB.
  4. Is SSE still supported? I see here Google Chrome 27.0.1453.94m and FF 45.9.18 and 45 ESR SSE. Should i remove the first FF altogether?
  5. "For those that have disabled all browser.safebrowsing items in about:config, check your suspicious or eventually malicious links in these online checkers I use:" Not relevant for NM 27 SSE!
  6. do you think i didnt check. thats the reason i had a delay to reply. safebrowsing filtered nothing shown what can be set to false or true. showing only two strings should i create these about:config entrees boolean false? browser.safebrowsing.downloads.enabled browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.block_dangerous browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.block_dangerous browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.block_potentially browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.block_uncommon browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.enabled everything we dont like is weird. i like people explaining clearly. yes its annoying. but so is technology. Tks
  7. deviceinfo.me PM/NM 27 SSE: 4.5 sec winxp still the same now PM 28 Win10s: 2.5 sec did a router factory reset in admin-console. nothing changed. they must replace the icotera i6800. can i buy my own router? most probably not. it must be setup by provider. UPDATE: best speedtest is downloading Linux Mint Cinnamon 2. Have now new router. asa SSE2-MOBO is reactivated i will check speed on old router winxp 4GB ram and win 7 16 GB Ram then comparing to new router. and Acer Swift 5 coming in next days. 1kg netbook.
  8. pls more specific or link to solution.
  9. never heard of savebrowsing. but will google and investigate. went through all messages here over a long period of time. maybe overseen since it was not SSE-related. in my case i think everything together is possible. slowing down caused by pc(hard/software) and from net.
  10. Nothing. right would have been: At roytam1: protonmail etc... mentioned it since we discussed secure mailprovider.
  11. yes: i have multiple problems which are now accumulated and slowing down internet. 1. svchost.exe error found no workaround. 2. services. didnt examine precise enough. set to default again when i had problems after adviced settings done.found it in Spybot Search + Destroy(now removed) maybe i should reinstall. didnt disturb at all. 3. browser profiles must be fresh. eighter i must google or you have hints. never altered them. 4. small HDD. must establish/ setup 1TB or at least finally backing up 200 HDD to 1 TB. systempartition too small. have very old larger copy on second partition. no i will not enlarge systempartition by deleting it. have no backup and no desktop alternative and no other working drive. left space too small 6-8gb(7.3gb) could be that router or internet had been automatically slowed down due to security reasons caused by all the problem. Mainboard was once running perfectly. GA-7N400 Pro 2 which is universal IDE, SATA(SSE processor) has capacitor plague. at least a bit of it. some capacitors are ill or dead. cannot shut down PSU completely. cmos-data would be lost. same on Asrock SSE2 which had been reactivated successfully. only have it disabled concentrating on older pc. GA has also PCI-slot-failure. they are dead. no chance to installe network-card. Wlan stick was working. only switched back to onboard-LAN after i exchanged MOBO. onboard was defective... you see endless problems. over the last 18 months. Cannot do all the steps since other non-computer-related problems need my attention first. I have multiple copies of both. only do not want to exchange the only running MOBO.
  12. NM SSE 27.9.7 (11-15) 3.54 sec. will now run directly unaltered newest update. FF 45.9.19 4.2 sec. FF 45.3.0 ESR 9.1 sec its varying. can be 4.2sec KM-Goanna 5.15 sec Chrome 27.0.1453.94 m 7.9 sec will try arctic fox but i fear no SSE. remember: i must have 1Gbit/s.
  13. its nothing of these. everything is open outside case(both SSE and SSE-pcs and its cooling properly. i even have an ice-block ontop of HDD(no joke). maybe in winter i could remove. in summer when very hot a strong fan was blowing. have a lot of fans. big one is blowing at the side of CPU. but right it could be time to clean cpu-main fan and renew thermal compound. or replacing RAM. memtest is not reliable. i was going on every possible slow-down issue in the past. where it was getting worse when changin i had it reset them to default. but services is worth looking again.. The problem lies in incoming signal from internet. pity i have no alternative HDD. all do not boot or loginproblem where no workarounbd except repair could be found. was working too long on all these problems-was affected by capacitor plague on both pcs-so i must find a more elegant solution which will not cost a lot of time again. win10s-netbook-WLAN has the same troubles. 1GB/s-cable didnt help much. will get a cable-adapter. My opinion: The internet gigants used christmas time to artificially slow down to make us think 5G is needed. Until my provider doesnt give the ok to execute factory default in admin.console of router(icotera i6800)i will leave that alone. cannot risk a crash. Will get mobile 4G-router and pay 20chf/mth prepaid to verify its not on my side.
  14. can i do similar adjustments for quicker downloading or surfing with NM 27 SSE? maybe already answered i am coming slowly through the last pages.
  15. it seems big speed-fluctuations woldwide. it seems i have a severe one(see my post) but one does not know yet whats the cause: censourship/hacking. e.g. when downloading from RoyTam1 i took 40 min.for a 30mb file/NM SSE. KM-Goanna very quick. This evening(1 Gbit/s golden double-shielded cable attached) i took seconds. Speedtest varying DL from 20/30 to 150Mbps- must be 1000( 1Gb/s)! collegue in D(i am in nearby CH) telling he is shown 90% or more of his 1Gb/s-line. its seems also speedtests are not precise. Will now check the answer(s) to my problem. will get mobile 4G-router. I am actually on old Winxp SSE. could switch to SSE2/winxp and Win7 on two HDDs. Can switch quickly to Win10s which is showing also slow Speedtests. Best would be downloading a large file. I my opinion multiple instances are slowing it down for different reasons. and they dont want to tell the truth. could damage their business. I am waiting speedtest of neighbour on Wlan nearby. I see it also listed. Since Win10s netbook is also slow it makes no sense to setup new Winxp.
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