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  1. Hi is it posebole to install windows xp 64 on my asus prime b550-plus with my ryzen 3 3100??? or is it imposebole?
  2. Hi why am i missing so meny fituers of my gpu?
  3. Hi can I install windows vista on my ryzen system with a b550 motherboard??
  4. Hi how do i slipstream drivers 4 vista no tools support it (what i can found)
  5. i have the files in C:\windows\system32\drivers and the sem to dont work might be beckuse it dosent load just get 0x000007F bsod when loading no driver signing inviroment
  6. can you explain in more ditail?
  7. can i mod intel hd 5500 graficks?
  8. HI is it posebole to modify windows 7 drivers so they are can work in vista?
  9. I have those files downloaded is it a guied how to set it up with IIS??
  10. I i tought i culd rebuld the website with the files from whyback machine

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